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  1. Nope, even it was oreventable. Because if you know even a little about irl trucking you know accidents happen all the time and we all do stuff that is preventable on the road and might result in an accident.
  2. Is the real companies mod working ingame? Some say it doesn't but there is a video with a real trailer in MP on FB?
  3. Evening, Since the 1.35MP update when I try to open my trailer ownership tab ingame to select a trailer the game crashes almost immediatly, anyone else experiences this issue?
  4. Don't be tinpot and let them be, it's an +3 simulator rated game after all. Personally I use it only for idiots before me, people I know or to pull infront of me though not much for the last option since many koleka's only leave a few metres and I want a decent distance between me and the truck overtaking.
  5. Kampioen mah man

  6. Nah let it be dead, relaxing to drive there and you can do your deliveries without getting rammed.
  7. Niet vergeten!: 1 mei heizel 15:00.

    1. IethaI


      Haha zeker niet :)

  8. +1, but I would do only 1 flag because otherwise it can become a mess.
  9. Sheltie

    Speed limiter

    Speed limiter still isn't working and I have enabled it in the game.
  10. Yes I did reinstall on Steam and refresh on WOT several times but still no result.
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