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  1. You have all the steps here: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/26
  2. I do only WoT external contracts and always try to pick long distance hauls. This is almost impossible with doubles, so most of the time I haul single trailers. Also, with owned trailers the cargo options are limited to the type of trailer attached, so I'd find less jobs to take, another reason for me to avoid using owned trailers, single or double.
  3. With external programs you can, I was referring to the in-game F10 (default) key. It can't be used unless you are stopped. Tried it just now, at 40 Km/h or at 110 Km/h, a message pops up saying that "Before making screenshots you have to stop your truck". I get that you are being able to do this? Without stopping your vehicle? That has to be a bug... And no doubt, it should be fixed.
  4. That's not an issue, that was intentionally implemented by TMP developers to make players have to stop completely before taking screenshots with F10. And it was done because that option could become a weapon for trolls. Every time you take a screenshot, your game "freezes" for a moment. Imagine what happens if at that moment you are doing 100 Km/h and there's another truck doing 100 Km/h right behind yours?
  5. @andy Suter You say "quite high up the scale"... Maybe you should try all to the max. I have that same issue, only my stabilities and suspensions are all at 50% of the default value (I configured them using the in-game console). If you really want to have the same as most other players, open the console and type: g_truck_stability 0.5 g_trailer_stability 0.5 g_suspension_stiffness 1.0 g_cabin_suspension_stiffness 1.0 Those are the maximum (and default) values. Obviously, you could use stability settings of 2.0 using the console, but I don't know if it would really change anything (maybe TMP found a way to prevent players from using settings higher than maximums) and can be cause of a permanent ban, so use them at your own risk. But like I said, I drive WoT jobs, most of the time following the road's speed limits and on some places, even slower, precisely because I've learnt that some corners make my vehicle to tip over if I take them fast. I changed those settings because the truck feels more "real". Trucks are not supposed to take a 90° corner at 70 Km/h, even when there's no trailer attached. Some people say that the most realistic settings would be all stability, suspensions and braking intensity at 0. Only I don't dare going in multiplayer with those, too risky. And yes, there are places where others will come faster than me and have a hard time to overtake. My thoughts about this are: It's their problem, not mine. Whoever wants to race, should be playing racing games, if I'm doing 70 on a 70 limited road and others have to stay behind because it's difficult to overtake... Well, that's what happens in real life, isn't it? Deal with it.
  6. @ScaniaFan89 I guess that it was more about the user's profile, where you can choose where your home office is in each game, this:
  7. @MadCowTransport I do the same thing, it's what I pointed out in my first reply to this topic. But if you really meant this: Then the TAB window would be unnecessary... That's the message I was replying to, trying to show that no matter what the limit is, every precautions that players can take are always a good thing. Because I can't "refuse to believe that anyone wrecks or rams anyone".
  8. @enex SLOVENIA If only that save/load method worked with WoT external contracts... Recently, a job starting in Finland, destination the UK, more than 2500 Km. Already in the UK, 200 Km to destination, not one single incident so far, 0% damage to trailer and cargo and... One truck in the middle of a turn, driving on wrong the side, crash heads-on, 26% damage to my truck, +10% damage to the trailer, +8% damage to the cargo and to make things worse, it made my truck to tip over. F7 and the job is automatically cancelled. Even if I hadn't needed to use F7, any attempt to load previous saves while doing WoT jobs will always put the truck at the exact point where it was crashed and with the exact same damages. So sure, I could get video, send report, get that player banned, but in the end, it was more than 2000 Km of safe driving lost because of a reckless player. Only thing positive about it... It has happened so many times that I don't get so stressed anymore.
  9. @JesusCharlie_ If you are locked at the same speed as the truck ahead, why overtake? I rarely overtake because I follow the speed limits and most people I find on the road are going faster than me, but sometimes I'll do it with players that have just spawned and started driving, or came out of a gas station/junction and are still slow enough for me to overtake. This, only on highways, where I know that there will be no one coming in front on the overtaking lane. But those same situations, if on a one lane per way road, I usually slow down, because I know that most of those people who appear ahead going slower than me are probably in full throtle trying to reach 110 Km/h ASAP (sadly, that's what the game is about for most players). My point is that you (and everyone else) should only start an overtaking if you are completely sure that you can finish it safely. This thing about "we are locked at the same speed" happens now with 110 Km/h and happened before with 150 Km/h, don't you think? Real life, you surely break the speed limit to overtake and it's allowed, at least in Spain, but... On conventional (non-highway) roads, cars and motorcicles can drive 20 Km/h faster than the road's speed limit to overtake. Trucks aren't allowed to go over the limit in any cases. Not sure about other countries traffic regulations, but since I'm from Spain, I follow Spain's ones.
  10. @MadCowTransport I've been rammed with this lowered limit. Because I don't do 110 Km/h, usually I don't go faster than 80 Km/h, so I'm an easy target for the speeders. Having a server 110 Km/h speed limit doesn't mean that everyone will go at 110 Km/h. It only means that those who do, are not so likely be rammed. But still, they can... Imagine someone doing 110 Km/h, start overtaking another truck that is doing 90 Km/h and when it's by its side, the slower truck driver decides to swerve into the faster one. Rammed. And from an angle where the overtaking player can't see anymore the rammer's name in his screen. No one is safe from idiots or trolls, not even with lowered speed limits. But I can agree that there's a lot less ramming now than there was before with the 93 mph (150 Km/h) speed limit. So it was indeed an effective solution. To a very much related problem.
  11. @Loll3r That's trolling, pure and simple, but not worse than the OP's example. In fact, those 2 idiots gave you lots of chances to get evidence video and their IDs, reporting them should be easy. The topic is about those people who ram from behind and immediately disappear, making it difficult to get them identified and reported.
  12. Funny how some people think that going 150-180 Km/h makes them earn so much time when doing a job. But then, from what I used to see in EU#2, they had to load autosaves so many times that in fact they barely earned some minutes over someone who drove slower but never had to load autosaves. I've seen people overtake my truck like rockets when I was doing 80 Km/h. And crash a bit ahead on the road. And some minutes later, they were overtaking again. And again. Funny also how they would be able to do this same thing now in the arcade server, with the added advantage that at least they wouldn't destroy others when they crashed. But they don't use the arcade servers, they just keep complaining about being "forced" to drive slow and demanding that the Simulation server's speed limits be raised or removed. Then there's the people who say that they can drive safely at 180 Km/h but they won't use the arcade server because it's no-collisions. What's the need for collisions-enabled arcade server if they are so certain that they can drive at ultra-high-speeds without crashing others? I mean, they would never need to drive through other trucks, they'd simply use their driving skills to avoid them. Not saying that there aren't any people who can drive safely at high speed. The problem is that when high speeds are allowed in a server, they are allowed for everyone, the safe ones, the reckless ones, the ones without skills or poor controlling options (keyboard, mostly) and the trolls. That's why a Simulation server without speed limits makes no sense. There would be (again) too many people going full speed without the skills (or without caring) to keep others safe.
  13. Like these? Again, if you want speed, there's a no limits server. If you want people and collisions, there's the C-D area in the Sim server. And if you want speed+collisions, there's Wreckfest.
  14. So it should be allowed those people to drive as fast as they want when there is a lot of other people who don't want that? Like I said, there are games where the goal is to drive fast. A truck simulator is not one of them. And even less in a multiplayer mod. You want the challenge? Try single player, with an increased traffic mod and driving at 160 Km/h. I don't think you'll be able to do it but if I'm wrong, at least you won't be harming other players. Where in Europe do you see truckers in real life exceeding 80 mph (129 Km/h)? Let's not forget that the 110 Km/h (68 mph) limit is only forced in ETS2. ATS has a different limit. More precisely... 80 mph.
  15. Those people are playing the wrong game. A truck simulator is not for going fast and crashing. NFS, GTA or even better, Wreckfest, that I mentioned before. Racing while crashing others. Added bonus: All players there will be looking for the same thing, unlike TMP, where most players don't want to be crashed by idiots out of control at too high speeds.
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