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  1. Long or short drives?

    My answer was in your first post, but since this one has the poll... There it goes again (thanks to the programmers that made possible the copy/paste ) About the question, I play on my own PC so there's no time limits, other than the ones from real life. I usually do only WoT jobs, which work based upon real time instead of game time, normally you have a lot longer to complete a delivery (sometimes, as long as 20 hours real time), so there's no need to finish the job in a single session. This being said, I sort the jobs list by "Price vs. Distance" and try to pick the highest one, provided it's more than 1000 Km (that's just a choice of mine, not a need). If I can pick a 2000+ Km job, that's the one I'll choose.
  2. Bans

    ^^ The way I understand it, the player crashed the truck (into a wall, a guardrail, another vehicle or whatever). Because of that, the truck got stuck for a moment, blocking the road. Another player took a screenshot and reported. That report should've never been accepted, but it was. Now that player wants that ban to be removed, deeming it unfair. Yes, maybe it's because if that ban is removed, his/her current and active one should change from 3 months to 1 month, but that's irrelevant, what's important here IMO is that the ban for blocking, be it from 6 months ago or from 6 days ago, should be removed, if only for "not enough evidence". An appeal can't be done now as it's already expired (I don't know if it was sent back in the day) but a feedback ticket shoud suffice, we can see the ban and the evidence in it, a community or project manager can see it too and decide wether to remove it or not.
  3. Bans

    You can send an e-mail to [email protected] open a feedback ticket from your TruckersMP profile. One of the community managers should look into it and decide. Truth is, pictures should not be accepted as evidence for blocking, you can just have an accident and happen to be blocking for less than a minute, that's not what's considered blocking, but in a picture, all the admin can see is your vehicle blocking the way. There should be video (to show for how long your vehicle was stopped there) or at least a sequence of images with timestamps. The problem is that if the ban is from a while ago, maybe they won't do anything about it, as it's already due.
  4. Spawn system

    I don't know what others do, but if that happens to me, I have no problems in hitting Alt+F4. For starters, that situation usually means that your cargo will be greatly damaged and that you'll get no profit from ending the job, so what's the point in keeping with it? I'd do the Alt+F4, launch SP, cancel that job, choose a new one and then, from a safe place, exit and go back into MP. Anyone who has done enough WoT jobs knows that the damage in the cargo can't be recovered by loading savegames or any other way, if your trailer is ruined, it'll stay ruined. And if you re-spawn so happily, you can cause another player just the same damage you had received earlier. Anyway, there are no rules for this and the suggestions made to create them have been rejected or simply ignored, so you, the people who don't care where your vehicle will appear when you connect to the server, have nothing to worry about. I'll keep taking the time to do things right. Some idiot destroyed my cargo? That doesn't mean that I have the right to appear anywhere and maybe destroy another player's cargo.
  5. ¿Y los admin?

    @[023] Sergio Los reportes que haces dentro del juego tienen pocas posibilidades de ser atendidos. A pesar de que EU#2 es el servidor con mayor presencia de administradores, es también donde se genera un mayor número de reportes, probablemente estaríamos hablando de cientos por minuto. Aunque haya un tiempo de 10 minutos para que el reporte sea atendido, piensa que en esos 10 minutos pueden haberse generado 1000 reportes... A menos que haya 90-100 administradores, no hay tiempo físicamente para atenderlos todos. En los reportes via web tienes la ventaja de que siempre son atendidos, más pronto o más tarde, y si añades un vídeo donde se muestra la infracción, es casi seguro que el infractor recibirá su castigo. A mi, casi me hace ilusión pensar que el bobo que me estuvo troleando se marcha pensando que no pasó nada y al cabo de una o dos semanas le cae un ban de varios días... O de varias semanas Respecto a la dureza de los castigos, en realidad depende un poco de cada admin, algunos son más duros que otros y para una infracción te puedes encontrar con que el admin X puso 3 días de ban y para otra similar el admin Y puso 1 semana. Lo bueno es que a partir del 4º ya no hay diferencias, será 1 mes, luego 3 meses y el sexto, permanente. Esa gente que al parecer solo se dedican a arruinar el juego de los demás acabarán con el baneo permanente. Es cierto que algunos abrirán cuentas nuevas para evadir el ban, pero eso es inevitable (y si les pillan, les meten directamente otro baneo permanente en la nueva cuenta). Para que te hagas una idea, yo casi no uso los reportes dentro del juego y no espero que sirvan de algo, simplemente los mando para tener la información del jugador en el vídeo. Sin embargo, por web tengo más de 250 reportes enviados y en más del 90% de ellos el jugador resultó baneado.
  6. The no damage mod

    I wouldn't mind if the team decided to forbid this kind of tools. But I have to admit that I do use a trainer with no-damage option, because I do mostly WoT jobs, they don't allow to load previous saved games, once your cargo gets damaged it stays damaged (and I don't know how to save-edit to remove damage or anything else). I also like to play in EU#2 because it's where you find lots of other drivers (and of course, lots of reckless, bad and troll drivers), this makes it so frustrating to drive for over 1000 Km with no damage and when you are about to deliver, some idiot coming 160 Km/h (or faster if in a car) destroys your cargo and your 1-2 hours game session with no chance to recover... The problem is that these trainers give several other options that can be used in a bad way, some of them give you the chance to use a "turbo-engine", some include the NCZ hack. And the worse thing about it is what has been mentioned already, it's almost impossible to determine if someone is using it or not in a bad way. When the NCZ hack was first seen in the game, you could see reports declined because "We can't be sure if it is the NCZ hack or a server sync bug". So reporting for the use of no-damage or similar tools, would be almost useless. This being said, I'm neutral about the subject. Implementing a rule seems unlikely as it would be too difficult to enforce. The no-damage mod can be used for your own protection, which is completely legit in many circumstances. And if it gets forbidden, people will find a way around to keep trolling and avoiding damage (by save-editing or whatever other methods).
  7. Spawn system

    ^^ I've been there, but he had plenty of time off the road, he could have Alt+F4. It's what I did when it happened to me and I wasn't even off the road, it was just a network glitch while I was driving peacefully, saw the "Synchronization with WoT failed" and did the Alt+F4 trick immediately because I knew it would teleport me back on the road to a random point. Then I launched SP to make sure I wouldn't cause an accident when spawning. So I insist, it's avoidable. If you want to, of course. EDIT: To add another possible situation: Those people that start driving as soon as the game starts, still in the queue, and spawn not only in the middle of the road, but also while driving on that road, most of the times too fast to avoid any crashes if someone is around. This (drive and spawn while in the queue) should also be bannable and even harder than just spawning while stopped. It's totally reckless.
  8. Spawn system

    ^^ Not true. You choose how you launch the game, so you know that you can spawn in the middle of a crowded road if you connect in EU#2 server at peak hours. Instead, you can choose to launch SP or MP in an almost empty server. Once you spawn, drive to a safe spot, save, exit and then you can launch the game again connecting in whatever server you want without risks. But most people are too lazy to do that and why should they? It's not bannable, if someone crashes into your truck when it spawns, that someone can do nothing against you and if you got damage, you can just load again the previous savegame and pray that this time there will be no one coming... IMO, there should be a rule against spawning anywhere if it's not safe and people who do so should be banned. It's the same as reckless driving, only this would be "reckless spawning". Maybe with such rule, people would start exiting their games only when their trucks are out of the way and take the time to launch SP and drive away in case their games crashed.
  9. What are the 3 most important things in life?

    There was a song in Spain, something like: There are 3 things in life: Health, money and love. Anyone who has the three of them, must thank god.

    @Luksenburg00 You need to do those 2-3 quick jobs in single player. You'll be able to get a bank loan and buy your own truck. Once you have a truck, you can go again into MP and don't forget to connect to the server (by hitting Drive button) before picking a job. If there are none in the list, you can reset your economy with the method @Lorenita linked or you can just sleep to force a time synchronization and repopulation of the jobs list.
  11. A video that will break your mind

    The overtaking driver started his maneuver right before the solid line/"overtaking forbidden" sign. So don't blame it on the overtaken vehicle's driver, it was the overtaking one who was at fault. He should've never started overtaking there, period. You find lots of idiots like that in the game, they don't care if they can't see ahead or if there are vehicles coming the other way, they "need" to overtake, no matter what. Well, that's reckless driving and if someone does that near my truck, that someone will most likely be reported and banned. Don't try it, stay behind the other truck until you can overtake safely and you won't have to worry about the other driver accelerating or slowing down.
  12. What is your truck's km ?

    Irrelevant, because I used to have hired drivers and shared trucks with them, so some of those trucks had more than 1 million Km... Later, I fired all drivers, sold all trucks and started from scratch with new trucks. Right now, my main truck has a mileage a bit under 88000 Km, but my main profile has over 867000 Km.
  13. TruckersMP Real Operations

    It sounds awesome. Unfortunately, I won't be able to try this new event, will be away all weekend long . Let's hope it's a success and can be repeated in the future!.
  14. Carretera Duisburg-Calais

    Es que no se puede limitar el acceso a los coches de esa manera. Y lo de que es necesario tener Pilots para los convoys, yo no lo veo así, había convoys mucho antes de que se permitieran los coches en el MP y evidentemente, esos convoys no llevaban ningún Pilot. En EU#1 o EU#3 no se permite el uso de coches, eso no significa que no se puedan hacer convoys. Simplemente, se harían solo con camiones, si de verdad el organizador considera tan necesario llevar "escoltas", se pondrían camiones con alguna pintura especial y listos. En cuanto al tópico, se mezclan varias cosas: En el servidor EU#2 es donde más gente se conecta y por lo tanto es el que atrae a más gente, lo que incluye toda la chusma que en lugar de jugar, se dedican a arruinar el juego a los demás. En ese servidor están permitidos los coches, así que como son los vehículos más rápidos, más potentes (en cuanto a aceleración/peso), no puedes evitar que la mayoría de esa chusma utilice coches, que son mucho más prácticos para destrozar otros vehículos. Para rematar la faena, se decidió que usar MODs o Trainers para activar la opción "no-damage" era lícito. Yo he usado esos trainers activando exclusivamente el no-damage, porque estaba harto de no poder terminar un solo trabajo sin que algún tarado me destrozara el trailer, pero hay gente que los usa activando las demás opciones, no-damage, NCZ-hack, turbo-engine. Cuando se les pilla, les caen baneos de 1 mes o más, pero a la mayoría no se les caza, así que siguen dando por... Al final, la mejor opción para evitar pasar malos ratos por culpa de esa gente que al no tener nada mejor que hacer con sus vidas, se dedican a intentar arruinar la diversión de los demás, es esquivarlos. No es tan difícil, es de sobra conocido que la mayoría se concentran en determinadas zonas/carreteras principalmente en EU#2. Lo más seguro: Conectar en EU#1. No hay coches y la velocidad máxima está limitada, eso echa para atrás a la mayoría de trolls. Otras opciones son EU#3, donde tampoco se permiten los coches, o incluso en EU#2, manteniéndose alejado de las zonas del centro de Europa. Sur de Francia, casi toda la parte del Going East, Scandinavia, son mucho más tranquilas y es mucho más probable que se puedan completar viajes con nada o muy poco daño.
  15. what do YOU do when you're banned?

    I've never been banned, but for other reasons (just like now), I can be unable to play MP for some days/weeks. What I do then is keep reading/replying forum's posts, and mostly play other games (that don't require my gaming PC or my G27 wheel, which will be unavailable for a couple more weeks ).