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  1. Paskalya Yumurtası Avı 25 Mart 2018

    Teşekkür çeviri için, @BigLarge beraber yumurta toplarmıyız
  2. banned because nope
  3. banned because you said you didnt apply for moderator.
  4. Happy birthday man;)

    1. heyhococo


      Thank you Carrera! :)

  5. vay yeşil skodaa

    1. RequieB


      Efendim <3

  6. Why skoda

    so the removal of Skoda will not make any sense. For Skoda fans Skoda must stay. If you seriously don't want it, you have a dedicated server.
  7. Why skoda

    How do you know that. Skoda, is changing someone's habit? Suddenly the devil is not entered into the player. Troll player always makes Troll.
  8. Why skoda

    I wanted to register when I saw Skoda in this game. It would be boring, just on the traffic to see the truck. Because there is not even AI traffic. I've been driving Skoda since I signed up. You can see I did not make a Problem to anyone. Are you bored of trolls? Skoda's removal is not the solution. Because Trolls were always there. They may have just turned to Skoda. If the trolls are not end, it is pointless to want for it. I think I like Skoda the most.
  9. Why skoda

    These were written before. Why do you still want to removed. When the skoda is lifted, prove to us that the trolls will end. If you have so many complaints, EU3 has been opened for you. why are you writing a here to instead of driving a truck there?
  10. banned because I banning you first time.
  11. banned because I banning too
  12. banned because what are you doing?