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  1. Por procesador y memoria, está bien, pero esa GPU es inferior en rendimiento a la mínima recomendada (GTX660), por lo tanto es normal que a nivel gráfico lo notes. Tendrás que reducir las opciones para que TMP vaya más o menos bien e incluso más si tienes planeado moverte en las zonas con gran cantidad de jugadores.
  2. ^^ You could say that, yes. But it's what the majority of the players wanted. So it's what the TMP staff decided to give them. The minority can use empty servers, drive on empty roads or quit TMP and use single player. This has been the official answer for a long time now.
  3. No need. The solution is simple and has been posted lots of times, referencing this quarry road or the C-D one in the base map: You don't like the conditions on that road, drive somewhere else...
  4. They will probably have no other choice than to change it, at first. Then, depending on how "the majority" reacts, those changes will be "adapted". Just my guess, of course.
  5. You can always instruct the convoy participants via text, although it's not the best idea (I'm against texting while driving), but being the only option you have and that everyone (or almost) is doing it most of the time, it should be OK, as long as you are cautious while texting.
  6. I don't like those people who only play to drive up and down the same road recording and reporting. But if you are worried about them, the solution is simple: drive somewhere else, there's a lot of map and other servers. When someone complains about the toxic players who are continuously breaking the rules on the C-D road, that's what everyone else give them: "Go away from the C-D area". I can see how this "suggestion" could be helpful to lower the "rec/rep" toxicity, but I also see that it would be even more helpful to raise the "F*** the rules" toxicity. And as a joke, it's not bad, actually (December 28th is in Latin countries like "April fools day" in other countries).
  7. So, from what I understand, it would be needed to add a new server exclusively for this map, same as it happens with Promods. I doubt that it's worth it to spend time and resources opening a server unless lots of people would be willing to use it on a daily basis. And I doubt that many TMP players would want to do this.
  8. You placed the mod in the wrong folder. The way you put it, it will work in single player but not in TMP. For it to work in TMP, it needs to be stored in \Documents\ETS2MP\mod or \Documents\ATSMP\mod. You can simply copy/paste from the current location to the TMP one and then you can use it both when you play in TMP and when you play single.
  9. We've seen many times "I deleted my account by mistake"... That math problem should make it almost impossible to "delete the account by mistake".
  10. There are no drivable cars in ETS2 or ATS, so I can't see how this suggestion could be SCS related. The Scout and the alternating vehicles are done and maintained by TruckersMP staff, it's up to them to tweak these vehicles as deemed necessary.
  11. The mistake was to only add Sim 2 as EU#2 used to be but not change Sim1 to what EU#1 used to be. If they had lowered the speed limit in Sim1 to 90 Km/h and removed cars, things would be completely different now...
  12. I also doubt that TMP would fake the results, because as you say, they wouldn't need to, but it was a possibility, so I mentioned it. I get your point, really. That was one of my main concerns when I saw the "Back to basics" post, that lots of people would switch to Simulation 2 and the Moderation work would skyrocket. Because that's what the results clearly suggested that would happen. But it didn't, that's why I'm so confused with this. 80% people want a server configuration, they get it and less than 10% of people switch to that server. "There are more players in Simulation 1" is a pretty lame excuse, because being a clear majority, it should have been easy to make Simulation 2 a lot more crowded than any other servers. So I can only think that these "speeders" that voted for Simulation 2 to happen are mostly... Not very clever people.
  13. If you check the results in this survey: https://truckersmp.com/blog/288 You can see that out of 8912 participants, 80% (approx.) wanted a server with speed limits higher than 110 Km/h and only 20% (approx.) wanted 110 Km/h or lower speed limits. This is nothing like 1500 vs.2500, it's more like 7130 (faster than 110 Km/h) vs. 1782 (110 Km/h or slower). Even if most of those 7000+ players had changed their minds seeing that Simulation 2 was too chaotic and dangerous, this would have happened after some days/weeks using it. But SImulation 2 has NEVER had more players than Simulation 1, unless Simulation 1 had an outage, leaving Simulation 2 as the only available "simulation" server, but afterwards they'd switch back to Simulation 1, leaving Simulation 2 nearly empty again. Why? It doesn't make any sense. Simulation 2 was opened based on that survey's results. Because it was what THE MAJORITY had asked for. Its population SHOULD be 4x times bigger than Simulation 1's. Where did those more than 7000 players go? Did they just decide to leave massively when they got what they had asked for? Did they lie in their answers to the survey, saying that they wanted more speed when they actually didn't? (and why would they do this?). Unless... The results of the survey were rigged by many "speeders" with multiple accounts sending multiple answers to inflate the result they wanted. Or faked by TruckersMP to have an excuse and open a server that in fact, only a minority of the players really wanted. Just some questions that I have been asking myself (and not only myself) since "Back to basics" happened. And that remain unanswered.
  14. For years, lots of people complained about the 110 Km/h speed limt and asked for a 150 Km/h (or higher) speed server. They got it. But they don't use it. Instead, many keep complaining about being limted at 110 Km/h. The only explanation I can think of is the same as what Granite mentioned above.
  15. Pros, from my POV, everything. Cons... It will probably never happen. Because anything that could threaten the current status quo (as in TMP = C-D mayhem compilation) would be immediately rejected by the majority. And what the majority wants, the majority gets.
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