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  1. In itself the DAF XF 105 is an excellent truck and if you add to that the sound and the DAF tun pack, it can make a beautiful and perfect truck for yourself
  2. My favorite painting is in general basic metal with combinations of reds, blues and grays.
  3. The new designs do honor to each one of the ways of identifying the companies, in addition that it was good for them and a change of look so that they could be more attached to reality as scs wants for the future.
  4. The C-D, unlike the other routes of all ETS2, is a very busy route with enough problems typical of a large traffic and one can see everything; And if you add as it is in itself the route with its curves pending links and others is very good to drive and more if it is with friends, but as I said before you have your problems as very reckless drivers on occasions and hackers of course.
  5. It would be great if they added a new car to part of the current Skoda, but that would take a long time to design it and avoid it producing failures or worse; And with the new updates, I don't think it would be too long to think about new cars.
  6. benjagamer33

    C-D Road

    What I like most about the CD route is how random it can be in some areas or with what things or players you can find while driving there ..... you never know what will be around the corner: D
  7. I would totally agree to order and release the use of Scouts according to the player's performance, being a member of a VTC or being part of the TMP team; Perhaps this way you can stop stigmatizing this group of drivers.
  8. The reason why I say that the limiter should be eliminated is that even though this limiter exists and its speed has decreased, accidents and problems continue to persist; in addition to that some players can and have experience when driving at "high" speeds; Although I am still a bit in favor of some regulation at the time of driving for the players who have just arrived at TMP, since they are the ones who generally give more problems to others, but that more is solved with security measures and correct order and founded imparted by these players who only seek to break the rules and make chaos.
  9. The reasons why someone is constantly kicked from the TMP servers are several and, as they said above, they have a topic to investigate the reasons; But I will only say that it is mostly because of the Ms you have when entering areas where there is a large number of players, another reason is that of not being compatible or the mixture of parts of a Scout [car] with any truck or vice versa and the Last great reason is the power that the PC has to be able to have an acceptable performance and prevent it from being kicked.
  10. the issue of traffic lights in crowded areas is a horrible drama, since some few want to respect but others just want to pass regardless of who has the light of preference and that leads to accidents; in addition to many confuse that if it is in yellow it is possible to pass and that is wrong, since it may be about to change or to red, or to green and can lead to serious accidents.
  11. Hello! I personally have 1 truck of each model for each existing company in ETS2, so I do not get bored of driving a single type of truck and I give more variety when playing.
  12. Look, the issue of joining or not joining a VTC is merely personal, for example if your style is to be with friends or acquaintances always doing routes and convoys so as not to be alone: you must join a VTC: D; Now if your thing is to drive in the directions, loads and places that you want, it is preferable that you are alone although you can still be accompanied. Each VTC is different from the other, either by its members or by the mere fact that each VTC works differently with its own meriots and ideals of how to play in teams and how to be in TMP making a correct gaming society.
  13. Personally, the DLC that I prefer the most is the Scania TUN, since as my favorite truck are the Scania <3, so I have always liked to modify them.
  14. I have been playing ETS2 since 2017 but I have formally joined TMP in 2018 since before that date I only had an unauthorized copy of ETS2, but as I said before, 2018 can buy the original game and thus be able to use the TMP
  15. Green lights according to TMP rules are allowed as long as they do not cause serious problems for both you and other players while driving as an extreme LAG or game problems.
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