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  1. I use a G27 wheel and all of my trucks have "R" transmissions, so I just enabled the auto-retarder and auto-engine brake. The moment I step on the brake pedal, all of them help slowing down or stopping the vehicle. With not even 50% of the maximum braking intensity, I have no problems at all. In single player, I can use 0% braking intensity and still drive perfectly fine. It's true that my maximum speed is 90 Km/h. The parking brake... Well, I use that for parking, which is what it's meant for. Using it to slow down or stop faster... I mean, I'd only do that, very carefully, if all other brakes failed... And they can't fail in these games, so...
  2. AFAIK, that trailer was only available during the "Idaho Spuds" event in World of Trucks and removed once the event ended. If it's not in the game anymore, you can only use it if someone made it into a mod, but I couldn't find anything in Steam's Workshop.
  3. You can always use the "traditional" method of driving to the truck dealer. Once you have bought 3 trucks, you become a "trusted customer" and use "Buy online" instead of "Visit dealer", this works without any issues in TruckersMP.
  4. Yes, the "Genoa Bridge" event. Quite similar, 2 delivery points, only the way there was on highways, instead of dirt roads. And same as the Big Sur one, I only tried the first one in TruckersMP... The ETRC event was also similar, but the delivery points were several. Problem here is that they were all inside cities, and you could find 30-40 trucks stuck at the company's entrance... I usually have a lot of patience, but being stuck because ignorant players will be trying always to be the first one in line even if there was already a jam when they arrived, is something that I hate. The main reason why I do these WoT events in single player. Let's not forget, also, that WoT means that you can drive 1000 Km without any issues and get the job lost in the last 100 metres before delivery by one of the many reckless drivers in TruckersMP. Sure, you can just start over again, but it's not worth it, IMO, when you can avoid that waste of time so easily.
  5. I do remember that event. Tried one delivery in MP, disconnected, finished that one and all others in single player. From what I read, it must have been the only "one-point" event where people would behave, more or less, mostly because the game moderation team would be merciless with rule breakers there (and honestly, there was nothing else to "monitor" during the time the event took place). But I wouldn't stand being stuck for 2 hours or longer only to do a delivery and knowing that I'd find the same thing on the next one. Besides, in single player, all of the jobs had to go on the "original" dirt roads, which made them even more interesting and enjoyable, IMO.
  6. @User_4447860 There's a Knowledge base, there's the forums, there's Discord, there's lots of Youtube tutorials. Players who don't know how to do this, do that, use this or use that, have everything they need to learn available at their fingertips. Sadly, it seems that for too many people doing a bit or research and try to figure things out by themselves is too much of an effort.
  7. It's a Truck's game, the Scout is only an add-on gift that the developers decided to release so players can have a bit of "variety". But the game's physics are meant for trucks, trucks in most of Europe can't go faster than 90 Km/h, in the USA only some states allow for them to go 80 mph (129 Km/h). And even in Europe, there's only some places in Germany where cars can go legally at 150 Km/h, most countries have limits in the 120-130 Km/h range. So allowing players to do 150 Km/h is 100% against realism. You've seen trucks going 150 Km/h and more... You've seen some stupid and crazy truck drivers. Who will eventually lose their licenses, their jobs or even their lives and can end up in jail if they cause damage to others. Some people jumping off a cliff doesn't mean that jumping off a cliff is a normal or a good thing. Real and normal is what most people do, not the 1% of lunatics that appear in the news or in Youtube "Crazy drivers" videos from time to time. EDIT: This being said, NO, I don't think that TMP will or should bring back any higher limits than the ones we have now. Whoever wants to drive faster than 110 Km/h - 80 mph can use the arcade servers, that's what they were opened for.
  8. @[VIVA] HolyvisionMany. With World of Trucks jobs, you can only do 90 Km/h in ETS2 or 65 mph in ATS, the server limit is 110 Km/h in ETS2 and 80 mph in ATS, some people can't have others overtaking them, they feel "defeated", it would seem, so they don't even think about anything other than going as fast as they can. Also, with regular jobs, you crash, you can load an autosave from some seconds before and it's like the crash never happened. With World of Trucks jobs, you crash and you are screwed, loading autosaves doesn't work and if you tipped your vehicle and use F7, the job is lost. This is also a deterrent for people who drive full speed and are more likely to suffer "accidents". Me, I only do WoT jobs, I like that they are logged automatically in my WoT profile, that I need to be more careful to avoid damage, real time instead of game time means that I can even do "sleep stops" while in a job... It looks to me that it's more "simulation" with these jobs, instead of the so common TruckersMP's players: "Full speed, crash, load an autosave, full speed again, OMG, I lost time with that crash... Get out of my way!"
  9. The game has its own tutorial. It's quite simple, but with that and the initial Quick job, it should be enough for new players to learn at least the basics. Whoever doesn't feel comfortable has single player to practice all they want before joining MP. The problem is that most new players don't want that. They want a cheated profile, get the biggest truck, the biggest trailer, fill them with lights and the most accessories possible and drive full speed. Because that's what they saw and liked in the most popular Youtube videos. Even without tutorials, there's the "pop-up" for all new players that has the in-game rules. That's all they need to be aware of if they want to avoid problems. And guess what? Most new players will just scroll down and hit "Accept" without even thinking about reading them.
  10. Calais is just a city in the game. I've driven there and it's as enjoyable as any other, the way to the port and the ferry is quite awesome. Of course... I mean in single player. In MP, I wouldn't go there, there are so many other fine places to drive without finding a hundred of "Idiots on the road"... Even when my job makes me "switch" between the UK and the continent, I'll try to avoid that area, there are alternate ferry crossings so I'll use those.
  11. I've tried 2 of them. One convoy, years ago. I believed that my PC was quite powerful and would have no problems to handle the crowd. Launched the game, spawned in a city near the starting point for the convoy, started driving, all good. When I was entering the starting point city, the TAB list started to go crazy... 12... 29... 83... And the higher the player count, the lower my FPS, until I decided to Alt+F4. I wouldn't risk driving in such conditions. The next one was the first "Real Operations" event. This was a bit better, in regards to FPS, but I found that most people are like sheep. Too many people in the same place, stopped wherever they had spawned, asking "When does the convoy start?" People join events without reading what those events are about? Clearly yes, they do. Then I drove for a bit on one of the roads, witnessed a couple of "Real ops" incidents, where most drivers had to stop and like always, too many idiots would try to "overtake" using any gaps available. Again... Alt+F4. And decided that no more. These "crowd" events could be so fun and enjoyable, but there are too many players in TruckersMP that see it as another GTA. So I just launch the game, spawn, search the "External Contracts" market, choose one I like and drive to the destination. When finished, if I feel like driving for a bit longer, I repeat that process. My only "filters" are: Distance - I'll always try to choose a long distance job, over 1000 Km and if available, over 2000 Km. Destination - I will immediately discard jobs if the delivery city is Calais or Duisburg, unless I'm playing single. The times when I picked one without noticing, I'd disconnect way before reaching the city, to finish the job in Arcade servers or single player. It's too annoying to drive 2000 Km without a single incident only to have everything go down the toilet in an instant because of one of the so common "Idiots on the road". But TBH... I'd rather use single player lately. I can do the same as I do in MP, drive, enjoy the route, listen to some music... But in single player, I don't feel like Mad Max, driving my truck on the wasteland and only alert when some "foes" appear in my radar.
  12. Crashes. That's the real answer. There's no chance to crash other players in the Arcade servers, that's why almost no one uses them. If so many people are into simulation, why do they drive 110 Km/h everywhere? That's nothing like "simulation". And they don't go faster because the server is limited. Make the arcade servers collision-enabled and you'll see how they fill up in no time. But that would bring back the situation that TruckersMP was trying to solve with "Road to simulation" and the 110 Km/h limit, so... I'm afraid that Arcade servers will be 95% empty for a very long time.
  13. So send a proper suggestion and see what happens.
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