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  1. Back in 1999... CPU: AMD K6-2 @450 MHz. Memory: 64 MB SDRAM. Storage: 8 GB HDD UDMA 33. Graphic card: 3DFX Voodoo 2 with 8 MB (800x600 max). Monitor: 14'' CRT, 800X600 resolution. And of course, keyboard and mouse with PS/2 connections.
  2. Imagine all the people who have downloaded and installed DBus, have created their accounts, only because they want to have that option in TruckersMP and all of a sudden, they are disallowed to use it unless they pay a monthly fee that they may not be able to afford. I'd guess that there would be lots of unhappiness and complaints. But there could be an alternative, by adding a second vehicle to be used with DBus, but this one exclusive to Patreon subscribers, just like the alternating vehicles. A different bus with the same features as the currently supported one (to avoid the likely "Patron's bus is faster than mine" ?).
  3. It was good, you made it even better! ? Thank you, I really needed this today.
  4. It's been said that SCS will open servers with capacity for hundreds of players to use the Convoys mode, but I don't see how this could work unless they create an specific team to deal with those servers... It would be the same as TMP and would have the same problems, trolls, need for moderation, bans, complaints... So I doubt that Convoys will be a real competence for TMP any time soon. Or maybe they will hire the TMP team to manage these MMO servers ? Many players have switched to Convoys, sure, because they can use mods, they can have bot traffic, they don't have to deal with empty roads or lots if "Idiots on the road" as only alternative, but I think that the main reason is that they can do whatever they want without anyone else setting the rules, they can crash, they can speed, anything all the participants have agreed to, and no one will be punished. However, new players are joining TruckersMP every single day, so it does look like TMP can keep a steady number of players, if not as big as in the past, enough at least to keep the mod alive. Besides this, we are seeing how TruckersMP staff is constantly working to improve the mod, by adding things (Scout, Promods, alternating vehicles, DBus), organizing different events, modifying the troublesome areas to make them safer (Duisburg) and we all know that they keep working in long term improvements, like the bot traffic, better management for the moderation system and so on.
  5. I don't use the steering camera rotation, instead, I assigned the "rotating dial" in my G29 as "Interior look left" and "Interior look right", with the button set as "Interior camera" (the default "1" key), so I can turn my view 90 degrees to each side when needed and go back to look ahead in just a couple of moves. I've tried FaceTrackNoir too but didn't like it either, I'd love to have one of those TrackIR or Tobii devices but they are "way above my paygrade" currently.
  6. Not from Steam Workshop, it's a DLC that you'd need to buy. It brings a lot of customization options and accessories for all Scania trucks.
  7. When you use -homedir, you shoud point at the full path where your profiles and data actually are. If that path is not exactly "D:\games\Euro Truck Simulator 2" (which I doubt, because the game creates different files and sub-folders inside Documents by default, more specifically a "profiles" sub-folder) it won't work. Another option, open a command prompt with Win+R - cmd.exe - Ctrl+Shift+Enter. Type and send this: mklink /d "C:\Users\yourUserID\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles" "D:\<target folder>" Then, make sure that your profiles are actually located inside the <target folder> With this, the changed location for the profiles is linked in the default location where ETS2 and TruckersMP will look for it, so you wouldn't need to use -homedir anymore. EDIT: If you have promods, which takes a good chunk of storage, you can do the same thing, like: mklink /d "C:\users\yourUserID\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod" "D:\games\ETS2\mod" Then, you put the Promods or any other mods' files you may have inside that "D:\games\ETS2\mod" folder and both the game and TMP should be able to find them. EDIT 2: The command will give an error message if the name for the link you want to create already exists in the Documents folder. Like, if you try to create a link called mod to a folder in a different drive and there's already a folder named mod where you want to create the link, it won't let you. You'd need to move the folders (e.g. profiles, mod) to the new location in D:\ and then create the links. Credits:
  8. You do the same thing as in single player, but adding the "-homedir..." modifier to the TruckersMP desktop shortcut, right click on it, open Properties and in the Target "box", you add -homedir "D:\Games\Euro Truck Simulator 2" at the end.
  9. Weather is client side, so it will rain more or less frequently depending on your own settings, the seasonal mods don't change anything about that. Support for the mod was announced more than 24 hours ago...
  10. ^^ Because there is no Calais - Duisburg in ATS? ? Jokes aside, it could be an explanation of sorts. I don't remember seeing or hearing of anyone mentioning "Funny moments" or "Idiots on the road" videos about ATS. And that is clearly something that can make a game (or a mod in this case) grow. At the end of the day, it's all about popularity and ETS2 has received a lot more boosts in this regard. It's also a fact that ETS2 is 4 years older, so by the time ATS was released ETS2 already had a big players' community, lots of people developing mods, TruckersMP was already working... I do own both games, but seeing my Steam "Hours played" statistics, with ETS2 having more than 10 times the hours I've played ATS, makes me guilty in this matter too. And it's probably because most of my ETS2 hours have been spent in TruckersMP servers. ATS feels in TruckersMP just like single player with bot traffic disabled... I can bear it, no problem, but I'd rather play single with the bot traffic, which I do whenever there are any WoTr events or I feel like having a change in the scenery.
  11. I don't play much in TruckersMP lately, but when I do, I don't see that things are worse than before rule 2.8 was changed. Surely many trolls have been given a new chance to keep trolling, but many others who maybe were young when they got banned could have a different mindset now and could enjoy TMP again. Besides this, the punishment history stays in each player's profile, meaning that even when rule 2.8 would be 90 days, there's rule 2.9, that would allow managers to issue permanent bans to those players who clearly didn't learn and are back to their old ways. This being said, I don't see anything wrong with the change in the rules.
  12. Most likely will, it's Autumn out there (and we've noticed in my city, with temperatures dropping more than 10º Celsius at nights) and I like it that the mod tries to emulate that "feeling". Probably will raise the rain probability in my gameplay options as well. Simulation, in the end ?
  13. ^^ The topic is about Duisburg, the changes done to the city, not about any roads. Of course, I know what road you are referring to and I can't agree more, a road can never be a problem if people use it sensibly. About Duisburg, I don't really care, didn't go there before, won't go there now. Before, because it didn't make a lot of sense, none of my jobs were to be originated there or had to be delivered there and going just for the sake of it is not my thing. Now, same reason as before with an added "bonus": my jobs are always from WoTr and... Well, why go to a place where WoTr won't work?
  14. Not really, the user who brought the subject of removing the speed limits seemed to believe that it would lower the number of "accidents" and thus, the number of reports and the workload of the moderation team. The replies were just a way to say how immensely wrong that belief is. And about applying, we've seen people in this topic that are willing to, even when they can't do it now and won't be able to for months... So it's not so much about being afraid. I believe that the problem with these recruitments could be that many people just send them ignoring the requirements, increasing the workload of recruiters that will have to decline many applications but still have to go through them. Same thing happens with appeals. I'm pretty sure that over 90% of the appeals are just useless excuses and will be declined but... They have to be dealt with nonetheless, making the moderators waste a time that could be better used solving reports.
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