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      We will miss you, Snor 😥

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      Don't worry, it's kind of like a.. forced holiday. I'll be back stronger than ever and hopefully a little wiser. ❤️

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  4. Does this count as a post? If so, this is my 100th post pog

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      re upload it using imgur i cant see it :(  i mean use the direct link  and post in again with url 

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      Nice shot! :) 

      (But next time would be better to use .jpg (or .png) link :) 

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      Right, thank you for letting me know


  7. Hi @wojtask1111, a promissing answer to your question has been given. Please, confirm or deny that this has helped you out or not, so that this can be moved to the solved section of our forums. I await your reply! Best Regards, Snorlax. TruckersMP Support
  8. Good morning, TruckersMP!

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      Good morning :)

    2. TugastS.


      Hey, Morning!

  9. Hey there @superqwerty11112, unfortunately, as a previous comment has already hinted, you are not able to link ETS2 without not having to reinstall the Launcher. Therefor, delete the Launcher and re download it from our website. -> https://www.truckersmp.com/download When installing, just mark that you own both games and enter the correct path for ETS2. Due to the fact that you were able to do that with ATS, I assume that you won't have a problem with repeating that with ETS2. Let me know if this has helped you out or if still need help regarding this- or another issue! I'll gladly stay at your disposal for future inquiries. Best Regards, Snorlax. TruckersMP Support
  10. I am sure everyone that has ever been in a scout knows the pain of spinning out when on a ramp etc. Why don't you share your clips here? I am sure that there will be lots of hilarious clips. I'll start! Please note that this topic is not meant to insult or in any other way attack people that have been involved in developing this car. It is a great car to play around if you are tired of trucking and want something else.
  11. Hello @MobiLeK_pl Aka Klocuch, this truck was made by our Add-On Developer, Forerunner. It was used using the Forerunners Mod, which allowed users to modify trucks with parts of other trucks. Due to the fact that the Forerunners Mod was taken down from Steam however, there is no way to recreate this truck. Regards, Snorlax. TruckersMP Support
  12. Snorlax.


    Vielen dank für deine Bestätigung, ich werde deinen Beitrag nun schließen und zu gelöst verschieben. Bei weiteren Fragen oder Problemen, zögere nicht uns über https://www.truckersmp.com/support anzuschreiben. Ich wünsche ein angenehmes Wochenende und bedanke mich auch bei jeglichen Nutzern, die ihre Hilfe angeboten haben. //locked and moved to gelöst.
  13. Snorlax.


    Das kannst du gerne vorschlagen. Allerdings hat unser Developer Team aktuell andere Prioritäten. Kannst du bestätigen, dass die gegebenen Antworten dir geholfen haben? Wir halten unser Forum immer gerne sauber und übersichtlich, weswegen ich deinen Beitrag dann zu gelöst verschieben würde. Grüße, Snorlax. TruckersMP Support
  14. Snorlax.


    Hallo nochmal VercraftetYT, ich spreche über zwei seperate DLCs. Das DLC, was TMP supportet (das ohne Begleitfahrzeuge) findest du hier. https://store.steampowered.com/app/304214/Euro_Truck_Simulator_2__High_Power_Cargo_Pack/?l=german Das DLC was TMP auf Grund der Begleitfahrzeuge nicht supportet ist dieses hier: https://store.steampowered.com/app/558245/Euro_Truck_Simulator_2__Special_Transport/ Ich hoffe, dass damit deine Fragen beantwortet wurden. MfG, Snorlax. TruckersMP Support
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