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  1. IpilkAlaus

    The monkey's paw

    Granted. However, in a spectacular turn of event you can't actually get from Europe to USA and have to stick to either continent. I have a dream, that one day, Makayuki or whatever her name is, will take a long absence from this forum
  2. IpilkAlaus

    Discussions about players

    Frosty, Krav, Integra guys, heyhococo, timetimes, some other guys I really like on this forum/discord sorry no tags am nub
  3. Community Clown and the Biggest Troll shouldn't even be there. We already know the winner
  4. IpilkAlaus

    How Many Web Reports Have You Submitted ?

    Basic Maths gone horribly wrong. Why am I not surprised.
  5. Hello there,


    Thank you for the follow :) 

  6. Someone pls explain. Why do so many people have "wolf" in their usernames?

    1. Xiolin


      Cause wolves are awesome <.<

  7. Wow that was ice cold. Good move though.

  8. Meep meep.

  9. pnh5xNz.png

    Mažeikiai, Lithuania.

  10. certainly i am in one of those moods

  11. Every day you get to play ETS2 is a great day, remember that - Wayne Gretzky

    -Michael Scott


  12. IpilkAlaus

    [WINNERS] 10x 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' DLC Giveaway

    edit: double post, can someone delete this please? thanks
  13. IpilkAlaus

    [WINNERS] 10x 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' DLC Giveaway

    Seems like everyone who had already bought the DLC, including me GG and thanks. I'm certainly not feeling so unlucky now.
  14. yCxFVKV.jpg

    Run from Pskov to Kaliningrad. DLC - very enjoyable :)