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  1. Most accident causers on C-D are the scouts?!

    It's and endless and pointless debate. Most accidents are NOT caused by cars. Most accidents are NOT caused by trucks. ALL accidents are caused by drivers. Guns don't kill people, it's people with guns who kill people.
  2. Do you follow real traffic rules?

    Maybe the signs are wrong... But they are there. The problem is not the signs, it's the people who don't care about them and drive as if they have always the priority.
  3. Allow fatigue simulation

    @BadWolf1 Teleporting works usually to reset the market. And it's the only thing that will make the fatigue increase in MP, if you teleport several times, like from a home office to another one, to the repair station, using ferries, etc. you will see that the fatigue indicator (the small bed icon) starts filling in blue. That will let you rest again, for 3 times, before receiving the message that "you are not tired". But the suggestion to add this feature was aimed to let it be an option, so it would not be forced on every players' settings, but only available to those who decide to enable it. This way, there would be no valid excuses about "my screen went black", the players who enable it should be careful to rest before reaching that point and would be held accountable if they aren't and cause an accident.
  4. Do you follow real traffic rules?

    That last question brought to my mind something that I've been believing for quite some time. How so many people seem to not understand the "speed limit" concept. Many think that if the server is limited at 110 Km/h (like EU#1), driving at 110 Km/h is "following the speed limits". Some think that since WoT jobs are limited at 90 Km/h, it's OK to drive a WoT job doing 90 Km/h all the way along. Not me. If the road I'm driving on has a 60 Km/h speed limit, that will be my maximum speed (most of the time, at least). If I'm hauling a "High Power Cargo pack" trailer, my max speed will be 70 Km/h, no matter the road's speed limit. This is the way I like it and I don't care if others feel annoyed when they find my truck doing 60-70 on a narrow road where they don't dare overtaking, it's their problem, not mine. Sometimes, I get rammed by impatient reckless overtakers but still, it's their problem. Shadowplay is my friend!
  5. How many miles do you have on your truck?

    I had to start from scratch with a new Scania R2012 after messing up my previous one in a pathetic attempt of save-editing (yes, I'm that clumsy). This "new" one, that I've been using almost exclusively since then, is around 210000 Km (130000 miles). But before this, I've had lots of other trucks, my main profile has over 1.4 million Km.
  6. New Country Bar?!

    I don't really see the need, other than when crossing from/to the UK. In this case, even when there are signs reminding people that they need to drive on the left/right side of the road, many players just don't see them (most probably because they don't pay attention to any signs), so some kind of warning, like those when you enter/exit a city would be lot more difficult to miss: "You entered the UK, remember to drive on the left" "You left the UK, remember to drive on the right". But for every cities? IMO it's pointless, there are enough indications to know where you are and what city is next ahead. Unless the coding is so easy that it wouldn't take much time, I'd prefer that the developers stay focused in more important features.
  7. Most accident causers on C-D are the scouts?!

    I'd say that most "accidents" are caused by idiots who drive way over their own skills. They can be adults, kids, men, women, any nationalities, they can drive trucks or cars. When I find one on the roads, I don't ask about age, gender or country of origin. I don't care if he/she is driving a car or a truck. They go safely, I'm happy, they hit my truck, I'm not happy and I make sure that they won't be happy either some days later.
  8. Parking in drop yards

    In the end, it's the same thing as with traffic lights, traffic jams and speeding. Most people don't play MP to have a glimpse of what a truck driver job is like, they just play it like any other "wheel-based" games. Racing. They seem to be always in a hurry, they can't stop, they can't wait and even less if it's in a non-collision zone. Personnally, I try to wait until the spot is clear, park and release my trailer and move away as soon as I'm done. But... That's just me and a small bunch of other players. Others, most of them, don't care about anything else than doing their thing and doing it fast.
  9. How did the truck administrator apply

    Meaning no offense, but the way you phrased the question makes me think that you'll need to improve your English. A lot. And there are other requirements, time since registration, activity within the community. Work on those things and your chances to be chosen will increase. Right now, I'd suggest that you don't waste your time.
  10. ^^ I could do that. But with no one else around, it made no sense to cut the guy off when it was so easy to avoid a crash. And causing a crash by closing into the shoulder, even when it was the other guy driving wrong, could get me banned for blocking... You read @Anriandor's reply above, overtaking using the shoulder would not be bannable unless causing an accident... But in this case, it would be me the one causing the accident... I had another situation, with 2 drivers, one of them started overtaking correctly, I swerved right to leave more room, another guy was on the shoulder, we crashed. I recorded, sent the report and it was declined, arguing something like "You cut off the player who was overtaking on the shoulder, if I have to ban that player, I would have to ban you too." I was in complete disagreement, but... Better safe than sorry, I'm just a regular player and if an admin (they were still "admins" by then) tells me that it's best if I don't insist... Well, I wasn't banned, right?
  11. Released

    @AebelothAngel It happens with certain keyboard layouts. Easiest solution is to write it anywhere else, notepad for example, the "@" or your complete e-mail address and copy/paste from the notepad to the login screen.
  12. I just remembered something that happened to me just yesterday. Driving my truck on a highway, doing the 80 Km/h speed limit. Someone coming from behind, faster (of course). No one else in my TAB list. So... I'm on the right lane, there are 2 other lanes completely empty. And the moron overtook me using the hard shoulder !! Luckily, I saw it coming and did the opposite to what I stated before, instead of closing in, I swerved left into the middle lane, left the guy go and then went back to the right lane. Just an example of how stupid some people are. Lots of room to pass without breaking any rules and this braindead person had to go on the hard shoulder, probably because it was a light turn to the right and he/she needed to feel that he/she was following the optimal "racing-line"... Or may be it was just a troll, so clumsy that couldn't even succeed in ramming my truck!
  13. Released

    @AebelothAngel You seem to have an old version of the game, you need to update it with Steam. Check what I wrote before, if you used betas to downgrade previously, you'll need to disable them and update to the latest version of the game. EDIT: I just found the guide explaining what to do in case you are facing the issue with no betas enabled:
  14. Released

    @AebelothAngel I'm not sure what you mean, but if you selected any of the Betas for the game in Steam, you need to undo that, the MP is fully compatible with the latest official version of ETS2, so in the Betas tab, you need to select: None: Opt out of all beta programs. Let it update and then you will be able to play MP.
  15. @Explore Transport It happens a lot to me too, idiots who keep thinking that MP is a racing game, so they "can't" wait until the other driver finishes overtaking and go on the hard shoulder. But I usually spot them from afar, and since I have another player overtaking, I follow the rules and drive as close to the edge of the road as I can, even using the hard shoulder partially if I see that it will be safer for both the overtaker and myself (this is a real life traffic rule in Spain). With this, those idiots who try to overtake ilegally from the right have 2 options, slow down or hit my truck. Sadly, they decide most of the times for trying to squeeze where there's no room, so... Record, report and 99.9% of the times, one idiot banned for several days.