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  1. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Is there any option to remove previous bans?

    "Yellow" bans means that they are older than 1 year and don't count. So if you have 2 yellow bans and are banned again, it would count as your first one. The permanent ban is issued to players who get their 6th ban in less than a year's time.
  2. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Be careful while recording...

    And IMO it should be just the opposite, TMP staff should name the C-D area as "Enter at your own risk", reject all reports from that area and make every other places in the map safer, since Calais, Duisburg and the road between them seem to be a lost cause, nothing can be done (or at least nothing is being done) to stop all that chaos, let people know that it's troll's paradise, forget about it and focus on other places that need a lot more moderation than now. Whoever goes there, know what the stakes are, no reason to come complaining later because they were rammed, blocked or trolled. Maybe that would be the way to stop the chaos... Reports are rejected and people who keep reporting lose their right to file reports, lots of the "everyday in C-D" players would move away since they would be unable to report anymore.
  3. FernandoCR [ESP]


    Todos os administradores devem entender inglês, mas poucos entendem o português. É por isso que os relatórios em inglês são resolvidos mais rapidamente que os enviados em português, qualquer administrador pode resolver os relatórios em inglês
  4. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Be careful while recording...

    It's as easy as NOT going at 150 Km/h, drive at reasonable speeds and safe distances and you will have no problems to stop without hitting the truck ahead. I'm not saying that it's OK to stop in the middle of the road just because someone wants to record something they saw, it is not OK, but if you hit the player who did that, it means that you were driving dangerously close to their truck or that you were driving dangerously fast. In any case other than lags, it will always be your fault.
  5. FernandoCR [ESP]

    How do you react if TMP unbans all users except hackers?

    So instead of "I have a bigger dick syndrome" happen at 150 Km/h, it would happen at 160 Km/h... Why do you need to overtake someone who is doing 150 Km/h if not because of "I have a bigger dick syndrome"? Now, that's what "confused" me about your post. Can you explain what exactly did "confuse" you about mine? Or was it simply some "I have a bigger dick syndrome" that made you give it a "confused" reaction?
  6. FernandoCR [ESP]


    Por poderse hacer, se puede. Si tienes suerte y nadie se da cuenta de que eres el mismo jugador que ya fue baneado de forma permanente, podrás volver a jugar, pero si te pillan, la nueva cuenta será también baneada de forma permanente, instantáneamente y sin posibilidad de apelación. La cuestión sería el por qué te pusieron el ban permanente... Si fue, tal como imagino, por acumulación de baneos provisionales, crear una nueva cuenta no tendría mucho sentido a menos que hayas decidido cambiar tu manera de jugar, de lo contrario, incluso aunque no te pillasen evadiendo el baneo, tarde o temprano se te volverían a acumular bans hasta el 6º que es el permanente. Con esto que te comento, eres tú quien debe decidir si quiere gastar tiempo y dinero en algo que puede durar muy poco tiempo...
  7. FernandoCR [ESP]

    De win10 a Zorin OS

    La fotografía es una captura de la película "El jovencito Frankestein", protagonizada por Gene Wilder (Frodorick Fronkonstin) y Marty Feldman (Aigor - En la imagen). Y no, la verdad es que nunca fui tan atractivo como Aigor, esa mirada enigmática... Respecto a cerrar temas, los usuarios "normales" no podemos, solo los moderadores de los foros, lo mejor suele ser mandar un reporte de tu propio tema pidiendo que sea eliminado por el motivo que sea (duda resuelta, no procede, etc.) La versión original: La versión en español: Una parodia graciosa que hicieron cambiando el doblaje:
  8. FernandoCR [ESP]

    De win10 a Zorin OS

    Me temo que no, ni Linux ni MacOS. La única forma de jugar desde esas plataformas sería usando algún emulador de Windows 64 bits y la verdad, no creo que merezca la pena. Yo, en caso de estar interesado, montaría una máquina con arranque dual, de forma que podría arrancar Win 10 de 64 bits para juegos y demás aplicaciones exclusivas de Win, Linux o MacOS para otros usos.
  9. FernandoCR [ESP]

    How do you react if TMP unbans all users except hackers?

    Strangers who were banned not once, but at least 6 times? Well, I wouldn't want those strangers in the same server where I'm connecting. Everyone can make a mistake, or a couple mistakes... But we are talking 6 "mistakes" within a 12 month period. I've been playing for more than 4 years and don't have one single "mistake" in my record, if I could do that, anyone else can, so those players who get perma-banned after their 6th "mistake" in less than a year clearly did something wrong and didn't learn from it. Why should we allow them to come back? If they didn't learn the first time with so many chances, what makes you think that they'll learn now? If TMP playerbase goes down in the future, there'll be nothing wrong or even strange with that, it's what happens with all games, it comes a time when people lose interest, find new games, etc. Trying to fill the servers by forgiving the perma-banned players would not be a good solution IMO, if they did that I'd quit playing instantly, that's for sure, and I can imagine that many other legit players would react the same way. What would stop those ex-banned players from trolling everyone in the servers? More "forgivable" bans?
  10. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Parametros de Jugabilidad

    Hay parámetros u opciones que afectan a todos los jugadores, como por ejemplo el límite de velocidad de 150 Km/h en EU#2 o 110 Km/h en EU#1. Pero también hay otros parámetros y opciones que solo afectan localmente al jugador, como la intensidad de la lluvia o los eventos aleatorios. En tu pantalla puede estar lloviendo a mares y los jugadores alrededor pueden tener un tiempo completamente soleado. Sobre el tema de los eventos aleatorios, es recomendable desactivarlos precisamente por lo que te sucedió: Vas conduciendo, ves un accidente bloqueando el carril derecho, te mueves al carril izquierdo... Pero para otros jugadores que vienen detrás, ese evento, ese bloqueo, no existe, así que solo ven a tu vehículo cambiando de carril sin motivo aparente. En cualquier caso, puedes tener activados y al máximo todos los parámetros que quieras, simplemente tendrás que prestar mucha más atención a cualquier maniobra imprevista. Con mucha lluvia tendrás menos visibilidad, con los eventos tendrás que hacer paradas o maniobras bruscas, por lo que tendrás que tener mucho más cuidado de no afectar a otros jugadores que estén alrededor. Se ha sugerido que todas estas cosas estén sincronizadas, de modo que si llueve, llueve para todos, si hay un carril bloqueado, lo esté para todos, pero de momento esto no ha podido ser implementado en el MP, por eso es recomendable desactivar las opciones "locales" o extremar las precauciones.
  11. FernandoCR [ESP]


    You could be if your vehicle was stopped blocking others' ways for more than 30 seconds and someone reported you. You could try to explain in your appeal, but you'd need some evidence to prove that your PC really had problems, otherwise everyone could avoid being banned just by saying "My PC went dark, it's not my fault". If something like this happens again, it's better to hit Alt+F4 or even reset the PC to make sure that the game is not running while you can't see what's happening, if you are driving and your screen goes off, you could crash into others as well and be reported (and banned) for ramming.
  12. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Possible solution for most trolling

    @poland.ball If that helps them leave TMP, I'd be happy to see it happen, no matter what they think...
  13. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Why do we drive too fast?

    @ASIR [CZE] The speed limits aren't meant to make drivers take more time to do their trips, they are meant to guarantee that anyone driving on the road will be as safe as possible. This being said, driving faster than the limits is ALWAYS reckless as long as there are other players in the area. And anyone who drives recklessly shows that they don't care about others' safety.
  14. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Why do we drive too fast?

    I don't drive fast, only pick WoT jobs which are 90 Km/h limited, so I can only guess why others do: To them, TMP is not a truck simulation game, but a truck racing game. BTW, there's always a choice. If I joined a VTC and then realized that I was supposed to go full speed for some ridiculous "competition", I'd quit right away. Because to me, ETS2, ATS or TMP should never be about racing others or finishing the most jobs in the least time, but about delivering cargoes with the least possible damage (and, of course, without cheating by loading autosaves every time the cargo is damaged).
  15. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Server speed limit survey

    That would be realistic only in "a perfect world" where most players use a simulator for simulation purposes. IRL, trucks or cars can go as fast as their drivers want, but you rarely see trucks going faster than 100 Km/h or cars going faster than 150 Km/h. In TMP's world, a server like this would have more than 90% of the players going full speed both in trucks (170 Km/h approx.) and cars (up to 250 Km/h). I don't see how that would be any realistic.