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  1. I don't use the chat, but sometimes, I'll send a PM to the guy who rammed my truck: "Congratulations, you are starring on my latest Reporting Evidence Video. Enjoy your free vacation". And me being the "victim"... Lots of times. I drive most of the time by the speed limits, which means that on some roads, I'll be doing 60 Km/h. And those idiots who think that TMP is a racing game don't like slow drivers on narrow curvy roads or when there's traffic on the other lane... "REC blocking" is something that I see quite usually. Of course, I have never been banned for blocking and many of those who threatened to report me have been banned for reckless overtaking and ramming... From my own "REC REP BAN" invissible superpower!
  2. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Unreliable Connection

    You can have the "fastest" internet connection and a good ping time, but that doesn't mean that the connection is not suffering from jitter. The server is constantly measuring the ping time, if the values vary a lot among different samples, you can have a very good average ping but your connection will still be seen as "unreliable". Try testing your connection in this page: https://www.megapath.com/speedtestplus/ In the results, you'll see Download, Upload, Ping and Jitter. If Jitter is high, that's your problem right there. You could also be suffering from packet loss, which is something that doesn't show in most tests and can make your connection to be unreliable too. If you are connecting by WIFI, try changing to ethernet cable, it's a lot more reliable than WIFI because it's not affected by distance, obstacles, interferences, etc. EDIT: As example, my results from a couple minutes ago:
  3. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Jobs Broken - Won't Fix

    The fastest fix is to do a couple of quick jobs in single player, you will be able to get the bank loan and buy a truck. With that truck, you can enter TMP (always hit Drive to connect to the server). The game will start and you can do F7+Enter, sleep or teleport to your garage to make the jobs list to refresh (these options don't always work at first attempt, you may need to drive for a while and then use F7 or teleport).
  4. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Kicked even with headlights

    You need to press the key twice, first time it just activates the parking lights, it's the second time you press it when the headlights switch on. (Just in case I'm right and you understand Spanish: Tienes que dar al botón dos veces, la primera enciende las luces de posición, es a la segunda cuando se encienden las luces de cruce (corto alcance))
  5. FernandoCR [ESP]


    Probablemente has añadido algún accesorio que no está permitido a los jugadores, la pintura de policía, las luces azules (lo mismo las del techo que los leds que se pueden poner en la parrilla u otros sitios), son para uso exclusivo de los administradores (Game Moderator). Si instalas cualquiera de esas cosas, el servidor te echa. La solución es arrancar el juego, ir al taller (aunque te haya puesto offline), quitar los accesorios no permitidos y volver a conectar después.
  6. FernandoCR [ESP]


    Those beacons are from the Special Transports DLC. The DLC itself (trailers, cargoes) can't be used in TMP, but the DLC paintjobs and accesories can be used on any trucks without any issues. Of course, you need to own the DLC, otherwise the accesories will not appear as options when you are configuring your truck.
  7. Suggestion Name: As title Suggestion Description: Please, before rejecting this suggestion with the typical "It has been suggested many times in the past", keep reading... Yes, I think that speed limits should be removed from EU#4 server. I already sent a different suggestion about re-purposing the servers so EU#4 would disappear, but I see very unlikely that it can be accepted, so this can be an alternative. The "Frequently suggested (and rejected) things" topic includes this line: "Change speed limiter to */Turn off speed limiter: Variations of this have been suggested countless times. If you don't want speed limiter, there's EU#2, for everyone else, there are all the other servers, no we won't change the speed limiter on these, it's set to 110 as a compromise." But this refers to the time before the 150 Km/h limit was implemented in all servers. Back then, EU#1 had 60/110 Km/h speed limit, EU#2 had none and EU#4 didn't exist (or if it existed, it was the same as EU#2 but without collisions). Players could drive as fast as their vehicles allowed them to (over 160 Km/h in trucks and 250 Km/h in cars). Currently, if you don't want speed limiter, there's NOT EU#2. Or any other servers. So it's clear that asking for only EU#4 server to be no-speed-limits has NOT been suggested countless times in the past. As far as I can remember, this would be the third time and I'm only sending it because the first one was lost and the second one was rejected with a wrong (IMO) reason. EU#4 was set as non-collision all over the map, in this server, rules about reckless driving, ramming, blocking, racing, driving wrong way, don't apply. Precisely because being non-collision, those rules don't make sense, players can't ram others, can't block others' paths, any collisions are only with static world objects and can only damage the player who collides and not others. This is why removing speed limits from EU#4 makes sense (and IIRC, a previous suggestion like this one was already accepted, but it disappeared when the Suggestions section was re-worked). Any example images: Not needed. Why should it be added?: Like explained in the description, EU#4 server is named "Freeroam", it is NCZ everywhere in the map, players would be able to drive as fast as they wanted, only limited by each vehicle's power (speed-hacks or over-powered engines modifications should be still bannable, if only because these hacks can cause other players' games to crash). Those who want to race would not be limited to 150 Km/h, those who love cars would be able to go again at 250 Km/h and no one would be able to damage other players directly.
  8. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Message Display for Police Vehicle only

    I'm sorry but I see this useless. Players can miss administrative messages in the chat, but those messages are sent to everyone, this thing on top of a car would only be vissible for very nearby vehicles and many of them would probably miss it as well, for not paying attention, for having their graphics set to low res, etc. And being of very little help, the use of something like this in heavily crowded areas would only add to the stress for lower-end machines, FPS loss, lags, etc. I don't think that the benefits outweight the drawbacks.
  9. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Story of your username!

    Mine is easy. In Spain, people's ID is usually the first name and 2 surnames, my nickname is my real name followed by the initials of my surnames. Nothing to do with "Costa Rica" and even less with "Cristiano Ronaldo". I was CR long before Cristiano Ronaldo was born Then [ESP] as country code.
  10. FernandoCR [ESP]

    mi id esta siendo usada

    Bueno... Yo lo dije porque cuando contesté, esto es lo que había en el mensaje en el que decías que no podías conectar:
  11. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Possible solution for most trolling

    EU#1 would be collision-enabled. It's not about avoiding all collisions in all servers, it's about making collisions a lot more difficult to happen. People would still collide, there are lots of bad drivers out there, but they would be limited to ONE server and to a max of 90 Km/h, easier to avoid other truck if the player loses control, easier for the other truck to make evasive maneuvers to avoid being hit. The rest of your message, I'm sorry but it's still very difficult to understand (it's what happens with Google translator and long texts) and it's completely off-topic. Like I said, feel free to open your own suggestion, but in this one, please, try to stay on-topic, you are free to give your opinion about the suggestion, why you think it's good, why you think it's bad.
  12. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Possible solution for most trolling

    @plinio_lisboa Please, if you have your own suggestions to make, open a new topic, this one is about one idea I had, no need to contaminate it with a lot of other stuff that honestly, I find a lot more unfeasible than what I suggested. And I can more or less read Portuguese, but most other users can't, so please, try to keep things in English.
  13. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Possible solution for most trolling

    @Maze People would troll EU#1, yes, so EU#2 would be troll-free. Currently, people can troll EU#1, EU#2 and EU#3. This makes the game moderation team to be split among 3 servers. So if trolls converge in just one server, the GMs would be able to deal with them a lot more easily, don't you think?
  14. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Possible solution for most trolling

    Read again. I said EU#1, speed limits 50/90 (currently 60/110), 5000 slots (currently 2300), cars allowed with same limits as trucks (currently not allowed) --- So the current EU#1 server is not what I suggested. EU#2 would be no-collision and no speed limits, EU#4 is no collision, but it has the same speed limits as EU#2. --- So the current EU#4 is not what I suggested for EU#2 So you didn't get the least of my suggestion. One server for those who want to drive in a simulation way, another for those who just want to go as fast as possible and not have to worry about most rules. You want realistic? That would be EU#1 server, because "realistically" speaking, 99% of trucks and cars follow the speed limits and all other traffic laws and regulations. You want just fun and drive as fast as possible? That would be EU#2. And no fears of being banned for reckless driving, ramming, blocking, going wrong way, etc... You want to see vehicles crashing? Well, maybe you got the wrong mod. You can always go SP, install a no-damage mod and destroy everything in your way. @TruckerDj That's one of the points that worries me. Those youtubers are free ads for TMP, their "Idiots on the road" videos have probably brought (and keep bringing) lots of players into the mod, we only need to see the C-D road... It's all about what TMP staff sees more important: A lot of players with constant trolling, reckless driving, crashes, insults, swearings, etc. Or less players in a respectful gaming environment.
  15. FernandoCR [ESP]

    How much kilometers driven you have ?

    @McclaudEagle And that's just my main profile, I have several others from years ago, when I started playing an testing with different profiles to raise different skills. Adding all of them, it would go way over 2 millions Km. How did I manage? Maybe this can explain it: