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  1. Happy birthday! Hope all your wishes come true!🎂

  2. IT WORKS. Thank you very much. I found a mod that is not updated to version 1.47.
  3. And what to show you? New profile -> same problem. Doesn't work. Maybe I understand that my ( drivers were recruited in the game TRUCKERSMP itself ? ? maybe fire them? DOESN'T WORK Doesn't work.
  4. Hey The first time I got an error that can't fix. `ets2 Crashing after loading game ` Single-player -> Crashing Multiplayer ( like TruckersMP ) NO, everything is OKey. I tried two things, it didn't work. 1. Verify game files -> doesn't work. 2. Uninstall -> doesn't work. Video error: https://i.imgur.com/hEIgwKW.mp4[/img] Thanks, I will wait answer.
  5. Thanks for follow  ! 

  6. Thanks for the follow  ❤️ 

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