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  1. The access to "A Coruña - Cantera Iberica", since Iberia was released.
  2. I'm very careful as to NOT break any rules while playing MP. Because I know that there are players who will report everything they see, even if they weren't affected at all and I want to keep my +6 years clean history. Someone who has been chill seeing others break rules? That could be me if the rule-breaker didn't interfere with my game. I will report those who crash against my vehicle on purpose or because of reckless driving and those who block my way intentionally (yes, you can tell). Other than that, I don't waste my time.
  3. That's what the web-report system is for. Your in-game reports may time out, the web ones will never time out. Allowing multiple players to report the same person and giving a priority to those persons with multiple reports would turn the in-game report system into a "Calais-Duisburg-report system", leaving all other areas of the map unattended. It doesn't make sense.
  4. I do the same thing, only I don't drive on the C-D road. But it's not so easy. You can slow down to a stop to avoid an obstacle on the road, like a flipped truck, but when that obstacle is coming towards you after flipping at 110 Km/h... Your reasonable speed means very little. I'd brake to try to avoid the accident, go right if It would help avoid the oncoming vehicle, without risking anyone parked on the side of the road and of course, hit the "Instant replay" video save hotkey as soon as the "action" is finished.
  5. I'd say that driving all of the time in the same area, which is well known for the amount of "Idiots on the road" that seem to "live" there is not reasonable. Yes, I understand that if one of them crashes your vehicle they should be reported, but everyone with more than 1 month in MP knows that it's almost impossible to drive on that road/area without being crashed. So whoever goes there every day should know what to expect. If still they decide to report all other players who crash them, I'd personally consider that as "Spam". Not that all players go there looking for others to report (there
  6. No, no te darían un ban, simplemente MP usa un gestor "propio" para los mods, así que cualquiera que no está permitido, simplemente queda desactivado, no podrás usarlo en MP.
  7. Es un problema que suele aparecer cuando el juego conecta en algún lugar donde hay demasiados jugadores cerca. En cuanto se establece la conexión, tu juego necesita cargar los datos de todos esos otros jugadores, esto provoca una gran carga en la CPU y puede suceder que se pierdan paquetes en la comunicación con el servidor, dando el error de "unreliable connection" y el auto-kick. Puedes probar a conectar en algún sitio donde normalmente no haya apenas otros jugadores y ver si con eso se resuelve el problema, una vez establecida la conexión ya podrías conducir a cualquier lugar del mapa, ya q
  8. Same thing happens with most alternating-vehicles. The Scout car can haul a caravan and even (IIRC) do cargo market jobs, but that's all and the money is ridiculous enough to even bother. These vehicles were added to MP because of the high demand of some players who wanted to have something other than trucks to drive. They are meant only for that, drive around in a different vehicle, but not for doing jobs with them.
  9. Maybe you should edit this and make it English... Other than that, it would be cool if they made it 90 Km/h limit in ETS2 for trucks and 120/130 for cars, like most real life limits, but... That would be, like already mentioned, giving trolls an advantage. I'm not even sure if it can be done, making it a different limit for cars and trucks, let's not forget that the base game doesn't have cars to be driven, the Scout and alternating-vehicle cars are nothing other than modded trucks. And BTW, the Arcade servers have no speed limits, no need to make them 150 Km/h, when anyone can drive even fast
  10. Hola y bienvenido. Podrías conectarte al Discord de TruckersMP, ver información aquí: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/246 Después, tendrás acceso a algunos canales como #trucking-together-ets2, #trucking-together-ats o #trucking-together-promods, donde la gente intenta encontrar a otros para jugar juntos (en estos canales solo está permitido el uso de inglés). También puedes conseguir acceso a #spanish, donde el idioma es exclusivamente español y te sería más fácil encontrar a gente de habla hispana que quizá quieren hacer rutas juntos.
  11. @RachelTownsend In this article you can see how to set your game to the supported version: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/26. If it's already on None (Betas) and you can see 1.40.x.x when running SP, scroll back to the last part of the article "If your game already has the correct version" and follow the steps there.
  12. The "police" option only makes the game to give fines to players who speed, who run red lights, etc. And players who do that, usually, have cheated profiles with gazillions of money, so they don't give a **** about losing some hundreds in fines.
  13. I've been playing like that for years, my main profile is completely legit, I drive by the speed limits and only World of Trucks jobs. I don't even have hired drivers, because they make too much money. Currently driving a Renault T 4x2 with the 520 HP engine, so I don't need to switch to the Scania R650 6x4 unless I want to pick a job with more than 30-35 tons of cargo. I only get annoyed when the typical GTA kid crashes against my truck because WoT jobs can't be "recovered" with loading previous saves, so heavy damage to the cargo means that the job is not worth finishing and that I may have
  14. If people wanted to play NFS Hot Pursuit, my opinion is that they should play that game.
  15. Am I going blind? The only difference I can see on those pictures is the angle, which obviously affects the lighting of the vehicle, but I'd swear that it's the exact same truck...
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