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  1. Congrats PlebPadde ❤️

  2. Congrats PIXI ❤️

    1. G4M3P1X3L


      Thank you so much Muykh ❤️

  3. FS19 is a great game. Multiplayer can be fun and messing around without even farming is fun too. Mods improve the whole experience a ton.
  4. Hello! I'm curious about what mods you all use in singelplayer ETS2/ATS. Anything from truck mods to map mods or custom truck skins. Feel free to share the mods or show some pictures of them. For me, my favorite truck mod is the RJL Scania T and my favorite map is ProMods, I would like to appreciate the work from the modding community more by using more mods so I want to know what you all use.
  5. I am definitely excited for Idaho because SCS did an incredible job with Utah and I hope they do the same with Idaho. I am looking forward to cruising through the mountains of Idaho and as Chev said, maybe some new trailers or new updates along with the DLC.
  6. I love the scenery and landmarks of ETS2, they make the game feel more alive and make driving interesting. The landmarks in the new Road to the Black Sea DLC are my favorites as there are so many of them with amazing detail
  7. I prefer convoys because they are more fun especially with a lot of people. Although many convoys/events do kill my pc, I still find them very enjoyable. Driving solo is also nice occasionally as my frames decide to come back.
  8. Congrats on Game Mod! :)

  9. Happy Birthday BlackSkill! ❤️

  10. I look for a somewhat large, and active vtc with an active and friendly community. I also look for one that does weekly convoys that are also very active.
  11. If the time is adjustable for each player things would be quite confusing. If it's daytime for you and night time for the one behind you they will be seeing completely different from you and their lights will be on and your's won't. Also it's better for the system to have have the same time for everyone because it won't have to individually warn people to turn on lights, it's better if it can just warn everyone at the same time.
  12. Personally, I always go with truck brands that people don't use as much. Especially in my vtc, a lot of drivers use Scania's, so I like to use other brands. I think that DAF and MAN are my favorite underused trucks that need more love. DAF's have excellent customization with the tuning pack and so does the new MAN TGX euro 6.
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