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  1. benjagamer33

    DAF XF 105

    In itself the DAF XF 105 is an excellent truck and if you add to that the sound and the DAF tun pack, it can make a beautiful and perfect truck for yourself
  2. My favorite painting is in general basic metal with combinations of reds, blues and grays.
  3. The C-D, unlike the other routes of all ETS2, is a very busy route with enough problems typical of a large traffic and one can see everything; And if you add as it is in itself the route with its curves pending links and others is very good to drive and more if it is with friends, but as I said before you have your problems as very reckless drivers on occasions and hackers of course.
  4. The reasons why someone is constantly kicked from the TMP servers are several and, as they said above, they have a topic to investigate the reasons; But I will only say that it is mostly because of the Ms you have when entering areas where there is a large number of players, another reason is that of not being compatible or the mixture of parts of a Scout [car] with any truck or vice versa and the Last great reason is the power that the PC has to be able to have an acceptable performance and prevent it from being kicked.
  5. Hello! I personally have 1 truck of each model for each existing company in ETS2, so I do not get bored of driving a single type of truck and I give more variety when playing.
  6. I prefer to drive with friends, so one is always accompanied by friends and you are not alone while doing the loads, but it does not mean that I do not like to drive alone, it is also good to drive only, just to be able to relax. Happy trucking.
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