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  1. @KimbaKrom The AFK auto-kick can be bypassed by sending anything on the chat, there's no need to actually move your truck. A simple script can do this and there are already people using something similar to avoid being kicked while AFK, from what I've read. Setting an amount of hours as a requirement to join a server would only delay trolls for that amount of hours, new account, launch MP on a Monday morning, Wednesday they are trolling everyone. The harder you try to make a server safe, the more you make that server the target of choice for trolls. IMO, the only way to stop trolls, or at least most of them, is what McclaudEagle said, make all servers no-collisions. I don't use them, but I'm pretty sure that there are no trolls in the arcade servers. With all servers made non-collisions, those trolls who stayed would be unable to crash or block others, they'd get bored soon enough. But this was already suggested (I know because it was me who suggested it) and rejected by TruckersMP. Also, and more on-topic, like antrax737 said, the MP "environment" is way better since the 110 Km/h limit was set in the main server. I had already left because it was almost impossible to finish a long-haul job without being hit several times. Now I can drive 3000-5000 Km every single day and I'll only be hit occasionally. It's not just that speeders have a better control when driving slower, it's also that it's easier for the non-speeders to avoid being hit by taking evasive manoeuvres. If someone wants to ram your vehicle, they will, no doubt, but the "accidents" caused by speeders who can't drive straight or keep their vehicles within a lane are more easily avoided now.
  2. Truck's mileage can be so easily "cheated"... You can use save-edit, you can give a truck to one hired driver and after some time, that truck will have hundreds of thousands of Km even if you have been driving only a couple hundreds Km each day. You switch trucks after that, and you're driving a +500000 Km mileage truck. That's why I prefer to give a number that can't be cheated (or at least, I don't know how to cheat), like World of Trucks mileage. Most of what you can see in the image was done in MP: Added to this, I've been using different trucks, the most used one may be Scania Streamline with something over 260000 Km.
  3. Los trabajos de World of Trucks no funcionan bien cuando se usan mods de mapas, como Promods, por ejemplo. Estos mods cambian muchas de las zonas originales del juego, con lo que el "tracker" de WoT no puede sincronizar la posición del camión con los datos que espera recibir, por ejemplo cuando vas a usar el ferry, en algunos puntos de entrega, etc. al haber sido modificados. Esto provoca el error y el "reseteo" a la última posición sincronizada. Lo mejor es no hacer trabajos de World of Trucks en mapas modificados. Usa solo los trabajos normales y si de verdad quieres o necesitas hacer los de World of Trucks, evita usar Promods, Rusmap o cualquier otro mod de mapas.
  4. Sorry to say this, but ppl who won't stop honking and/or flashing their lights like idiots because I'm stopped at a red light. When you've been stopping at red lights your entire life, it becomes a habit and since some of us try to play the game simulating what we'd do in real life, it's only logical that we will stop at red lights, no matter the circumstances. And if there's no one to harm, they can always drive around and run the red light if they are in such a terrible hurry. No need to be annoyed or insult others.
  5. Ahora mismo puedes usar el "Autumn weather mod" que cambia bastante (creo) la oscuridad del entorno en cuanto anochece. Antes incluso de que este tipo de mods fueran usables en MP, yo lo que hice fue cambiar el nivel de Gamma (o brillo, no recuerdo exactamente) en las opciones gráficas, de manera que en las horas nocturnas, es oscuridad de verdad y no un simple "Parece que llevo puestas las gafas de sol".
  6. This is simply not true and you can see it right now, there's a server witn no speed limit at all and almost nobody is using it. Because it's not the speed, it's the collisions. What's "funny" about driving at 170 Km/h if they can't ram other players to oblivion? That's the main reason why the speeders don't use Arcade servers and keep asking for higher speed limits in the simulation ones instead, they don't want the speed unless they have the collisions too. I agree with the suggestion, and not just that. I believe that Simulation 1 should be made 90 Km/h and forced lowered stabilities, so people would need to learn that trucks can't take a 90 degrees turn at 70-90 Km/h without tipping over. My idea: Hard-Sim: Servers with 90 Km/h speed limit, forced low stabilities (even 0.0 values) in truck and trailer, lowered braking intensity, suspensions (truck and cabin) forced at 0.0 No more /fix command, you break your truck, no other choice than to use the tow service. Relax-Sim: Same as Simulation servers now, 110 Km/h, etc. Arcade: Same as now, no speed limits, no collsions, reduced set of rules. I know that with this, Relax-Sim servers would have the most players, Hard-Sim ones would be emptier and Arcade would still be almost empty, but... Why not give it a try? If we can make it so the "regular" playerbase is happy in their "Let's go 110 Km/h and let's turn as if we are driving trains instead of trucks" style servers, those who want a more simulated style could have a calmer environment in the "Drive carefully, or else..." servers. As an alternative the perfect Arcade server would be one with no speed limits and collisions but making it so people who decided to use them would need first to "Sign and accept" a rule: "When entering the server, you will be automatically banned from using the report system for 6 weeks (making it so any evidence collected there will be unusable when they can use the report system again)". Sadly, this can't be done, as TruckersMP staff themselves have stated at some point.
  7. Currently using a Logitech G27, conveniently attached to a Wheel Stand Pro. Other than this, I've used also a G29, a DFGT and a couple of different gamepads. Tried keyboard and mouse steering, but... Once you've played with a decent wheel, there's no going back. If I lost the G27 now (malfunction, hardware "death" or whatever other reasons), I'd just stop playing MP. Single player, I can handle with gamepad because I can only crash into bot traffic, but in MP it would be too much of a risk.
  8. World of Trucks' jobs don't get along so good with Promods map modifications. Many places are changed, even slightly, these changes are detected by WoT server as not matching the expected delivery point and it will send that "Cannot sync" message. You can always exit and finish the game in single player or MP but using a not-modded map (SP with Promods disabled or MP in any servers other than Promods ones). The second error about the truck being too big, not sure but it's probably due to the same synchronization errors between the modified place in the map and what WoT expects that place to be. This is why it's not recommended to pick WoT jobs when using Promods.
  9. Es un problema ya conocido y que viene derivado de la implementación en el juego base del motor de sonido FMOD en la versión 1.37. Por lo visto, aunque mejora la calidad de los sonidos en juegos de un solo jugador, presenta limitaciones en entornos multijugador, donde el número de sonidos que el juego tiene que reproducir simultáneamente se dispara. Los desarrolladores están trabajando en busca de alguna forma de evitar estas limitaciones, pero es algo tremendamente complicado, así que tomará tiempo, contando con que sea posible dar una solución, que es algo que ni siquiera se puede asegurar. En cualquier caso, no es algo de lo que debas preocuparte especialmente, le pasa a todo el mundo en el MP.
  10. That's a common problem in MP. When you start a new profile, that profile has a "date/time" from the moment you start creating it. You go through the process of giving a name, company, preferred truck, etc. Then you can only do a quick job, as you don't have your own truck. When you start driving your profile is synchronized with the server's time, which is way ahead by then. And so, you are already late. Once you finish that first delivery, you earned nothing, so you can only do Quick jobs, but the ones that existed when you created your profile expired and disappeared when the profile got synchronized and the time advanced to match with the server's one. There are no easy solutions for this, that's why I always suggest to use single player, do 2-3 quick jobs there, get the bank's loan and buy a starter's truck. Then you can go in MP with that truck and play normally (almost). Just remember to always hit the Drive button before picking any jobs, as that's when your game is actually connected to the server and your profile synchronized. It may still happen that the job's markets will be empty, but having your own truck, there are "tricks" to solve this, the most common is sleeping, at your garage, or at Hotels, repair stations, etc. You can also use the "teleport" trick, you use the F7 option to have your truck towed to the nearest repair station and that should reset the jobs lists too. If you can't sleep ("You're not tired" message) and don't want to pay money for the F7 thing, you can simply drive away from the city and after a couple of minutes, stop and use the "Garage manager" to fast travel back to your garage, that should also do the trick.
  11. And complaining about "who won't even respect the idea of the person you're dealing with". Charming.
  12. I don't really understand the issue here. You had Steam, the game and some DLCs before, now you got a new PC and you opened a new Steam account? Why? All you had to do (and can still do now) is enter Steam using your previous account and the game and DLC's would be there for you to install and play, no need to use family sharing or buy the game again in the new account. Unless your previous account is being used by your brother. If this is the case, you need to buy your own copy of the game and DLCs if you want to play MP.
  13. I do only WoT external contracts, so my max speed would be 90 Km/h (65 mph in ATS) and 99.9% of the time I will follow the GPS speed limits. I don't use the C-D road but if I did, my speeds would be 50-60-80, depending on the country and stretch of the road (yes, there are places on that road where the limit is 50 Km/h).
  14. Best way to get the right path: Open Steam, go to the Library, right click on the game and select Manage > Browse local files. An explorer window will open, just copy/paste the address bar from that window to the MP installer.
  15. Puede ser debido a problemas en la plataforma Youtube, a veces tarda mucho en subir el vídeo, otras veces sube bien pero tarda muchísimo en procesar el vídeo (y hacerlo disponible). Por supuesto, hay opciones, la primera es esperar a que termine el proceso, pero si no quieres hacer esto, puedes usar otras plataformas, como Medal.tv, twitch.tv. Vimeo o cualquier otra.
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