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  1. Time to BAN cars

    Admins won't ask. There's a rule, no doubles outside Scandinavia, if you drive them down to continental Europe, you'll be kicked or banned if you're seen by an admin or reported with evidence by any other user. EDIT: You have two servers now where you can drive without being bothered by cars, so trying to use bad car drivers as an excuse to "escape" from Scandinavia with doubles is pointless.
  2. How to enable winter mod

    Check the date... The topic was opened in December 2016, as the Winter mod is only available in Winter time, it's summer now in Europe and that's why you can't activate it (in multiplayer).
  3. Admins?

    ^^ Check this out: That's one of the entry points. If you meet the requirements, apply. If you're selected, you'll be "trial support", you can show there your aim to help others and if you do it right, you have the chance to be promoted to full support and eventually, maybe in-game administrator. Keep in mind that being an IGA is not just flying in freecam mode kicking or banning people, IGA's work is a lot more demanding and at times, even frustrating. They are the target of all angry players that were banned, have to spend lots of their free time reviewing evidence, web reports, ban appeals, etc. And all of this, without receiving a single cent...
  4. Cant Find Truckersmp ID

    There you are https://truckersmp.com/user/615342 You can use the website search to try the name (you can see the name in your video). If there are multiple users with that name, best thing is to search the "log_spawning" file in \Documents\ETS2MP\logs. Open the file corresponding to the day you want to check and you can search by name or the server ID.
  5. ¿Como poner un Tag + color?

    @[EXP ARG]Martin 42[35][ARG] - Para poner el TAG en vertical, solo tienes que abrir un bloc de notas, escribir una letra en cada línea (para que el nombre/tag quede vertical) y luego hacer copy/paste a la casilla correspondiente en el juego.
  6. Another Server like EU2

    ^^ Best reason to NOT add another server. There are more "car-enabled" servers than "car-forbidden" ones. -1 from me.
  7. Server Config Changes

    What's wrong with having a variety of options to use? There's EU#1, no cars, speed limits. EU#2, cars allowed, no speed limits and the biggest capacity for players. Eu#3, in this trial mode, no cars and no speed limits. EU#4, full map NCZ. People who want a realistic gaming experience, not bothered by cars, Eu#1, people who want the full package, EU#2, people who don't like being trolled by cars but don't want to have their speed limited, EU#3. It seems to me very selfish to reject changes because you don't like them, you still have the server with the options you like, be it EU#1, EU#2 or EU#4, so how about showing a little respect to others whose tastes are different than yours? In fact, it would be perfect (IMO) if we could have another server, with cars allowed and speed limits, something like 100 Km/h max for trucks, 150 Km/h max for cars (actually, this would be IMO the most realistic server). This is where the new server I was talking about would be perfect. Serious convoys should never go faster than 80 Km/h. No truck can go or accelerate as fast as the Scout car, no truck has the 20 tons weight of the Scout car. There were trolls long before there were cars, and there will always be trolls, but instead of a surface-surface rocket, they'd have to use a regular truck. If you like cars so much, maybe you're playing the wrong game... Euro TRUCK simulator, American TRUCK simulator.
  8. Maximum Speed for cars

    ^^ Differences: The car can go 200+ Km/h, no trucks can reach that speed. Cars weight is 20 tons, more than double of any trucks' weight. So, yes, it's different. But setting speed limits to cars is absurd, why should cars be limited to say, 150 Km/h when some trucks can do 170 Km/h even with a heavy trailer? That would make sense in EU#1, but since cars are forbidden in that server, pointless again. The only soultions: Play in EU#1 server to be free from cars, EU#4 to be free of collisions or use a no-damage mod/trainer to avoid any damages to your vehicle in any server.
  9. Why can't I drive the Scout in a server?

    It's not only the police skin, you'll also be kicked if your car has police beacons, blue leds, etc. Those are "admins-only" accesories. Try removing all or even selling your car and buying another one, no customization and see if that works.
  10. Editing the TMP ID in web reports

    +1 from me (obviously). Would give rep point if I could, thanks for opening the suggestion.
  11. Released

    @felipesantos50[COL] - ¿Te da algún mensaje cuando te desconecta? Desconexiones del servidor pueden ser por tener el ping demasiado alto (por encima de 600 ms) o por otros problemas en tu conexión. A menos que estés intentando utilizar un coche en el servidor EU#1 (no se permiten coches) o que el coche, en cualquier otro servidor, tenga accesorios de policía (solo los admins pueden usarlos). @jameswelch11 - Only admins can be cops, to become an admin you need to follow a process to enter the team first, and from there, work your way up until (maybe) you are promoted to IGA (In Game Administrator). See this topic: To use a pilot car there are no requirements, you just go to a dealer, select the car and customize it with the Pilot paintjob and beacons.
  12. agree with you if the website reporting system should add a feature that allows users to delete reports they submit if they find out it's a wrong report

    I mean, the user has the right to delete the report they submitted before the administrator has processed the report


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mircea_CeL_BatraN


      i've always wanted this..to delete reports.. we need to make bad reports disappear..and to sync good reports..sync for admins too..

    3. Chinezen


      I wonder if someone has made this suggestion

      If not, we should put forward such a proposal

    4. heyhococo


      Still not moved to "open for discussion" yet :(

  13. New Report scoring

    What about mistaken/duplicated reports? I mean, suppose I send a report and notice right away that I misstyped the TruckersMP id. I can edit that report with a comment asking for it to be disregarded, but can't delete it, maybe there should be an option to delete own reports if you realize that they have a mistake or are duplicated? I'm asking this because I have 8 pending reports (2 available to send) and one of them is duplicated (my internet link made weird things and the report was sent twice). Edited both, one with "Disregard", the other to include extended information, but they still count as 2...
  14. A realism server

    ^^ I got that, but still wrong. Most people playing TruckersMP go too fast, don't respect any actual road rules. That's not "wanting a realistic experience". Unless in their countries, that's the way people drive actually. I can only speak from my experience and in Spain you don't see many trucks going faster than 80 Km/h.
  15. A realism server

    I'm sorry to say this, but you're wrong. Most of the people playing TruckersMP don't want a realistic server, that's why EU#2 is a lot more popular than EU#1. I try to drive in a realistic way, following speed limits, obbeying the signs, traffic lights, etc. and all I see is people overtaking like rockets, running red lights, not yielding, etc. I honestly get astonished when I find someone else following the speed limits., for instance. ON TOPIC: Currently, EU#1 is the most realistic you get, most people there drive as it's meant to be, and because of the speed limits and the prohibition of cars, almost no trolls go there.