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  1. Es un problema ya conocido y que viene derivado de la implementación en el juego base del motor de sonido FMOD en la versión 1.37. Por lo visto, aunque mejora la calidad de los sonidos en juegos de un solo jugador, presenta limitaciones en entornos multijugador, donde el número de sonidos que el juego tiene que reproducir simultáneamente se dispara. Los desarrolladores están trabajando en busca de alguna forma de evitar estas limitaciones, pero es algo tremendamente complicado, así que tomará tiempo, contando con que sea posible dar una solución, que es algo que ni siquiera se puede asegurar. En cualquier caso, no es algo de lo que debas preocuparte especialmente, le pasa a todo el mundo en el MP.
  2. That's a common problem in MP. When you start a new profile, that profile has a "date/time" from the moment you start creating it. You go through the process of giving a name, company, preferred truck, etc. Then you can only do a quick job, as you don't have your own truck. When you start driving your profile is synchronized with the server's time, which is way ahead by then. And so, you are already late. Once you finish that first delivery, you earned nothing, so you can only do Quick jobs, but the ones that existed when you created your profile expired and disappeared when the profile got synchronized and the time advanced to match with the server's one. There are no easy solutions for this, that's why I always suggest to use single player, do 2-3 quick jobs there, get the bank's loan and buy a starter's truck. Then you can go in MP with that truck and play normally (almost). Just remember to always hit the Drive button before picking any jobs, as that's when your game is actually connected to the server and your profile synchronized. It may still happen that the job's markets will be empty, but having your own truck, there are "tricks" to solve this, the most common is sleeping, at your garage, or at Hotels, repair stations, etc. You can also use the "teleport" trick, you use the F7 option to have your truck towed to the nearest repair station and that should reset the jobs lists too. If you can't sleep ("You're not tired" message) and don't want to pay money for the F7 thing, you can simply drive away from the city and after a couple of minutes, stop and use the "Garage manager" to fast travel back to your garage, that should also do the trick.
  3. And complaining about "who won't even respect the idea of the person you're dealing with". Charming.
  4. I don't really understand the issue here. You had Steam, the game and some DLCs before, now you got a new PC and you opened a new Steam account? Why? All you had to do (and can still do now) is enter Steam using your previous account and the game and DLC's would be there for you to install and play, no need to use family sharing or buy the game again in the new account. Unless your previous account is being used by your brother. If this is the case, you need to buy your own copy of the game and DLCs if you want to play MP.
  5. I do only WoT external contracts, so my max speed would be 90 Km/h (65 mph in ATS) and 99.9% of the time I will follow the GPS speed limits. I don't use the C-D road but if I did, my speeds would be 50-60-80, depending on the country and stretch of the road (yes, there are places on that road where the limit is 50 Km/h).
  6. Best way to get the right path: Open Steam, go to the Library, right click on the game and select Manage > Browse local files. An explorer window will open, just copy/paste the address bar from that window to the MP installer.
  7. Puede ser debido a problemas en la plataforma Youtube, a veces tarda mucho en subir el vídeo, otras veces sube bien pero tarda muchísimo en procesar el vídeo (y hacerlo disponible). Por supuesto, hay opciones, la primera es esperar a que termine el proceso, pero si no quieres hacer esto, puedes usar otras plataformas, como Medal.tv, twitch.tv. Vimeo o cualquier otra.
  8. No need to disable Steam Cloud saving, the "controls.sii" file will be in the profile folder inside steam_profiles. To make the free camera controls use the XBOX 360 gamepad you'd need to find out what the controls are named, usually they will be something like joy.b1, joy,pov1_up, etc. You'd change keyboard.numX by the corresponding joy.X function you want. It can be a little tricky to find them though.
  9. In case you want to try, my settings in Logitech Game Profiler and in the game's Controls options in the images below, the game's wheel follows almost exactly the movement of the G27.
  10. En el momento en que veas el mensaje "You were kicked" por la razón que sea, tu vehículo desaparece del servidor, así que incluso si en ese momento estabas a punto de chocar contra alguien, el choque no se produce. En cuanto a programas de grabación, si tienes una GPU nVidia serie GTX600 o superior, yo recomiendo activar Share en Geforce Experience y con Alt+Z accedes a las opciones, donde puedes configurar la grabación de vídeo, la repetición instantánea, que es lo más útil en estos casos, porque le pones 2 minutos, por ejemplo, si alguien te choca, das a la combinación de teclas adecuada y guarda vídeo de lo que ha sucedido en los dos minutos previos. Si no tienes nVidia, hay muchas otras opciones, AMD tiene Relive, que por lo visto es similar al Share de nVidia, están los programas externos como OBS, Overwolf, Mirillis Action, plataformas de Streaming donde podrías seleccionar el vídeo que te interesa y "marcar" el tiempo del incidente, etc.
  11. ^^^ The servers have never been fuller than when the first COVID-19 confinement was in place and that was with the current speed limits. Now there are many people who won't downgrade their games from 1.38 and can't play MP, that makes the numbers to be lower than usual. And just so you know, again and hopefully you'll get it this time, the "owner of TMP" already removed the limit for all roads... It's called Arcade servers. I hope one day the simulation servers will be made 90 Km/h limited and with all stabilities and suspensioins forced at 0.0, but that's all I can do: Hope. It just happens that what I read from TMP staff makes my hopes more likely to happen than yours. Other than that, I agree that the topic can be closed. Not that it will be good for nothing, we all know that in a couple of weeks or so, another one will be opened about "remove speed limits".
  12. At the time, we had 3 options: Be alone, be rammed in every single job or don't play MP. Each player chose what they thought was best. Now we have 3 options: Speed limit, no speed limit or don't play MP. Each player chooses what they think is best. I know that what you would like is "Simulation 1, no speed limits and collisions". Well, that's not an option. You still have 3 others to choose from.
  13. Red text: That happens with 110 limit, yet you want speed limits to be raised or removed. I don't see why anyone would want to have a higher chance of being rammed. BTW, I'm not playing right now because I don't want to downgrade, but before 1.38 came out, I did like 40000+ Km in many different WoT jobs and only was rammed twice. I remember that with the 150 limit, I had stopped using MP because there was not a single day when I could finish a job without being rammed, driving the same as now, all over the map. Blue text: Yet, that "majority" is never using the server without speed limits. Probably because that "majority", like I've said many times, don't want speed if they can't crash into others. Best reason to not increase the limits in Simulation and to not enable collisions in Arcade. It would mean many more crashes. "Collisions should be on, yes". That's not a reason. Care to explain why? If you don't crash into others and never did, collisions only mean that others are able to crash into you, they do it now, they would do it even more with higher speeds. Is that what you want? I'm also giving my view of the thing, only I am also reasoning why things shouldn't change, unlike all those who ask for higher limits, whose only reason is "It's boring to drive at 110". I don't play games if I find them boring, when the limit was 150 (or when there was no limit), I got bored of being unable to do one single job in MP without heavy damage because of others, so I stopped playing MP and sent a suggestion. Not one forum topic every couple of weeks complaining and asking for "lower speed limits because I don't like what MP has become", a suggestion with my own view and reasons about why things needed to change. Some time later, "Road to Simulation" happened. Since then, after maaany topics and suggestions asking to "go back to the old days", Road to Simulation remains and got even harder with more and harsher punishments. Probably because the TMP staff have decided that MP is better this way. Probably too, because no one has been able to give one really good reason to change things back. It's not the Staff's fault, or mine, if "the majority" can't provide valid reasons to turn MP into a racing and raging chaos again. You summarized it quite nicely: Not one single reason and "nothing more to say".
  14. ^^^^ Here we go again dammmmm, do you remember that you already have servers with a higher, no sorry, with no speed limits? Speak clearly. You want speed but only if you can crash into others.
  15. The problem is that many people who can't drive fast, DO drive fast. It's not just about you, it's about everyone. It's been said before, but you, speed-fans, are so "Me, myself and I" that you can't understand that.
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