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  1. This is just because too many people don't read the site, forums or Discord, so they still don't know that Simulation 2 has 150 Km/h speed limit. They launch TMP, see that Sim1 has more players, there they go, pure routine Give it a couple of days and you will see how the current situation turns completely upside down.
  2. ^^^^ Too bad that there's no Simulation 1 for people who want to use Promods...
  3. This change is anything but progress. It's actually a regression to what TMP was before mid-2019... And yes, there's still a "Simulation" server, same as there was EU#1 back in 2019. Surely everyone from those times can remember how it was like to drive in EU#1. But it's even worse now, because in 2019, SCS Convoy didn't exist. Many of the "hardcore simulation" players left TMP when Convoy was released, some others have left after this change or are planning to do it, and I doubt that they will come back now, so Simulation 1, as soon as word about Simulation 2 spreads wide enough, will most likely be even emptier than EU#1 used to be back then.
  4. Simulation 1 hasn't changed, true. Why not? If a new server with 150 Km/h speed limit was going to be opened, why not change Sim1 to 90 Km/h limit, as many people had asked? But this is not the main issue here. Adding Simulation 2 server is, as clearly stated in the OP, "going back to basics", namely, "the times of EU#1 and EU#2". And everyone who was in TMP at the time, knows what it means. And it's nothing like threatening. Back in 2019 I'd already stopped using TMP because I found it completely unsatistying for what I wanted. Now, TMP went back to what it used to be, I've just done what I already did back then. What would be the point of threatening, unless we had a good enough leverage? And clearly, we (the ones who like to simulate) have anything but that. Why threaten with something that TMP seems to not care about? Once again, "back to the basics". Simulation 1, now that Simulation 2 has been opened, is the same as EU#1 used to be and EU#1 used to be dead. If Arcade server was (and will remain) dead, then clearly "the community" did not care about speed, right? Same logic applies. The difference, anyone who wants to play simulation style can do so in Simulation 2 (formerly known as EU#2) and follow the road rules, speed limits, etc. Those who have been whining for years to get EU#2 back couldn't play "their style" in Simulation 1 and yet, they stayed there and kept whining. Because their style is not just speed... It's speed with collisions (Funny moments/Idiots on the road videos should be a good example) and enough protection in case things go wrong (enforced rules to report others) but not too harsh in case things go wrong the other way (more leniency in the punishment in case they are banned). Whining worked, it would seem, since they got what they wanted
  5. FYI, we are in 2023. And also FYI, most of those who criticise are doing it precisely because we have experienced 2018/2019.
  6. I already uninstalled TruckersMP from my PC. Not considering about deleting my account, but mostly because of lazyness, just in case things go really "back to basics" and the staff see that 150 Km/h + Collisions is as bad now as it used to be (or way worse, with the permabans for repeat offenders and ban evaders gone).
  7. Soooo... My hasty and baseless assumptions ended up being predictions. Goodbye, Road to Simulation, welcome back EU#1 and EU#2. If the server names were also changed to what they used to be, it would be perfect. It doesn't make a lot of sense calling Simulation to a place where 99% of the people will be driving trucks at 150 Km/h...
  8. When you want to complain about a staff member, you send a feedback to their team manager. It's pretty simple, actually, so I don't see why this new category should be added. It would only make things harder and slower, because someone would need to check every ticket there and forward it to the corresponding department.
  9. No need, IMO. Don't get banned and you won't need to worry about expiration or deactivation dates. Specially if one wants to join the staff, which is (or should be) the best reason to be extra-careful.
  10. October 2008. Can't say for sure, it was too long ago, but I believe that I opened the account because the game I wanted, "S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky" was not available in any stores.
  11. Definitely, Iberia. Not that I could be biased, of course
  12. 1. Nickname: FernandoCR [ESP] 2. TruckersMP ID: 9474 3. Member since: 15 Nov 2014 02:09
  13. In the game, I wouldn't know, I follow the posted limits, never worried or even tried to go faster than 110 Km/h (and this, only in Romanian highways). In TruckersMP Simulation servers, all trucks are equally fast, 110 Km/h tops. And in Arcade servers, I wouldn't know either because I don't use it. Once, long ago, I ran a test, because people were saying that Arcade was limited at 150 Km/h and I wanted to confirm my belief of it having no speed limits. I managed to get up to 163 Km/h using a Volvo classic model, all other trucks I tried could barely reach 150 Km/h on flat surface. You could run the same test in the Arcade server and find out for yourself, a cheated profile with lots of money and XP so you can buy all trucks/models with the top upgrades and some time, that's all you'd need.
  14. I did mention "Not saying that IMO the permanent bans for hacking should be removed", so I won't be making any suggestions. But thank you for your reply. I can only guess that if there have been (or there are currently) "internal discussions" related to what I said, I'm not the only one who thought about it. And probably not the only one who thinks that in a near future, the permanent bans issued for hacking will also be changed to temporary. Again, not saying that I'd be happy if it happens, it's quite the opposite, in fact, but that's just me. Surely lots of people would be happy enough to compensate for the unhappy ones.
  15. For the same logic in these statements, why not change the permanent ban to 90 days for people who used hacks? Someone who used hacks in 2015 could have a completely new mindset now. Many players who used hacks never read the rules, they probably just saw some Youtube videos and thought that it was funny (and allowed) to use hacks. This could be seen as " lack of malicious intent" too. Someone who evaded their ban is breaking the rules AGAIN, it's not their first offense, obviously. Someone who used hacks and was banned, got "their license permanently revoked in their first offense". Not saying that IMO the permanent bans for hacking should be removed. Only that, according to some opinions, it could seem more reasonable to remove the bans for hacking than to remove the ones for "ban evading".
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