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  1. Just let me tell you something. You probably know by now that I'm in favor of the speed limits. I've always been. I hated what MP had become and yes, EU#2 was the server of choice if you wanted to see other players around, simply because it had twice as many slots as EU#1, but it was almost unplayable for anyone doing WoT jobs, since it was almost impossible to finish one without lots of damage caused by the speeding drivers. So I sent a suggestion. In my suggestion, I proposed to change the servers into one Simulation server with 90 Km/h speed limits and 5000 slots and another one without speed limits, no collisions and 5000 slots. I reasoned that the size of the server wouldn't be an issue like before, when people would mostly use the server with a higher capacity, also that setting a 90 Km/h limit in Simulation and removing the 150 Km/h speed limit in the other one should make speeders happy to move into the latter. And by removing collisions, the number of "accidents"/reports would go down by a lot. Some time later, Road to Simulation happened. Not exactly as I had suggested, because the Simulation had 110 Km/h instead of 90 Km/h and the Arcade couldn't be made with 5000 slots (hardware limitations at the moment). No polls, no votes, no endless discussions. A suggestion, where I spoke my mind about how the MP could improve. Since then, lots of topics, polls, suggestions have been made to remove/raise the speed limits in Simulation servers or enable collisions in Arcade servers. Not a single one has succeeded. This was the point of my previous comment. And this is why I believe that this topic, just as all other ones before and the ones to come, are pointless. Maybe it's just that the TMP staff are happy with what they currently have. Maybe the reasons given to change things are not reasonable enough for them. Maybe they don't care if the speeding fans leave. I'm not the one to tell, only Staff can say why they don't want to change the current servers and the way to know is asking them. A feedback ticket addressed to the Project Managers can get you the answer.
  2. A server with those settings (no speed limits, collisions enabled and no reporting options) has been suggested and rejected. Feel free to insist, send a new suggestion or a feedback ticket with your thoughts. You may succeed where others failed. Or you may get the answers about why a no speed limits+collisions server won't happen. From authorized staff members, not from regular users. Keeping this discussion opened is pointless, no side is going to convince the other and no matter how many arguments we use against or in favor of, things won't change just because someone opened a poll and 800 people among thousands of players said that they want this or that. The way to change things is making reasoned suggestions, so the upper staff can assess what can be done and what can't. And let's not forget that it's not just what can be done, but also what the TMP staff want done. In the end, it's their mod, their servers, their rules. If they have decided to make TruckersMP with limitations, we, the users, can choose to accept those limitations and stay or not accept them and leave.
  3. You aren't doing anything wrong by driving at the speed limits, so ignore those who say that you are trolling, blocking or whatever other stupidities and that they will report you. Trolls in the game are those people who only seek to disturb others, by blocking their way, ramming their trucks, harassing players via the chat or the CB radio, etc. Like seth_haveron said, they only want attention, reactions from the other players. Best thing to do if you find one is to ignore them completely.
  4. What MadCowTransport said. Speed limits are different in each continent. In the USA, some states allow trucks to go as fast as 80 mph on highways, nowhere in Europe are trucks allowed to go that fast. The highest speed limit for trucks in Europe, AFAIK, is 100 Km/h on highways and only in Bulgaria, anywhere else the limits are 80-90 Km/h. The real question could be: If we are going towards Simulation and that's why ATSMP server limit is 80 mph, why not do the same in ETS2MP and set the server limit at 100 Km/h?
  5. I'm just saying... Someone has to be completing one job in less than 10 minutes, constantly, over 24 hours non-stop, to get those 150 jobs in a day. Who does that? And for what? If you like the game so much, you don't go looking for the shortest jobs to do as many as you can, unless it's a WoT event and there's been none that required that kind of effort. Teleporting to other cities wastes time, too, so there would be even less time for each job to be done... I'm probably wrong about this, I've never heard that the stats can be "cheated" either and can't imagine why someone would want to do that, but I simply can't believe that number.
  6. Para ponerlo en modo simple: TruckersMP comprueba la cuenta de Steam de los usuarios, para saber que tienen al menos uno de los juegos (ETS2/ATS) y qué DLCs para cada juego. Así que cualquier DLC que no esté en tu cuenta de Steam no se podrá usar en MP.
  7. Don't want to be the grumpy dwarf, but there's something hard to believe in that profile: 150 jobs in one day? That's over 6 jobs/hour, counting 24 hours. I don't believe that it's even possible to find as many short jobs that could be completed in less than 10 minutes all day around.
  8. @Random_Truck_Driver You keep trying to twist things, using a specific server, or specific dates. What I gave is a graphic of Total server usage through a period of over 2 years. Look at it however you want, make any interpretations you want, the amount of people using TruckersMP hasn't been lower in 2020 than it was in 2019. Remember what you said: There's an average of 4k players in all servers most of the day, peaking for a couple of hours at 6k players in the night (european) hours. If in all servers, the number of players is almost always above 4K and most of the time above 6K, how can those numbers be AVERAGE? But I give up. I know your type, no matter what others say, you won't accept any reasons, even if they are proven with statistics or graphics, you'll always try to turn them into a bunch of twists to make it look like you're right and everyone else is wrong. It's useless and a complete waste of time to try and convince you. People move on. It's human nature. I don't play the same games I used to play 10 years ago. 3 million registered accounts is the accumulated number since 2014, lots of people got bored and left, lots got banned and left, lots found other games and stopped playing TMP. The thing is that lots of people keep registering accounts, for more than 6 years and in a daily basis. So TruckersMP is CLEARLY not dying. Feel free to keep believing whatever you wish.
  9. In case you don't know there's a page where anyone can check the statistics from the servers. And these are the statistics that I got just 2 minutes ago: So maybe you should check it too, from time to time, instead of trying to prove your "TMP is dying" point with fake numbers.
  10. @r4p4dur4 I guess you didn't understand. I'm not blaming anyone, I'm just saying that the idea of using forced fines of lots of money won't work, because lots of people and specially the ones who don't give a **** about the rules have so much money that wouldn't give a **** about receiving fines. Do you think that trolls use MP to do jobs and get money so they can pay for repairs, more powerful trucks, better engines? You make a server that will make them pay 100 K for speeding, they have 5000 billions, do you think they'll stop speeding? Or running red lights? And even if they start running out of money at one point, it's 5 minutes of save-edit and 5000 billions again. With server-side profiles, players would be unable to cheat money. Higher forced fines for speeding, running red lights, etc. would make them have to do jobs and be sure that they won't be fined again, so they can earn money for repairs, better trucks, upgrades, etc. If you really believe that forced police is a good idea, feel free to send a suggestion. I'm telling you why it won't solve anything and the staff will probably tell you the same. It's not worth it trying something new when you know that it's not going to work.
  11. You don't need any mods, you can use External Contracts or External Cargo (if you use owned trailers) and your speed limit will be always 90 Km/h. You can activate the truck speed limiter in the MP options, same outcome. Or you can simply use cruise control with 0 Km/h tolerance, install a gearbox with retarder, set the auto-retarder option on, and when you reach the desired speed, you activate the CC and your truck will keep that speed.
  12. Just my 2 cents about the recent ideas: Cent 1 - Forcing "Police" on all players would be good for nothing. 100K fines are useless if any players can cheat their profile to have billions. And it's usually the less serious players who cheat their profiles with money and XP so they don't have to bother earning them and can have everything unlocked from scratch. Only way for this to work would be with server-sided economy and profiles, so money cheats would be impossible. And that doesn't exist, so far. Cent 2 - Autokick for crashes would be chaos. The game has actually no way to know who was at fault, I've been fined in SP because one NPC car turned into my truck. Using such an "AI" would guarantee that many players would be kicked without being at fault. Because, AFAIK, it "records" all contacts against other vehicles. You are driving, are cut off by an overtaker, your cabin is hit by the other player's trailer, the game can "understand" that you rammed the other vehicle and "tag" you as the offender. And you can be sure that the trolls would find the way to "cheat" the system and make it tag always the other person. A very easy example: Brake checking. A troll overtakes you while doing 90 Km/h, immediately merges back right in front of your vehicle and slams the brakes. You rear-end it because there's no way to avoid that. Right now, you can record video and get that guy banned. With an auto-crash-detection system, you would be kicked.
  13. It may be because of low level? If your profile is not as high a level as your friends' ones, they will be able to access jobs that require higher skill points that you may have not reached yet? Like ADR, Long-Distance, etc.
  14. How can a jammed and full of crazy drivers 2 ways road be the most efficient route when there are highways from the same origin to the same destination that only add a few Km to the run? People go there because they want, not because they need to. Some, to cause chaos, some others, to laugh at that chaos and clearly, some others to complain about that chaos. I just checked, teleported to Calais garage, set Duisburg as destination and guess what? The GPS tells me to go South, on the highway, going near Lille, Liege and Cologne. Total distance 556 Km. Changed the route so it would use the infamous "death road", total distance 491 Km. 65 Km extra, but almost always on 2-3 lanes highways. If you respect the speed limits, 50% of the C-D road is 80Km/h, another 50% is 60 Km/h, on the highways it's 90-80 Km/h. And a lot more unlikely to find jams and trolls. So even being 65 Km longer, it's also faster and safer. Whatever. I give up.
  15. I think that you don't understand how things work. There's no such thing as "The moderator who will be on the route...". GMs can be wherever they want and see every corner of the map using freecam and the teleport-to-user feature (only available for staff). For this same reason, there's no such thing as "moderator moving around the map", "running other highways", either. Having moderators to "patrol" the roads on their vehicles would be a complete waste of time and resources. Lastly, you don't seem to understand either that the C-D area is a well known and "free-to-go" area for most "Idiots on the road" and trolls, but it's also completely avoidable. You go there because you want to. With thousands of Km of roads on the map, there's no need at all to go to Calais, to Duisburg, or to use the narrow road between them, there are alternate highways and lots of other places. It's also well known and quite common that some people won't stop using that small area and won't stop complaining, asking for more moderators, for stricter vigilance, when it's only their own fault for going there instead of trying to enjoy the mostly peaceful rest of the map.
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