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  1. Pros, from my POV, everything. Cons... It will probably never happen. Because anything that could threaten the current status quo (as in TMP = C-D mayhem compilation) would be immediately rejected by the majority. And what the majority wants, the majority gets.
  2. ^^^^ I doubt that bot vehicles would have a name/tag on top of them, so it would be easy enough to distinguish if the vehicle one is seeing is a player or a bot. But that's irrelevant. It's been years since TMP stated that they were working on this, they even got it to work, to a limited extent, in a beta test. And nothing since then, other than some news about a "framework" that might make things easier to have bot traffic implemented. I find it unlikely that TMP will ever have this feature.
  3. There's another thing that should be checked. I know for certain that in some countries, heavy vehicles are required to use ALWAYS the outer lane while in a roundabout. All of the examples mentioned here are OK for cars, but I believe that in most places in Europe, the regulations for trucks are not always the same as for cars.
  4. It would be cool, no doubt. But seeing that it's been more than 8 years and nothing has been done/mentioned about it... I doubt that this will ever happen.
  5. The message itself explains it. There's a banned account that the system has detected as owned by you, so you are not allowed to use a second account to keep playing, as long as the first one remains banned. The solution is also given: "If you believe this is an error please contact through our feedback system". You can see info on how to send a feedback ticket here: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/25 The ticket should be sent to Game Moderation Management.
  6. Another difference: IRL and in any population group most people "play by the rules" and there's only a small number of rule breakers, in comparison. TruckersMP's population is not like that, and the C-D area in TruckersMP is the exact opposite of that. You would need such amount of "police officers" that the traffic would probably become twice as much as it is now. Situation would become even worse. And many of the offenders would just see it as a new GTA experience in TMP, let's escape from the law... I can't stop being amazed with the amount of "suggestions" that try to improve a place in TruckersMP that most players don't want to have improved. It's been said many times: If TMP decided to "erase" the C-D road from the map, the problems there would not be solved. They'd just be moved to some other road in the map. And then what? Another lot of suggestions to "improve" that new area? When the solution has already been provided, even by staff members? "If you don't like how things are there, drive somewhere else".
  7. There's an easy solution for this, open chat, send /disconnect, drive to the delivery point without any issues, deliver, connect back to the server. If you are in a convoy with friends, it's better to use the single player's Convoy mode. And if you are too many people for Convoy mode, you shouldn't be using that road in TruckersMP anyways, so...
  8. No one would be able to greet you if they are moving. And if they are stopped, they should understand that you can't text back if you're moving. You can always flash your lights or give a short honk to greet back, no need to type anything.
  9. Age has nothing to do, I am older than 42 and keep playing. Not specifically ETS2/ATS, but I'm spending some time now, with the ongoing WoTr events. About TMP, I got burnt out months ago and stopped using it, so I only do single player now. TruckersMP is either use the C-D road and deal with all the chaos there or do the same you can do in single player with traffic disabled: Drive on empty roads, so I'd rather play with bot traffic than with human players that seem to be stupider in most cases than the bots... But I have to agree that it's quite easy to become bored with a game if you only play that for a long time. I was an avid player in TruckersMP for more than 8 years and it was easy to leave when things changed, in my opinion, for the worse. Never missed it. And now, playing other games (aRPG, mostly), going back to ETS2 or ATS from time to time feels different, even refreshing EDIT: And BTW, I have an older brother who's been playing Guild Wars 2 since it was released, more than 11 years ago and keeps doing it, every single day. It's up to each one, I guess.
  10. Problem is that "We" in this suggestion is maybe some dozens of players. Versus thousands of GTA/NFS style fans that don't need and most importantly, don't want anything that resembles simulation. I doubt that TMP would open a new server and the existing ones... The only suitable for a change would be Arcade, as it is the least used one. But if this server were changed, surely there would be lots of complaints, even from people who never used it and would never use it, asking to bring it back. You can see disagreement in this same topic (and in many others alike) from someone who would still have all other servers to play as they want, but still reject the mere idea of a Hard simulation server that they could simply ignore. Besides, TMP would probably say that they don't need and don't want such a server. It would make things more difficult to handle and for just (best case scenario) 200-300 players? No way.
  11. Best way to do WoT events like this is: You go to one city in the area, pick a job to a different one that meets the distance requirement, do the job. Then you teleport to a different city with fast travel, pick a new job. This way, with 15 jobs you can visit 30 different cities and complete the personal goal easily.
  12. Thank you for noticing and bringing it to my attention, I really had missed that detail. Regarding the settings, I'll have to check, because I remember setting those values of 0.0 long ago but I don't remember "re-visiting" them later and I never felt the truck going too soft, it's true that I haven't almost played for months, but last time I did, the game version was higher than 1.35, that's for sure. My only guess is that the config file was changed/updated when the game's physics did, to "adapt" the values to the new ranges.
  13. AFAIK, all trucks in both ETS2 and ATS are equipped with a CB radio. When driving with keyboard, the push-to-talk is just pushing a different key and most people have at least 8 fingers (and 2 thumbs). When driving with controller or wheel, the push-to-talk can be set to a button, using the device's software or some external apps, so no need to go for the keyboard when you want to use it. CB chaos can be avoided in convoys by switching to any channels other than 19. This is the way to communicate when one is driving, so you don't need to let go of the steering wheel or stop looking at what's ahead of your vehicle. Just my opinion, of course.
  14. I'm 100% against texting while driving, so I can only support this suggestion if it were made so it can only be used when the vehicle is fully stopped. Even if it's just copy/paste from a pre-saved list of messages in some notepad embedded in the game, it's still a moment of distraction from driving.
  15. I would trust the "best answer" in the first post you linked, from Steam Community. It comes from a real truck driver who clearly knows how it feels to drive a truck and has worked through the game settings to make the simulation feel the closest possible to reality. But I find those settings a bit "extreme". So I just go with 0.0 in stability, suspension stiffness and braking intensity. Other than just some "new" truck in ATS, I don't like using mods, so I can't tell about any of them. Regarding graphics, the same can be said, I use max values in the graphics options in the game and that's good enough for me.
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