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  1. FernandoCR [ESP]

    How Many Web Reports Have You Submitted ?

    @SkortiL [TR] Me too, but that's not the problem... How can you have 79 accepted and 56 declined (135 overall) if you only submitted 50? And if the real numbers are 135 submitted and 56 declined... That's a quite horrible ratio...
  2. FernandoCR [ESP]

    How Many Web Reports Have You Submitted ?

    Up to today, 485 reports. I'd say that over 95% of them accepted. But the last one I submitted is from July, after that I switched to EU#1 server and... No more reports needed. As for the quotas, right now I'd be able to send 127 reports, the scoring system was not in place when I started sending reports back in Feb 2016, some valid reports had to be solved as "rejected" because "the user is currently banned" and some others were firstly rejected and lastly accepted after reviewed by feedback (but they keep the "rejected" status), otherwise I guess that the number would be quite higher than 127.
  3. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Ask a question without saying yes or no.

    IMO, they certainly should, but there's nothing about them in the rules... Question: Have you played TMP within the last 24 hours?
  4. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Trailer Stability resetting itself

    I've just checked. Going into console and setting "g_trailer_stability 0"+Enter, then going to Options - Gameplay, the trailer stability slider is at max (would be 0.5). Checked again with the console by typing "g_trailer stability "+Enter and it gives the current setting as 0. Exited the game, launched again, checked and the slider keeps at max, but checking the console, it shows the current value at 0. Maybe it's the same thing that happens when you use the chat to change the CB channel...? You open the chat, type /channel 10 and it changes the CB from the default channel 19 to channel 10, but if you look at the radio, it still shows 19... I mean, the options slider shows a value, but the console command shows a different one and I believe that the real setting is the console one. Tried with both trailer and truck stability set at 0, changed suspension stiffnes to 0.5 (default is 1) and my truck, without trailer, tipped over while going on one of those 270º highway exit ramps no faster than 60... With default values or maxed ones, I can take those ramps at 80 Km/h or faster without any problems (truck only).
  5. FernandoCR [ESP]

    When you decide to go through "D-C Road"

    TBH, I never "decided" to go there. Back in the day, any routes from central Europe to southern UK would show in the GPS using that road, so I'd take it. When it became "Europoort #2 - Hardcore mode", I learnt quick enough to check my GPS and set a different route manually to avoid it. In recent updates, the GPS routing system was changed and now it doesn't choose that road but the highways north or south of it by default. Anyways, I stopped using EU#2 server months ago and in EU#1, you can drive on that road perfectly fine. The question IMO should be "Why do you go on the D-C (or C-D) road in EU#2 server?"
  6. FernandoCR [ESP]

    como reportar a alguien

    @Pardoo97 Si lo que quieres reportar es solamente el lenguaje inadecuado o insultos, las imágenes sí que valen, porque no hay "acción" que grabar. Puedes mandar el reporte, poniendo las imágenes como evidencia de los insultos o lo que sea. Podría ser que no lo acepten, a mi me sucedió una vez incluso con vídeo. El motivo del rechazo era algo como "No podemos saber lo que sucedió antes, por lo que el insulto podría estar justificado". Me quedé de piedra, la verdad. Al final, hablando en privado con el GM conseguí convencerle de que yo no había hecho nada que justificase que algún australopiteco se pusiera a insultarme. En caso de que te rechacen el reporte con un motivo similar, yo te recomiendo que intentes contactar con el GM (admin) que lo haya gestionado y le hagas ver que un insulto es un insulto, si alguien me llama idiota le ignoraré, pero si alguien menciona a mi madre, por ejemplo, quiero a ese alguien castigado y no me sirve que "quizá hiciste algo para que te insultase"... Si hice algo, que me reporten a mi. A mi me han hecho miles de barrabasadas en MP y nunca he insultado a alguien con algo más fuerte que "Idiot". Por contra, a mi me han llamado de todo simplemente por ir a 60 Km/h en la zona de 60 de la carretera de C-D.
  7. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Should the reaction limit be removed?

    @TNT-LOG Chico Ferraz 087 It's about the amount of "reactions" (upvote, like, thanks, etc.) a forum user can give each day (currently limited at 10 if I'm not wrong). ONTOPIC: I think it's OK with the current limit. Some days I've ran out of reactions, all I did was wait and give them the following day to those posts I had seen worthy. And if I see that I can't react to a post but still want to do it, I'll just post a comment with a quote to give a "complete" reaction instead of an emoji.
  8. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Ask a question without saying yes or no.

    Delete all replies that failed to comply with the game rules. And some questions as well... @[FTC] iamRHT You are supposed to ask something that will compell the next person to answer with YES or NO. Question: Do you agree that some of the participants in this game never bothered reading the rules?
  9. FernandoCR [ESP]


    En cuanto a que pones 2 reportes y uno lo atienden antes que el otro, puede deberse a que un GM, revisando un reporte, encuentra que hay otros acerca del mismo usuario, con lo que resuelve todos, añadiendo las distintas evidencias y sumando castigos. Otra cosa a tener en cuenta es la inmensa cantidad de reportes que llegan al sistema cada minuto, incluso con muchos GM es imposible que sean resueltos en tiempo real, porque no basta con ver el reporte y darle a "Aceptar - Ban - 3 días", hay que revisar que la evidencia sea válida, que el usuario reportado esté debidamente identificado, si tiene baneos anteriores puede ampliarse el castigo, etc. Ha habido épocas en las que los reportes podían tardar 2 o 3 semanas en ser resueltos, 3 o 4 días es casi ideal...
  10. FernandoCR [ESP]

    STR-SHOCKFORCE problem

    Also make sure that in Controls, the Wheel is not set as "Gamepad, joystick" in "Controller subtype".
  11. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    Sorry, but if you were banned for 3 months, it means that you had been banned at least 4 other times previously in less than a year. Sure, accidents happen, but they happen to everyone and not everyone has 3 months bans. Maybe you need to reconsider the way you are playing MP? That's what SP and EU#4 are for, to learn how to properly drive. Doing 130 Km/h is reckless unless you can fully control your vehicle. And there's also F7 to be teleported to a repair station, hitting F7 doesn't take 3 minutes. Once again, reckless driving. Your brakes are not good enough, keep a longer distance to other vehicles. And if someone is sleepy, better go to bed than play multiplayer games. That's OK, but it doesn't mean that you can disrespect other drivers. No one has ever been banned for just playing AFAIK. Well, you should be afraid... Because if you have been banned for 3 months already, unless your first ban is from more than 1 year ago, the next one will not be 5 months, it will be permanent... Didn't you even bother reading the rules after 4 bans? Is this some kind of joke? "it will never stop me to do accident" "I will always ram into a player 3 times a week" and "I am a pretty good trucker", all in the same sentence?? Do you realize that there are many people with more than 4 years playing in MP and never banned? Like I said in the first paragraph, maybe you need to reconsider. Try SP until you master your driving skills, or EU#4, where you can't ram or block anyone. But if you are so sure that you will ram into a player 3 times a week, my advice is that you start looking for a new game to play.
  12. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Game "Cities"

    Salamanca (https://www.google.es/maps/place/Salamanca/@40.9634332,-5.7042315,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0xd3f265dc7dd7c45:0x2f7ae4d00bbfa9aa!8m2!3d40.9701039!4d-5.6635397?hl=en)
  13. FernandoCR [ESP]

    forum for server outages

    I can see your point, but maybe there's no need to create new sub-forums for this. The Server Status page could add a small note in case a server has to be taken offline for whatever reasons, with a brief explanation of the issue and the estimated time, if any, for its resolution. Something static to let people know what's going on and that it's being taken care of. Creating a forum or subforum would solve nothing, only people would flood it with "Any news?" "When will it be up?" Something like this (It's just an example, I have no idea about what is going on with the SA server or when/if it will come back online):
  14. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Speed limiter

    Hit TAB to open the players' list. On that window, there's a cog on the bottom left corner, right click to enable the mouse cursor and then click on the cog. You'll see the TMP "General" settings. On that first page you'll see "Speed limiter", that's the one you have to tick if you want your truck to be 90 Km/h limited in MP.
  15. FernandoCR [ESP]

    What's your dream car?

    TBH, cars are just like tools to me. If it serves its purpose, what else do I need? My car is just a Renault Clio, ten years old, works like a charm and "drinks" just a bit more than a Zippo. And it can reach 120 Km/h without problems, which is the maximum allowed speed for cars in Spain. Dreams? Of course: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Rolls Royce... But only because owning one of those would mean that I'd be filthy rich.