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  1. Hola buenas!!

    perdona una pregunta hace años jugaba mucho al euro y al american, he vuelto a retomar el juego y he visto que tenia un ban permanente por que en esa época utilizaba el nombre alaputacalle, ya que no jugaba no vi el aviso de cambiar el nombre en el ban ponía Akoa no se si eres la misma persona.

    Te agradeceria muchísimo si me podrías decir si tendría alguna posibilidad de volver a jugar al online.

    Muchas Gracias de antemano!!

    1. Akoa


      Buenas eso lo suyo es que hables a feedback, yo ya no soy GM y no te lo puedo solucionar.

    2. -Tomukas-


      Dear FrannN


      The forums is not the place for talking about bans, however below, I will tell you what you can do.


      Currently, the TruckersMP family has more than 2.5 million players, and often feedback and other requests take some time, please showing your maturity and respectability against the TruckersMP team in this waiting period.


      Firstly, you can appeal your ban. This can be done here --> https://www.truckersmp.com/appeals


      Here are a few guides which can help you with this:



      If however, you are unhappy with the outcome of the appeal, or you have not received a reply for 3 days, or you would like to complain about a staff member, you can do so through the feedback system here --> https://www.truckersmp.com/feedback 


      Here is a guide which can help you with this:


      In addition to everything mentioned above, at TruckersMP there is a specific way that bans are issued. Here is the system:


      §2.10 - How bans are issued


      The first 3 bans issued are at Game Moderator discretion.

      The 4th ban is 1 month.

      The 5th ban is 3 months.


      The 6th ban is permanent with no chance of undo. Any bans further than 12 months before the current ban are ignored under this rule. This is considered the cooling off period.


      If you have at least two history bans of the same length in your ban history, Game Moderators may extend your ban to the next ban history length, regardless of how many bans you have had in the last year. For example, if you have already had two 1-month bans, your next ban can be extended to 3 months. If you have two 3-month bans, your ban can be extended to perm. Note that bans that are extended due to it being your 4th, 5th or 6th ban cannot be removed, they are strictly 1 month, 3 months and permanent.


      If you have any other questions, feel free to send me a message, I'll reply as soon as I can.




  2. Sorry, I only know the news of your departure today, I am waiting for you to come back and drive the car together.-_-

  3. It makes me feel very sad when you leave, I will wait for you to come back and take care of yourself.:(

    1. Akoa


      Thank you man, take care

  4. gracias por tus momentos recuerdo el momento que te conoci en el evento v6 me hicistes un control , espero q nos volvamos de nuevo te extrañare:(

    1. Akoa


      gracias tioo sii me acuerdo de ti

  5. Sad you left the Team, but wish you all the best for the Future

    1. Akoa


      Thank you really :love:

  6. Sad you left the Team, but wish you all the best for the Future

    and also hope you come back soon! :(

    Thank you for all the help in the Past!:(

    1. Akoa


      Thanks really I will miss you :(

  7. Thanks for all your work in the team :wub: we will miss you :( Good Luck for the future and hope we see you return again someday :) 

    1. Akoa


      Thank you :wub:

  8. I will miss you akoa :(

  9. Thanks for the follow!

    1. verbeekrj2903(NL/ENG)


      see you back Soon <3 buddy 

  10. Oh nooo , we will miss you mate :/

    1. Akoa


      I will miss you too guys

  11. Do you remember me? (Emre Bekar), Legends are never memorable.

    Akoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :mellow:

    1. Akoa


      I think I remember you yes

    2. -Barbossa-


      I used to follow you all the time. D-C Road And Akoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :p

  12. 阿科亚Hello, I am a Chinese player. I want to feedback that my report has been banned. I want to explain the reasons for my report: I clicked on the submission report and a maintenance report appeared. I thought the network problem was in progress, and then continued uploading many times. I thought it had not been uploaded successfully. As a result, many reports were replied by Weezy to my multiple reports. Then my reporting system was blocked. Please make clear that the translator I use may not be clearly translated. Please forgive me.

    1. Titanic4


      You may want to send the feedback to https://truckersmp.com/feedback instead of making the status update on staff member's forum profile.

    2. Soul Knight

      Soul Knight

      你好  [ J D ] <China>Haoer








    3. XFMaster9666


      Hey there,


      As said by Soul Knight and Titanic4, please use the feedback system for this.  Please do not use the Status Update for this. Because this is not allowed.

      I'm going to lock this Status Update, thanks for your understanding.




      Community Moderator



  13. Akoa i have a couple of questions: You've banned me, the evidence (this is the ''evidance'': https://youtu.be/DuBmHXcx9sM ) is no longer available, why am I still banned? 

    And why I ve been banned if there is no proof of /pinfo that it was me doing that?

    1. XFMaster9666


      Hello, TonyTheRoDriver


      If you feel that your ban is unfair, please use the appeal system.


      And you can find here how to use ban appeal system.



      If you are creating an appeal but are not satisfied with this message and you still feel that your ban is unfair, use the feedback system.


      You can find the guide here how to use feedback system.



      It is not allowed to talk about your ban on the Forum, so I'm locking this Status Update.


      Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, you can feel free to DM me. :) 




      Community Moderator





  14. Hi all Chinese people, I've been told that today is the Chinese new year. I would like to wish Happy New Year to all of you guys!!

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    2. [RLC]  Alon

      [RLC] Alon

      I will follow you:P



      Hola Akoa, yo lo sigo a usted, me seguiria a mi? Y aprovecho para felicitar a los chinos

    4. [SK] - TeR*Xiao Zhu

      [SK] - TeR*Xiao Zhu

      Yes, today is the Chinese New Year. Thank you for Akoa's wishes!:love:

  15. Akoa.Today is the day of our Chinese New Year, that is, the New Year's Day of the New Year, my Aron greetings you, Happy New Year.

    1. Akoa


      Ohh I will make an status update for all chinese people. Happy new year!!

    2. [RLC]  Alon

      [RLC] Alon

      Thank you    AKoa

    3. [RLC]  Alon

      [RLC] Alon

      I'll follow you:P