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  1. Ban the person above you (game) V3

    banned because you reached 100 post.
  2. wow, congrata mate! :wub:

    1. MrCipr


      Thanks bro! :)

  3. Show My Truck Damage

    The purpose here is not to do f7 + enter. to help other players. it does not mean that anyone has teleport or anything else. I think you do not understand our purpose correctly. Kind regards
  4. Sounds of crashes for everyone

    I guess this will give a really nice pleasure. This is a good idea.
  5. More variety for Caravans

    Yes i loved it. The white caravan of my brown skoda was incompatible. But it might be nice with it.
  6. Two handsome :o


    1. Can_T.


      Me :troll: :wub:

    2. David Edson

      David Edson

      Oh god! this car <3

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  7. happy birthday B)

  8. Carrera18 Photo Gallery

    @Mugala thanks King
  9. /refuel Command

    The / fix command is coming out of simulation.If this command is given, we will not see the players in the gas stations and it will be sad. It's a sad thing to find a code in game. He's getting away from the simulation. -1 from me.
  10. I love u <3 B8CC3BDE3C479BBA961675EE216826F6C671D53C

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    2. Carrera18


      O senin rüyandır güzelim, ben reelden yazıyorum :D 

    3. BigLarge


      Karşılık verebiliyorsam ,


    4. Carrera18


      insanlar uykusunda konuşması normaldir B)

  11. insulting and ramming

    Hello Firstly you do park right to avoid harm to anyone. > Click on the TAB key > click on the player name > click report from bottom > make the selection according to the incident type and send the report. Everything is simple!
  12. Happy birthday human :P

    1. DerAmpelmann


      Thank you!! :D



    2. Carrera18


      good song, I am listening it =) 

  13. Vahşi Doğanın Çağrısı

    ben zaten, Skodaya binip tatile cıkma hayliyle oynuyordum. skoda sürmede baska amaç yoktu. şimdi karavan geldi ve işler yolunda. teşekkürler.