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  1. FernandoCR [ESP]


    @MattTM Wrong. What SCS changed is the maximum, it used to be 1.0 and now it is 0.5. In previous versions, the default value was 0.5, but many people would just change it with the Options slider to be at max. (1.0). I guess that the change has respected the previous values as long as they were 0.5 or lower. People who had it higher than 0.5 have simply had it resetted to this new maximum.
  2. EU#3 is the same as EU#2 but without cars and less capacity. EU#4 is the same as EU#2 but with non-collision mode all over the map. There are little people in those servers because of these differences. Anyone who wants to drive a car will not go to EU#3. No collision means that in EU#4, players can drive through others and almost no one likes that. But of course, with a truck, you can do jobs in EU#3 or EU#4 exactly as you would do in EU#2. With a car, you can also do "Caravan jobs" in EU#4. The chances to complete the job without damage to your truck or trailer will be a lot higher in those servers. And the chances that you will see almost no one else during your drive are also a lot higher.
  3. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Our own trailer with external contract

    You can see 4 different "markets" in the game: 1 - Quick jobs 2 - Freight market 3 - Cargo market 4 - External contracts If you want to drive with your own trailer, the only chance you've got is to go to the "Cargo market". If you want to do WoT jobs, you need to go to "External contracts". As of now, it's one or the other, there's no option yet to do "External Cargo contracts", but I guess that SCS is probably working on it. In fact, in this post, they say that exactly (although I don't know how much we can trust the source).
  4. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Trade Connection Germany event.

    @CanKappa Just a few minutes ago, SCS published an update. The goal was set so the event would take weeks instead of some days like previous ones. With this, more people will be able to participate. And they have removed the 300 Km minimum distance for the community goal.
  5. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Who wants vans?

    @[ST-I] Flying Cat I can't say for sure, but I'm afraid that SCS would encounter the same problems that TMP found when the car was modelled. The game's physics were built for trucks. People see a car and expect it to be handled like a car, but it's a truck with a car skin, that's why the handling can seem so weird. Adding different vehicles, even by SCS, would mean changing the physics model of the base game and I don't see this happening, let's not forget that it's Euro/American Truck Simulator. But it's true that vans make more sense in the game than cars. In the end, vans are small rigid trucks and are used mostly for transporting goods. I'd be happy if SCS added new drivable vehicles, because there would be kind of a guarantee that they would be well done. But mods... Not so sure. I tried the Scout when it came out, then again when it was recently re-worked... Didn't like it and didn't see any reasons to drive it. To me, the game is about driving trucks to haul cargo trailers. A car with a caravan is nothing like that. Even when those are the best paid jobs in the freight market
  6. FernandoCR [ESP]

    mala conduciones

    El tema de los convoys es distinto. Si alguien organiza un convoy tal como se requiere, con un número mínimo de participantes, etc. es posible incluso pedir que se habilite un servidor especial, exclusivamente para el evento. O pedir presencia de moderadores que acompañen al convoy para evitar dentro de lo posible que los trolls lo destrocen. Eso de que "Un youtuber tiene admin", lo siento, pero es falso. Nadie tiene "admin" por que sí. Un youtuber, por famosillo que sea, solo conseguirá llevar moderadores en sus convoys si cumple con los requisitos, igual que cualquier otro jugador. Sobre lo de hacer rutas y agregarme al Steam, lo siento, pero apenas juego ya al TMP (ando más en SP) y cuando conecto, solo me muevo en el servidor EU#1, para hacer uno o dos trabajos de World of Trucks. El tema de Steam lo tengo completamente cerrado (en el sentido de que ya no acepto solicitudes) porque en el pasado aceptaba a cualquiera y me he llevado más de un disgusto.
  7. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Trade Connection Germany event.

    @irarock Read @Axorell message. The jobs have to FROM Germany to 10 different countries (not cities), TO Germany from 10 different countries, or a combination of both. Example: France to Germany - 1 Germany to UK - 2 UK to Germany - Doesn't count because this "route" is already done. Poland to Germany - 3 Germany to Italy - 4 And so on. Remember that it's 10 different COUNTRIES. A common mistake can be to understand CITIES instead and think that Reims - Koln and then Duisburg - Calais should count as 2 jobs. They don't, because both are France - Germany. I did all of them, 5 one day, 5 the next day, by teleporting outside of Germany to the closest countries: France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Austria, etc. Sorting the jobs list by "Shortest route" and picking the first one I saw with more than 300 Km The only way that a job won't count is if you already delivered to/from that country (as Germany-UK and UK-Germany in my example) or if the route is shorter than 300 Km. I've completed all WoT events similar to this so far and never had problems of jobs not counting if they met the requirements.
  8. FernandoCR [ESP]

    mala conduciones

    @djspumout Simplemente está diciendo que movió tu tópico a la sección de Ayuda en español de los foros, ya que en la sección general (Help) que es donde lo pusiste, solo se permiten mensajes en inglés. Si no puedes comunicarte en inglés, siempre es mejor ir a la sección en español, donde no tendrás problemas de idioma y hay gente con la experiencia y los conocimientos para ayudarte en lo que necesites. Respecto al problema, EU#2 es el servidor con más jugadores, el que más gente nueva atrae y eso lleva a que muchos de esos jugadores sean trolls (cuanta más gente, más fácil encontrar víctimas), otros entran pensando que esto es un juego de carreras de camiones, otros no tienen ni la menor idea de las normas elementales de tráfico. Por todo esto, jugar en ese servidor, en hora punta y en sitios donde se juntan más de 50 jugadores (la famosa zona de Calais/Duisburg) es apostar a que te chocarán cada 2 minutos. Lo mejor, si no puedes soportar a tantos estúpidos, es usar otro servidor, aunque tenga menos jugadores, conectar a otras horas en las que hay menos gente o evitar las zonas de máximo tráfico. El chat, lo mismo que la radio CB, son la mayoría de las veces nada más que una molestia. Demasiada gente mandando tonterías a la vez, gritando, en 10 idiomas distintos... Yo al chat no le suelo hacer prácticamente caso y la radio CB la llevo apagada. Sobre lo de que te acompañe un admin, olvídalo, eso es totalmente imposible. Los "admin" (Game Moderator) están en los servidores para intentar mantener el control a nivel global, quizá con más foco en esas zonas en las que se sabe que abundan los trolls, pero nunca vas a tener uno que te haga de escolta. Lo mejor, como dije antes, es evitar las zonas problemáticas y si insistes en jugar en EU#2 y en esas zonas, tener algún software de grabación que te permita guardar en vídeo tus partidas o partes de ellas, para poder mandar reportes en la web si encuentras a algún jugador que te anda chocando, o incluso para defenderte con tu propia grabación en caso de que alguien te reporte a ti (también hay muchos idiotas que se conectan en esas zonas nada más que para "cazar" y poder reportar a cualquiera que haga cosas que parezcan ir contra las normas).
  9. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Speed Limiter

    @Sokarca73 I guess that it depends on each country. In Spain, doing 110 Km/h in a truck can make the driver to lose his/her license, so 99% percent of them will obbey the speed limits. I also guess that these differences among RL driving habits reflect in the game somehow and that's why many players from certain countries tend to drive faster than others. Myself, I follow the speed limits, both in real life and in the game, that's why I don't care if the server's limit is 90, 110, 150 or 300 Km/h, I'll never go faster than 90 Km/h.
  10. I can see 2 possible options here: 1 - You took too long while tuning the car (over 10 minutes) and the server's AFK autokick jumped in. 2 - You installed any of the Police accesories (paintjob, beacons, blue leds) and when you tried to use the car, you were kicked. Police accesories are only allowed for TMP staff to use. In any case, a kick is just a server disconnections, there's no cooldown time, so you can just launch TMP again right away. If the kick was caused because of using Police accesories, you'll need to remove those accesories before connecting to avoid being kicked again.
  11. FernandoCR [ESP] Released

    @Lord T. Hood [ger] You can change it the same way as before, just go to the options and move the slider all to the left. By the way, the stability set by SCS is now 0.5 max. You can use the in-game console to change it too: g_trailer_stability X (X can go from 0.0 to 1.5 - TMP decided to set a maximum of 1.5 instead of the base 0.5)
  12. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Truck or car?

    @Drawen Can you tell me what in my post made you feel "confused"? I'll be glad to explain it in simpler words.
  13. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Fix for trailer stability ?

    @TeamDeer I get that. Just saying that IMO, the max allowed should be the 0.5 that SCS implemented, not some arbitrary 1.5 that will only benefit the speed-fans so they can keep doing their stuff without flipping over, instead of making them be more careful. Question: Has a way for the server to know if someone changed the stability to something higher than 1.5 been implemented to perform an auto-kick? Or is it just that whatever values over 1.5 will be ignored and overridden by a server-side 1.5 maximum? (just curiosity, if it's something that can't be disclosed to the public, it's OK to not say).
  14. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Truck or car?

    @McclaudEagle Maybe because the vast majority of players use trucks instead of cars? It's like saying that there are more trolls with trucks than with cars. Obviously, if for every 1000 players, 800 are using trucks and 200 are using cars, probability laws state that there will be more trolls, reckless drivers in trucks, but also more sensible drivers. An average would be needed, like X% of truck users vs. Y% of car users are trolls or terrible drivers, and that doesn't exist AFAIK.
  15. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Fix for trailer stability ?

    Before the update, max stability without "messing" was 1.0. After 1.32, it is 0.5 Lots of people used to set it at max (1.0) so they could turn at 100+ Km/h without problems and found that after the update they couldn't anymore. Of course, lots of complaints about "bad physics" or even about "bugged physics". Anything other than recognizing their own lack of skills when driving. And now, I read that the stability can be changed up to 1.5. 50% higher than the previous maximum and 300% higher than the current one? Well... Contratz to all NFS fans, you can have your "trailer on rails" again. I'll keep with my 0.33 stability, taking 90º turns with a loaded trailer at 80 Km/h seems absurd to me.