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  1. As mentioned by the other staff above, I am sorry for your loss. Creating such a strong bond is quite unusual, especially via a game- your friendship was indeed something special. I am glad to hear that you can hold on to the memories you had with your friend. My DMs are open as well if you'd like to talk- I am reachable on discord as well. Snorlax#0069 I hope that you can recover from your loss quickly.
  2. Good evening, TMP. :)

  3. TruckersMP is not related to SCS in any way. We are not responsible for paintjobs added to the main game. Although I agree with you, I need you to have a look at the answer given above.
  4. Hello @[GER]Dominique/WestBus, A helpful answer to your question has been given. Please try out the steps Savage has suggested and let us know if they were helpful. Your answer helps us keep the help section organized. I await your reply! Best Regards, Snorlax. TruckersMP Support
  5. Dear MAKAROV_GTP, A solution to your problem has been given. If the error with the server blocking you from joining even though you have no active ban persists after a couple of days, please contact the TruckersMP Support Team using this link. https://truckersmp.com/support Until then, has your question been answered? A reply of yours helps us keep the forums organized, which is why I'd appreciate your confirmation or denial. I await your return! Kind Regards, Snorlax. TruckersMP Support
  6. Congratulations on your promotion (support), I hope you can help more people.👏👏👏

    1. Snorlax.


      Thank you, I am trying my best. :)

  7. Congrats Snorlax! 👏

  8. congratulations bro :) 

    1. Snorlax.


      Cheers mate! ❤️

  9. Good evening everyone, how is your friday?

    1. Handanovic


      Drunken evening how yes is Friday night :D 

    2. [VIVA] SilentSquads
  10. How are we doing today TruckersMP Forum?

    1. Fezz98


      Not causing havok just yet. :troll:

    2. Snorlax.


      Sounds good, keep up the good work haha

  11. Snorlax.

    cant log in

    Hey there @Joky69, thank you for creating a post on our forums. To hopefully resolve your problem, I need you to open up a text document, enter your password as well as your E-Mail, copy both separately using CTRL+C and paste in both in the respective section using CTRL+V. If this has not helped you out and you are 100% certain that you are using the correct login details, please contact the TruckersMP Support Team using the following link. -> https://truckersmp.com/support Please let me know if I was able to help you out or not. Happy Halloween! Best Regards, Snorlax. TruckersMP Trial Support
  12. Hello _TheMark, a helpful answer to your question has been given. Can you confirm or deny that this Coolio's comment was helpful? Thank you! Regards, Snorlax. TruckersMP Trial Support
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