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  1. It's easy enough... Just by looking at the distances. The guy who hit your truck will almost always be the one closer to it. It's just watching the video, frame by frame, if needed. I can tell, I've reported people in the past whose names couldn't be seen other than in the TAB list and by explaining why "ABCD" had to be the ramming one, the report was accepted and the troll/rammer was banned. Even once, there was a truck by my side, another guy in a car rear-ended my truck and I managed to get the right player banned. The truck was closer, but in the video, it could be seen that it was the car approaching fast, hitting and disappearing afterwards. By checking the TAB in the video, it was easy to get the player's name. And the TAB list can be made almost transparent, so it doesn't "interfere" too much.
  2. That's why I always drive with the TAB window open. No matter if they come from behind and hit Alt+F4 immediately, I'll have their names (from the near players list) and will be able to find their TMPid in my logs. That situation would be a sure ban for that driver if I was the rammed one.
  3. @ilian kamenov And you added a copy/paste of my reply... Why, exactly? You don't need to copy/paste other users' replies to post yours. And it's always better to use "quote" instead of copy/paste. Don't you see that by doing that, your reply makes no sense? First sentence, you seem to be against the suggestion, second sentence, you seem to be in favor...
  4. This is a well known issue. In MP, fatigue simulation is disabled, so players don't get tired because of driving. The only way you get tired is when you teleport (to another home garage, to the repair station, using ferries, etc.) and even then, it's impossible to get the "dozing" effect you see in SP. But those same teleporting methods make the game to synchronize your profile with the server's time, so even when you don't see it, it's when your workers jobs are also synchronized. Imagine you have 100 workers, each one of them with their own trucks. You stop playing for a couple of days. When you return to MP, those 100 workers have been doing jobs all of the time (server time never stops). Forcing a synchronization by sleeping, teleporting or using ferries will make your game to calculate and give you all the money that those workers earned while you were away. With enough hired drivers, it's easy to make hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of cash in just a few days.
  5. En los foros no conseguirás nada. Hay dos formas de reportar a otros jugadores, desde dentro del juego, con la ventana del TAB, haces clic con el botón derecho para habilitar el cursor, seleccionas al jugador en la lista y das a Report. Por desgracia, este método falla la mayoría de las veces por "time out". Hay demasiados reportes en el servidor y los GM no dan abasto. La segunda opción es usar el sistema de la web, https://truckersmp.com/reports/create, aquí tienes que dar más información. El ID 324 que mencionas, por ejemplo, no sirve de nada. Es necesario el ID de TruckersMP del jugador, que es único para cada usuario. Para verlo, puedes usar el chat dentro del juego, dando a /pinfo ID (este sí es el ID que mencionas, por lo que tendrías que hacer /pinfo 324 para ver la identificación única de ese jugador). También puedes ver el TMPID en la ventana de reportes usando el TAB. Finalmente, para algo como lo que comentas, una captura de pantalla no sirve como prueba, necesitarás vídeo en el que se muestre cómo el otro jugador te chocó. Para eso hay distintas opciones, lo más fácil es que tires de Google con "Gameplay recording software". nVidia tiene Share incluido en su paquete GeForce experience, AMD tendrá algo parecido y luego hay otros programas independientes de la GPU que te permiten grabar vídeos de tus partidas, Overwolf, Action!, incluso páginas de Streaming que te permiten guardar vídeo como Twitch o plays.tv. Tendrías que probar y ver cuál te va mejor. EDIT: Otra cosa... En los foros y subforos en general, solo se permite usar el idioma inglés. Para escribir lo que sea en español, tendrías que ir al subforo en español: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/24-spanish-discussion/ donde, como puedes ver, hay distintas secciones y resulta más evidente dónde debe ir cada cosa.
  6. As of late, I've been driving the Pink Ribbon event trailers and doing short jobs, to get the event finished sooner. Now that I completed it, I plan on keeping the DLC paintjob, hauling the pink ribbon trailers, but going back to what I like: Long hauls, from Southern France to Scandinavia, then to Italy, from there to the Baltics, maybe next the UK... I drive WoT jobs only, so I simply sort the list by "Price per distance" and choose the first one I find with more than 1000-1500 Km.
  7. That would be worse than the former EU#2. TMP changed the servers to avoid what was happening in EU#2 almost all of the time, now you think that they would re-open a server like EU#2 used to be, but without speed limits? No way.
  8. You are giving the main reason for the server to be full. And also the main reason for it to NOT be full. Lots of new roads, towns, scenery, will make many players want to use that server. But the need to own all SCS map expansions and the 2500 players limit in such a huge mileage will make many others to not even think about it. There would be a big chance, like you say, to drive for hours and not see anyone else. I believe that this is not what most MP players look for when they join. What most players want is to drive around many others, and this is always easier in the base map, that everyone has to own, and in the server with most slots, that will still be, from what I understand, Simulation 1.
  9. Surely many people will switch to the promods server, but like you say, many others don't have all map DLCs, which is a must to play ProMods. Those who want and can will probably buy those DLCs they are missing, others simply won't. And there will be others, like myself, that will keep playing in the regular server because of World of Trucks jobs, that won't be supported in ProMods server. So what I believe is that there will be less people, but the server won't be dead, if only because it will keep being the biggest one. Biggest server (4200 player slots) means more players can join and in the end, that's what most people look for when playing MP... Being with lots of other players, ProMods or not, speed limits or not, etc.
  10. There was another difference, EU#1 had 2300 player slots, EU#2 had 4200. Now, Simulation 1 has 4200, Arcade has 2300. Players don't play MP for the speed, or for crashing into others, they play MP to be around other players, and clearly, it's more likely to be around others when you are in the biggest and most crowded server. That's the main reason why EU#2 was full and EU#1 wasn't, that's the main reason why now Simulation 1 has most of the players, even those who are unhappy with the speed limits. On-Topic, opening a server like EU#2 used to be, with 150 Km/h speed limits and collisions is a no-go, it's been said lots of times by TMP staff. To some people, it was totally OK, to many others, it was unbearable. The number of daily reports was huge, meaning that most people wasn't so happy. They changed this into the "Road to simulation". And apparently, most people now are happy in Simulation 1 server. They have an adequate speed of 110 Km/h if they want to drive fast and they don't have lots of reckless others doing 150 Km/h everywhere and crashing into everything in their way. It's easy to say "I could drive at 150 and cause no problems", but what about those other hundreds of players who only wanted to drive at 150 Km/h and didn't care if they caused problems? That's what the "Road to simulation" is meant to solve. Not the few players who can drive fast and safe, but the hundreds who can't (or won't).
  11. Download server having problems? I get timeouts when I start the launcher and also if I try to download it again from the site. Checked and restarted both router and PC and nothing helped.

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    2. FernandoCR [ESP]

      FernandoCR [ESP]

      Timeouts when trying to download... I couldn't even download it, nothing to do with corrupted files. It seems that it was my PC acting odd, Steam was stuck as well. Restarted again and everything seems to be running OK now. Thanks for the try, anyway ;)

    3. Granite


      I just had very strange experience while driving on ETS2 SIM#1 server. Everything looked normal, untill I press tab button and see my ping is around 300 and it jumps constantly to crazy values - highest number I remember was almost 7000 )seriously. Normally my ping is btw 20 to 50. Strangest thing is, that nothing seemed wrong, people I was passing by were not lagging, and I was not auto kicked. I was on about 200km WoT job, and other people also had high pings (not that crazy high as mine), so I thought it's the sever going bonkers, but at my destination there were only 2 players with normal pings (50 to 70). I finished up my contract, synchronizing with WoT server took like one minute, and the same when logging off. I restarted my PC, installed some window updates, and I will see if it's back to nomal later.

    4. hz.sado


      Good Games FERNANDO :))

  12. Remnant: From the ashes. Diablo 3 (for the 18th season more than anything else). Dark Souls (the whole trilogy, only just started the first one, remastered version). Some Android games, mainly Basketball Stars from Miniclip... Some hidden objects games from Windows store... And some all-time classics: Solsuite Solitaire, Kyodai Mahjongg, Virtual Pool 4... It depends on how much time I want to spend playing. For long sessions, TMP or any of the 3 first games on the list, for just a relaxed moment, any of the others.
  13. Por lo que veo en la imagen ya mandaste la apelación. Aparte de que el tiempo de baneo ya terminó (según se ve en tu perfil de TruckersMP). Pero si te vuelve a suceder algo parecido, dos consejos: Primero, intenta mandar la apelación en inglés (si no tienes suficiente nivel, quizá algún amigo que sí lo tenga pueda ayudar con la traducción) porque todos los GM tienen que entender inglés, mientras que solo dos o tres entienden español. Una apelación en español tardará más tiempo en ser atendida, a menos que el GM que te puso el ban sepa español, porque en el caso más normal, tendrá que pedir que le traduzcan esa apelación y eso lleva tiempo. Segundo, asegúrate de ver y comprender los motivos por los que te banearon. Si en el ticket de baneo no hay un enlace a un vídeo, pide en la apelación que lo pongan, es imposible defenderse si uno no sabe de qué le están acusando. Una vez conozcas esos motivos, intenta explicar en la apelación por qué deberías ser perdonado, pero con motivos válidos. Por ejemplo, a mi me pusieron un ban por un choque en el que el GM entendía que yo era el culpable. En mi apelación, con mi propio vídeo, expliqué que yo no había cambiado de carril, que era el otro conductor el que había invadido mi carril causando el choque. El baneo fue eliminado de mi cuenta al comprobar que yo estaba en lo cierto. Pero que hayas comprado el juego en Steam no es motivo para que te quiten el baneo. Todo jugador de TMP (incluidos los trolls) tiene el juego comprado en Steam (o en cualquier otro sitio, pero asociado a una cuenta de Steam) y eso no significa que tengan carta blanca para hacer lo que quieran. Comprar el juego da derecho a jugar, si, pero solo en single player. En TMP hay una serie de normas que no existen en SP y que hay que respetar.
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