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  1. Big thanks to the developer team!

    I am sp hyped for 1.35 :)

    1.  Dallas


      Truckersmp game client is developing by one person, mwl4 ;)

  2. Yes I am using Windows 7. Thx for answering Sry for not answering earlier Yep after being informed that there isn't support for Windows 7 at the moment I just have to wait for the full version of 1.35
  3. I only get this message all the time "no valid graphics card found" "try to change the rendering methods from OpenGL to DirectX or vice versa"
  4. @S p a r k i e Thx for answering I will try everything.
  5. Hi guys I downloadet the experimental beta 1.35 and tried to change the Direct x version from 9 to 11 but everytime I started the game I got an error message and the config.cfg changed back to Direct x9 :/ I checked my system I have Direct x 11 installed (Sapphire R9 380 Nitro capable of Direct x12) I even installed the newest drivers. Since I installed the experimental 1.35 my mouse gets lags every few seconds I never had such problems before. All graphics are on high/ultra. I hope someone can help me
  6. Hi, after Forerunners Mod got updated I saw that there are a few functions missing for example the option to put Krone parts on SCS trailers. The problem is that the trailer I'am using since Krone DLC is customized with Forerunners mod so it has tunig parts installed that you can't install with the newer version of the mod. I read the rules about trailer customization and didn't saw anything that would collide with the way I tuned my trailer I even made a support ticket but the only answer I got was I have to read the rules. So I would love to hear if my favorite trailer is still allowed on th
  7. I love to drive the Sandinavian and the long Baltic roads They are just awesome!
  8. Hi, I'am not sure but isn't it possible to buy a normal trailer that you just customize with Forrunners Additional Customisations mod? It should be possible since mod version 1.5.0.
  9. Less rammers and trollers on the Servers but thats just a dream I think xD
  10. Hello, I've a question.

    From where you've found this banner picture? I thought on the steam store site but there it isn't.


  11. Yeahhh 100 Posts :thisisfine::D

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    2. BL4CK$K1LL


      Congratulations, and also now you've 5 followers :P:D 

    3. [MCG] Kien Giang
    4. -Daniel-


      Thx Guys <3 xD


  12. Finde ich eine gute Idee, wird aber vermutlich nie dazu kommen. Gibt zu viele Leute für die der MP einfach nur aus 150 Km/h mit allen Lichtern und Hupe an fahren besteht.
  13. Hi, Du könntest ja einfach eine Anzeige im "Speditionen" Thread eröffnen, einer muss ja anfangen Dieser ist ja nicht nur für Speditionen, in dem Thread gibt es auch Tutorials. Ich würde es mal dort probieren MfG Daniel
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