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  1. Hy, you can select servers without problems just after that where your profiles listed the mouse not working? You can try deleting the config file in the documents maybe that can solve your problem
  2. Where the road takes me But mostly Scandinavia, France or Germany and UK I don't go to East because there's not much things why I would go there
  3. I will be interested because if they try to support it then they have to sync the escort cars, or if not other players just go through it because they can't see and it's not existing for them
  4. I think if they would update the UK map probably more player would be there... but still won't be players that much like in Germany
  5. About that you got 60% without any collision is a bit weird.... i know there is tear and wear but at 60% you can notice it by that you have engine malfunction... maybe a part of the map got misplaced and you hit it too fast The trailer one it's probably because the trailers got loaded in sooner than the map so they bounced away (but it still not explain for me why I got floating trailers sometimes) but it's a known thing that trailers get spawned at not it's position or it damaged without moving an inch
  6. Hy, have you tried this? Look for the post what EnLight made
  7. Using a VR is not even really giving an "unfair advantage" I believe, wish it could be used, but maybe the VR version need a complete different coding to work?
  8. You can still play together with the only difference rhat if he doesn't have for example Scandinavia then you can go up there but he/she can't If he/she doesn't have any DLC you can still use the base map just if you go to an area what is closed of for him/her it would look weird that you can be he/she can't cross the X wall
  9. When is the invalidation happens? When you finish the job or before it? Because I found 2 things about what can make it as an invalid delivery And from the 2nd thing maybe it's not in the firewall exceptions? And if it is I would reinstall the game or verify it by steam because maybe a file is broken what don't have any game changing effects just the trucksbook thinks you modified the game
  10. Maybe going off-topic a bit is there a way that if someone make a mod what turn off autosave will be accepted? probably help out a bunch of players
  11. @Allpha. Maybe it's because the game want to save "too much" data down and the game can't handle that well @XanderTrucks Sorry then I'm out since I tried a bunch of thing and none of them worked until @[TUG] Harley recommended this
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