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  1. Hello @AlphOneJ, in order to play the Multiplayer on the downgraded version you have to select a save that has not yet been played on the version 1.40 Just try scrolling down through the available list of saves until you are able to select one again. If you cannot select any save you sadly have to start a new one to play again. Once 1.40 gets released for Multiplayer you can then continue playing with your save from the 1.40 version. Hope this helps you out.
  2. Hello @proilhan, you mentioned above that you set the force feedback before starting the game. I suppose you did that in the Logitech G Hub Application. Just to make sure, did you also set the correct force feedback settings ingame, in the "Controls settings" and tick the force feedback checkbox? Maybe there are conflicting settings between G Hub and the ingame settings that caused your problem. Hope this helps you out.
  3. Interesting idea but I don't think that this would improve the current situation by much. Firstly implementing a driving test and then having every new user complete it would be an enormous logistical challenge and take years to develop and flesh out. And what would we even want to test for? Driving in a straight line, following a road for 600km without swerving, basic road laws? Some of those criteria we could test for would be impossible to automate and therefore require human examiners. This just wouldn't feasible with the amount of new users joining daily. Secondly, I think that this doesn't fix an underlying problem. Many players don't just ram into you because they are bad at driving but rather more because they do it intentionally. Those types of players would just complete the "Driving Test" with as much effort as needed to pass and once they are in the main game start crashing into everybody and wreak havoc. The only real upside I could imagine is, that some trolls are just out for quick laughs and would get discouraged by having to complete a "Driving Test" and potential lessons. This discouragement would of course also have an effect on real users who would never get to experience the multiplayer because they don't have the time and patience and just start playing some other game with their friends.
  4. Hello @Mr Ellis, currently we don't have a certain release date for 1.40 support. However the Team is working hard on bringing the update to the Multiplayer as soon as possible. I hope this answered your questions
  5. Wishing you every happiness on your special day.

  6. Thank you so much for your follow!😁

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  7. Hallo Boomer73, die 1.36 Savegames sollten auch wieder im 1.37 funktionieren, also musst du nicht wieder von vorne anfangen. TruckersMP ist außerdem kein Subunternehmen von SCS. Es ist eine eigenständige Mod und hat keine Verbindung zu SCS, so schreiben sie es selbst auch in den Terms of Service: "TruckersMP is not in any shape or form affiliated with SCS."
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  10. Happy Birthday Dylan🥳🎉

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