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  1. No, wrong. Because the number of reports in a no-limits server would be incredibly higher. Because there will be a lot more people ramming and being rammed. The only way to implement what you propose, IMO, would be making the Arcade server collision enabled but, somehow, disabling the ability to create reports from that server. No in-game reports, and whoever sends a web report based on Arcade server gets the report instantly rejected and is banned from using the web report system for a month at least (with one month time, any reports sent later would be invalid as per the rules). Those who tried to fake the reports as having happened in other servers would be banned also from using the report system. With something like this, maybe a collision enabled arcade server would work... But it should be made 100% clear to everyone that when they join such server, they are entering the Wild West, no rules, no right to complain, no matter if they are being constantly rammed or trolled. Not sure about how many people would be happy with something like this (other than the trolls and the infamous "Idiots on the road").
  2. Because some people still tkink that asking in the forums for the speed limits to be removed will work. But it won't. Since the first 150 Km/h speed limit, there have been countless topics where people would whine about "They're killing the game, it's boring to drive with speed limits". All they got was to have that 150 Km/h limit removed, only to have a 110 Km/h limit and a server without speed limits BUT without collisions. Now, they ask for the speed limited servers to be non speed limited, because they don't want to use the arcade server, where they can go as fast as they want, but... they can't crash into others.
  3. ^^ That too. In Spain all I see are single trailers or tandem trucks, like this example: Since these don't exist in MP, single trailer it is for me.
  4. It's not so much about trolls, but about the non-skilled players who seem unable to drive slower than full speed. At 110 Km/h they have a better chance of keeping control, at 150 Km/h... I don't see the "Road to simulation" approach as an attempt to end with trolls, but to end with the 90% of NFS fans that will drive full speed, 110, 150 or 200, even when they can't even control their trucks at 70 Km/h.
  5. True. But you fail to see the other side of the story. Some are trolls, many act stupid while driving. The speed restriction is not there because of the people like you who can handle high speeds, it's there because of the people who can't (but still will drive pedal to the metal because they don't give a ****).
  6. My latest ones have been dealt with in 2-3 days, but this should get shorter, I guess, when the Christmas' accumulated backlog is fully cleaned up.
  7. That happens because of how the cities are modelled in ETS2. They are just square areas, those squares' sides are what define the city limits and any roads going through them will be treated as "inside city limits", no matter if they're highways, bypasses or ring roads.
  8. I can see that the problem could be when someone is reported and gets the evidence but then the report is declined. The reported players are not banned, but they know who reported them (or can at least find out quite easily, via their own videos or the game logs) and this can be seen as a privacy violation, I guess. But what Chris said above is true, the best option would be to have the system warn the players that have been reported both in-game and on the website, in-game, no evidence needed, they'd have at least the option to use any instant-replay video recording software to save the last X minutes of gameplay and have their own video for a possible appeal, when the report was submitted on the web, evidence should be provided, the report has to contain a link to the video/image showing the alleged infraction. This would give the reported players a chance to see why they were reported and to send their own counter-evidence before the report has been dealt with. If they have to wait until after the report has been solved, there are two possible outcomes: Accepted or Declined, a declined report is no big deal, no need to appeal, period. But an accepted report, that's a different story. I'm telling this because of the one time I was banned. I didn't know until I tried to launch MP and saw the message. So I checked, saw the evidence (funniest thing, the evidence was a video that I had used in one report of mine, the GM had decided that it was me the one that deserved to be banned), sent the appeal explaining what was wrong in that decission. The GM wouldn't accept my explanations, so I had no other choice than to send a feedback ticket. The manager saw that I was right, that the crash had been caused by the other player without me doing anything wrong, so the ban was removed from my profile. Conclussion: Someone who deserved to be banned was spared and I was banned for X days without deserving it. Yes, the ban disappeared, but the X days I had been unable to play... They didn't. Most of the times, those BANBYMISTAKE that happen now and then will have that same outcome, players wrongfully banned for X days because their appeals took longer to be solved than the duration of the ban.
  9. Maybe because: 1 - They want speed but they want, even more, the chance to crash others. 2 - The Simulation 1 server is almost twice as big as the Arcade one. It's the same that happened before, most people would use the EU#2 server even if they were not speeders, simply because it was where most other people could be found.
  10. I use a Scania Streamline, 4x2 chassis with the 480HP engine and the 6 gears Allison transmission and it moves anything up to 24 tons as it's expected. Of course it struggles when going uphill with heavy loads, but that's the challenge, isn't it? For heavier loads, 30+ tons, I'll use a 6x4 chassis, 600+ HP engine, just to not get stuck at some places. But I can tell, even the 750 HP Volvo struggles when going on some uphills if the load is heavy enough. Again, that's what the game is about. I see quite a lot of trucks around where I live, all kinds of combinations, but mostly 4x2, all kinds of "normal" trailers, but... Very rarely anything over 520-530 HP, some 500 HP ones and most of them, in the 440-480 HP range. So, since I'm into simulation, that's what I'll use in the game. 8x4 chassis trucks, only from time to time, with special overweighted and oversized loads. Then I go into MP and what I see: Lots of people with 8x4, 750 HP Volvos, hauling 3-6 tons trailers, of course at full speed. All in all, it's each player's choice. Some try to simulate, others just... See MP as another racing game where the most powerful vehicle is the one with the highest chance to win... Even though there's nothing to win in this game, actually.
  11. What I don't see is this: those players were driving at 90 Km/h... Yes, they were all over the 3 lanes of the highway and even on the emergency lane, but they had over 200 ms ping each. Maybe they were driving that way to avoid accidental hits in case of sudden lags. Or maybe they were doing external contracts jobs and were limited at 90, and they were trying to overtake each other but simply couldn't. So my question would be: Can you really punish players for "blocking" when they were actually moving even faster than the road's posted speed limit? Simulation, gentlemen, you find traffic ahead going slower than you, you slow down and stay behind them, if they are going way slower than what can be considered "normal" speed, you can complain, but if they aren't, how can that be considered as blocking? I'm asking this because by that logic, someone doing 70 Km/h on the C-D road with traffic coming on the other way could be reported and banned for blocking, right? He would also be avoiding other drivers behind his truck to go faster... Am I the only one who thinks that this wouldn't be breaking any rules?
  12. @ReierV8 NPC vehicles in MP would be a new weapon for trolls. Instead of crashing into other players, they'd be able to simply crash into a bot vehicle so all players nearby are affected. No need for blocking roads themselves, just hit a couple of BOT trucks and they do the job. And guess what? Bot vehicles don't do F7 when they are stuck, they stay there as long as the road isn't clear and they can move again. Bot vehicles in MP would be completely catastrophic with the current playerbase, most of which cares nothing about simulation, you can see every time you play that 95% of the players you find on the roads are going just full speed, overtaking on the grass or the hard shoulder, if there are no other gaps available. And they wouldn't stop doing that just because of bot vehicles, they don't give a **** about real players, why whould they give a **** about bots that can't even report them?
  13. ^^ I don't know, to be honest. I only use F1 when I find trolls (very rarely) or if I have to stop and go AFK in a collision zone (had my truck destroyed in a fuel station parking spot while I was grabbing a drink).
  14. @NaIchHalt53 They were trolling you. Best thing to do, stop completely, hit F1 and wait. When you are in pause mode, your vehicle can't be damaged, they can hit it however they want, they will only get damage to their own trucks/cars. Don't react, don't use the chat or the CB radio, just stop, F1, wait. When they see that they're not getting any attention (it's what trolls are looking for) they'll leave. To report them, an image is the same as nothing, you can use the in-game report with the TAB window (if it doesn't open, you may have disabled it because of hitting F11, just hit F11 again to enable it back), but in order to report on the website, you need video. There's a whole section in the forums explaining how the reporting system works and providing guides to report properly: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/107-reporting/ ON-TOPIC: Like others have said, more than 5 years playing TMP and not a ban in my account, so those who say "I'm banned every time I crash others"... Easy, don't crash others, you'll be safe. I can do it, others can do it, so can you. You only need to have the purpose of not being banned. Of course, there are things that have to be avoided in MP, like... Don't drive like a psycho.
  15. From your Steam profile, I'd say that you don't have the Scandinavia DLC, which is required to use Promods.
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