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  1. @ScaniaFan89 From the OP: "The polls will happen on multiple systems. Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Patreon (for Patrons only) and the TruckersMP website (a system we are still working on)". I guess that every two weeks, the poll will be held in one of them, first one is Discord, second one could be the forums and so on. The only place where everyone would have a chance to vote would be the website, since all MP players need to be registered there, any other options, Discord, Forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc. will leave a great amount of users out of the poll. ON-TOPIC: I'm with @QF_
  2. AFAIK, it is allowed, as long as you stay within the game's default range (0.0 - 0.5). Using higher or lower values could be seen as against rule §2.1 - Hacking/Bug/Feature abusing - PERMANENT BAN Using any kind of tool to change gameplay, including but not limited to using the in-game console, trainers or cheat engine in order to bypass the speed limiter, to jump hack, no collision hack or anything similar. Bypassing the server-sided auto kick system via save editing. Misusing features such as ghost mode to cause damage to others while connecting to the servers.
  3. 1 - Speed limits for trucks are strictly set in Europe at 90 Km/h. Only a couple of countries in the game allow a higher speed limit, 100 and 110 Km/h, but those speeds should need to be restricted to roads in the corresponding country, going back to 90 Km/h when leaving it and entering a different country. I'm not sure if this is even possible, so the 110 Km/h server sided speed limit seems to be the only way to go. 2 - Setting autokick for real traffic rules would make the game unplayable for many people. Imagine players being kicked for running a red light when there's no danger in doi
  4. I've always used e.g. as an abbreviation for "for example", never saw e.x. used that way. Others I've seen: Are / Our. As in: You can register an account in are website. Aloud / Allowed as in: Using speed hacks is not aloud in TruckersMP.
  5. If you find a pileup, best you can do is stop and hit F1 to enter pause mode. No one can damage or even move your truck when you are in pause mode, even if they ram it going full speed.
  6. To add to what @General18 said, it's allowed to go temporarily into dev cam to have something in particular to be shown in the video, I've done that many times in the past after being rammed, if the other player kept going, I'd go into dev cam and "chase" the guy so the name could be seen clearly and none of those reports were declined because of this. What is not allowed is to stay in dev cam "hunting reports", so to say.
  7. Or maybe explain what you call "unfairly banned for trolls"? I have been trolled, lots of times. More before Road to Simulation because there were more "simulation haters" I guess, but still I keep being trolled, like anyone else, only I'm more experienced now and can spot trolls easier and avoid their tactics. But I've never being banned, fairly or not, because of being trolled. People I've seen complaining about "unfair ban because I was trolled", are usually the ones who reacted to those trolls, by ramming back, blocking, insulting... Which is exactly what many trolls are looking for, the a
  8. IIRC, an area is considered as "congested" when there are 25 or more other players nearby (you can see 25 or more players in your TAB window).
  9. "Driven responsibly" being the keywords. Do you really believe that any cars, vans, or whatever new vehicles added would be driven responsibly by most players or the other way around?
  10. I believe that whoever plays TruckersMP to drive cars should re-consider and try other games, where they are supposed to drive cars. Realism can only be improved with a player base that wants to play in a realistic way. With 90% of the people in Simulation 1 going pedal to the metal, TruckersMP is anything but realistic. Adding cars won't improve this, on the contrary, it will just make it worse. Just my opinion.
  11. That "large percentage of the playerbase" would still have the arcade servers, same as now, where they could drive faster, with full stabilities, whatever settings they'd want, but unable to destroy other players' games. That "large percentage of the playerbase" was the one that brought the "Road to Simulation" changes in the first place, they adapted or not, there are still lots of them, so maybe a new change is needed. And not for worse, IMO.
  12. They should not be removed, but changed. Into a harder simulation style. Trucks with trailers taking sharp turns at 70 Km/h or stopping in 1 second from 110 Km/h is ridiculous, the servers should enforce low stabilities and braking intensity. Also, the /fix command should be removed and the option to load previous autosaves too, make it the same as it happens in World of Trucks jobs. If players started tipping over every time they speed and weren't able to load a previous save to keep going like nothing happened, they'd start driving more carefully instead of running full speed at all times. A
  13. @sixtytwelve Sure that reckless drivers exist IRL too. The difference is that IRL, they are just a small percentage of the road traffic, while in this game and MP, specially in Simulation 1 server, they seem to be the rule. Driving most of the time at the roads posted speed limits, I don't overtake anyone, but I'm being constantly overtaken by lots of players who, obviously, are speeding. People going 30 Km/h over the limits all of the time is not so common IRL, and in MP this is what you see most of the time. Only because there's a hard 110 Km/h limit. Before this was set, you could see most
  14. I only do WoT jobs, limited at 90 Km/h, and rarely go that fast, most EU highways have 80 Km/h speed limit for trucks and even on those who have it higher, most trailers have a 80 Km/h limit. I'm that kind of weird player who would respect this even when the High Power Cargo DLC trailers had a 70 Km/h limit. The advantage of WoT jobs is that they work based on real time, so it's very unlikely that I'll need to rush to finish a delivery in time. Now, why so many players seem to need the 110 Km/h all of the time? I'd say that the answer is MP. Most people don't understand an MP game
  15. From what I see, these lights have been synchronised for a while now, see this: Smoky answered in October 2019 stating that it's already done.
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