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  1. Nowhere. There have been vans as alternating-vehicles in the past and there's a chance that they will be available again in the future but that's all. Besides this, some staff members can use exclusive AI drivable vehicles that are not available to "regular" users. These vehicles could be emergency vans, the escort vans from the Special Transports DLC, different models of cars, etc.
  2. I'd recommend the same thing to anyone who wants to have a peaceful game experience, no matter what truck they decide to use, for a very simple reason: It's where most of the trolls and the "Idiots on the road" are every single day.
  3. Problem I see, too many people seem to be allergic to reading. So they won't even notice the highlighted sentence in the Winter mods KB about "It's your responsibility if you decide to use the physics add-on". And those people seem to believe that since TMP "authorized" to use the Winter physics, crashing because of them should have no consequences. "Sorry, winter mod" is the stupidest tag anyone can use. If you feel sorry for having the winter mod, remove it. Simple as that.
  4. Those who use the Winter physics as an excuse for crashing would most likely crash the same without them. In any case, it's an excuse that will be useless in an appeal in case those players are reported and banned.
  5. I don't know what TR team is, AFAIK, some Turkish people will have TR in their names or tags as a way to show their nationality, but that's all. There's no minimum speed limit IRL on any roads other than highways, AFAIK, though it's advised to not go under 50% of the posted limit for that road. This means that on highways, you have to go at least 60 Km/h, on any other roads, it depends on the limit, doing 41 Km/h on an 80 Km/h limited road should be no problem. If others want to drive as fast as the servers allow, that's their problem, not yours. As long as you are not intentionally blocking others, no one has any rights to complain. I also like to drive by the posted speed limits and in some places, the "impatient" drivers will honk, flash their lights, send stupid messages in the chat. I ignore them most of the times. But one time I decided to make a joke, a narrow road, 60 Km/h speed limit, I was doing 60 Km/h, some drivers started piling up behind, there was traffic coming on the other side of the road so they couldn't overtake. One of them sent a message in the chat: "ID 12345, go faster" I replied: "Why do I need to go faster? I'm already first". Another time, someone said to me in the chat: "You drive like a grandpa", I replied "I'm a grandpa, how do you expect me to drive?". Humour is the better option when you find these "NFS fans" in TruckersMP.
  6. That's the thing that I miss the least. Related to that, I could say that I miss the days when I sent 3-4 reports every time I played for more than 2 hours, the days when I had to cancel 75% of my jobs because I had been rammed so badly by speed fans that it wasn't worth it to keep driving, the days when a web report could take 3-4 weeks to be seen and solved... But, you know what? I dont' really miss any of those things. Actually, I can't think of anything that I miss, other than some of the people that I used to see around and aren't there anymore.
  7. Si usando el "test" que hay en la sección de sonidos de la ventana TAB del juego todo funciona correctamente, el micrófono está funcionando. Para hablar con la gente, tienes que estar en online, con gente alrededor (la radio CB tiene un alcance limitado, solo sirve con los jugadores que estén visibles en la ventana TAB), presionas X y mantienes mientras hablas, sueltas cuando hayas terminado. Mientras X está presionado, aparece in icono con forma de altavoz en la parte inferior derecha de la pantalla. No olvides que el canal más usado es el 19, si tu radio está en cualquier otro canal, puede suceder que no haya nadie más usando el mismo y por lo tanto nadie te oiría.
  8. The server you are looking for is your own PC. Find a bunch of people (up to seven) who want the same as you do and start a Convoy. No speed limits, collisions, everyone is OK with being rammed now and then, no reports, no bans. BTW, your "suggestion" was rejected. You may want to use the template next time. EDIT: You may also want to be a little more straightforward about what you are really asking for, it's not: "Deactivate ghost mode on arcade servers", it's "Give us a server where we can speed like crazy and crash others".
  9. Feel free to try the original Grimes' physics add-on in single player, so even if you can't control your vehicle, you'll only crash into NPC ones and won't be banned. And if what you want is to just drift, it shouldn't matter if it's not in TruckersMP servers.
  10. It's clearly stated that you will be held responsible for any rule violations that could be caused for using the Winter physics add-on, so yes, you can be banned if you crash other players in case you lose control of your vehicle.
  11. ^^^ Use the game's convoy mode so you can go as fast as you want, with collisions and up to 7 of your friends. This way, you can go fast, you can crash, but only among yourselves which shouldn't be a problem. You get what you want, you don't ruin innocent players' game time and can not be banned because you're not using TruckersMP.
  12. I really don't care that much. If I decided to use it, I'd just drive slower and way more carefully than usual, make sure that my nVidia video recording software is ready and still, I don't think that I'd need it that much. I like to do WoTr jobs with long routes, meaning that most of the time I'd be driving on DLC areas, where it's less likely to find chaos or "Idiots on the road". My only concern would be that the job of the Game Moderation Team will go off the charts, probably, because the well-known C-D area will keep being the same as now, only with worse physics = a lot more "accidents". And same as many people want the physics to play risky, many others won't stop recording and reporting every single rule breakings they see.
  13. And how having "non-dangerous" people driving faster would affect "realistic driving", in your opinion? Because I completely fail to see how people driving trucks on European roads at 120-130 Km/h is realistic. We are driving trucks (or a car, some people) that are limited at 110 Km/h. Overtaking someone who is doing 90 Km/h should be no problem (unless on the C-D road) and if they are doing 100 Km/h or faster, why overtake at all? People who'd try such manoeuvre should never be considered "good and safe drivers", IMO, so they should never be "rewarded" with higher speed limits. This is utterly ridiculous. I do know how it was in the past because I was around when there were no speed limits or when the speed limit was 150 Km/h. The number of "accidents" due to people going full speed was obscene, when compared to the current situation. 110 Km/h may not be ideal (the ideal would be 90 Km/h, IMO), but it's definitely better than 150 or no limits when it comes to "accidents".
  14. "Some crashed but that's part of the fun". Only for the idiots who are crasing others. The rest of the players, who are trying to enjoy the game, surely don't find it so funny when others crashed them. So they will most likely send reports, not because they "only play to report people having fun", but because their own fun was ruined by those people. BTW, these "people having fun" with the Winter physics are one of the reasons why this add-on was removed. Think about it.
  15. Just so you know, Arcade servers don't have permanent Ghost mode, they simply have collisions among players disabled. You can't crash against others, but you can see them and they can see you just fine. If what you meant is "Enable collisions in Arcade servers", it's not going to happen, it's been said many times by the TruckersMP staff.
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