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  1. 100% agree with @MrSirViking. I find it stupid that lots of people wanted ProMods so badly and now they are just looking for the same chaos they already had on the C-D road? I can't get it, honestly. It's like buying all map expansions and then driving always on the same area of the vanilla map, it doesn't make any sense to me.
  2. These random road events were disabled in one of the recent MP updates, precisely because they are too difficult to synchronize, so... Only usable in SP now.
  3. It wouldn't work. Random road events were a problem in MP when someone had them enabled because only that someone could see an accident blocking their lane, swerve to avoid the accident and becoming a problem for other players on the same road. If people drove with common sense it could be a good idea, but we all know that most players would be just racing against the AI traffic... Which only they would be able to see. The number of accidents would grow by the thousands. That's why anything on the roads has to be synchronized for all players, so everyone can see the obstacle and take preemptive actions to avoid accidents.
  4. Para poder jugar con ProMods, es requisito imprescindible tener todas las expansiones oficiales de mapas, Francia, Escandinavia, Italia, Balticos y Going East. Si falta alguna de esas, ProMods no funcionará.
  5. @andy Suter Just log out and log in again, this worked for me.
  6. Lo que ocurre es que el formulario de registro está mal traducido al español. En inglés se ve más claro que hay que mezclar mays. y mins. Password must be between 6 characters and 100 characters long, must contain letters in mixed case and must contain numbers.
  7. En esa captura no lo dice, pero si no me equivoco, la contraseña debe contener números y letras en mayúsculas Y en minúsculas... Prueba a cambiar alguna de las letras de la contraseña a mayúsculas a ver si así te deja completar el registro.
  8. Es algo que no se puede saber. Ni siquiera si este año habrá una modificación con nieve disponible para MP. Hace falta un mod lo bastante bueno, que el personal de TMP se ponga de acuerdo con quien sea que ha creado el mod de nieve, que sea posible hacer compatibles ambos mods, etc. Y en cualquier caso... El invierno no empieza oficialmente hasta el 21 de Diciembre, así que sería raro que activaran un mod "invernal" antes de esa fecha.
  9. You need all map expansions DLC in order to play ProMods. Vive la France, Italia, Going East, Scandinavia and Beyond the Baltic Sea. Other DLCs are not required.
  10. If we stick to logic, Winter mod should never be made available before December 21st. That's when Winter starts in the northern hemisphere (ETS2 - Europe and ATS - USA), so I wouldn't expect it to be available until at least that date. I know that anyone can use Winter Mod in August if they like, in SP, but in MP the staff should make it more "Road to Simulation", so... That's my opinion.
  11. It's easy enough... Just by looking at the distances. The guy who hit your truck will almost always be the one closer to it. It's just watching the video, frame by frame, if needed. I can tell, I've reported people in the past whose names couldn't be seen other than in the TAB list and by explaining why "ABCD" had to be the ramming one, the report was accepted and the troll/rammer was banned. Even once, there was a truck by my side, another guy in a car rear-ended my truck and I managed to get the right player banned. The truck was closer, but in the video, it could be seen that it was the car approaching fast, hitting and disappearing afterwards. By checking the TAB in the video, it was easy to get the player's name. And the TAB list can be made almost transparent, so it doesn't "interfere" too much.
  12. That's why I always drive with the TAB window open. No matter if they come from behind and hit Alt+F4 immediately, I'll have their names (from the near players list) and will be able to find their TMPid in my logs. That situation would be a sure ban for that driver if I was the rammed one.
  13. @ilian kamenov And you added a copy/paste of my reply... Why, exactly? You don't need to copy/paste other users' replies to post yours. And it's always better to use "quote" instead of copy/paste. Don't you see that by doing that, your reply makes no sense? First sentence, you seem to be against the suggestion, second sentence, you seem to be in favor...
  14. This is a well known issue. In MP, fatigue simulation is disabled, so players don't get tired because of driving. The only way you get tired is when you teleport (to another home garage, to the repair station, using ferries, etc.) and even then, it's impossible to get the "dozing" effect you see in SP. But those same teleporting methods make the game to synchronize your profile with the server's time, so even when you don't see it, it's when your workers jobs are also synchronized. Imagine you have 100 workers, each one of them with their own trucks. You stop playing for a couple of days. When you return to MP, those 100 workers have been doing jobs all of the time (server time never stops). Forcing a synchronization by sleeping, teleporting or using ferries will make your game to calculate and give you all the money that those workers earned while you were away. With enough hired drivers, it's easy to make hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of cash in just a few days.
  15. En los foros no conseguirás nada. Hay dos formas de reportar a otros jugadores, desde dentro del juego, con la ventana del TAB, haces clic con el botón derecho para habilitar el cursor, seleccionas al jugador en la lista y das a Report. Por desgracia, este método falla la mayoría de las veces por "time out". Hay demasiados reportes en el servidor y los GM no dan abasto. La segunda opción es usar el sistema de la web, https://truckersmp.com/reports/create, aquí tienes que dar más información. El ID 324 que mencionas, por ejemplo, no sirve de nada. Es necesario el ID de TruckersMP del jugador, que es único para cada usuario. Para verlo, puedes usar el chat dentro del juego, dando a /pinfo ID (este sí es el ID que mencionas, por lo que tendrías que hacer /pinfo 324 para ver la identificación única de ese jugador). También puedes ver el TMPID en la ventana de reportes usando el TAB. Finalmente, para algo como lo que comentas, una captura de pantalla no sirve como prueba, necesitarás vídeo en el que se muestre cómo el otro jugador te chocó. Para eso hay distintas opciones, lo más fácil es que tires de Google con "Gameplay recording software". nVidia tiene Share incluido en su paquete GeForce experience, AMD tendrá algo parecido y luego hay otros programas independientes de la GPU que te permiten grabar vídeos de tus partidas, Overwolf, Action!, incluso páginas de Streaming que te permiten guardar vídeo como Twitch o plays.tv. Tendrías que probar y ver cuál te va mejor. EDIT: Otra cosa... En los foros y subforos en general, solo se permite usar el idioma inglés. Para escribir lo que sea en español, tendrías que ir al subforo en español: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/24-spanish-discussion/ donde, como puedes ver, hay distintas secciones y resulta más evidente dónde debe ir cada cosa.
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