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  1. Happy Birthday mate!

  2. Happy shared birthday!  :wow:

  3. Happy birthday

  4. Happy birthday

  5. Happy Birthday

  6. Happy Birthday

  7. Sad to see you go buddy, we will never forget you, hope to see you back in the team soon ! 😞

  8. Akoa

    Thanks for the follow!

  9. GGWP

    1. Samito_BG


      Thank you Akoa <3 :)

  10. 1.What phone are you using now? iPhone 8 Plus 2.If you change your phone what would you buy for your next phone? I want to sell it and buy the iPhone X, and the next year buy the new iPhone.
  11. We're in live come and say hi! 


  12. Admin dinner https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/465971099939766291/602955392498008066/image0.jpg

    1. Samito_BG


      Looks pretty tasty :P

    2. Der Joey

      Der Joey

      did it taste well?:P

    3. Akoa


      Puff. Amazing :P

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