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  1. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in Question regarding internet connection to TruckersMP servers. was marked as the answer   
    Ping has nothing to do with Download or Upload bandwidth, but with the distance between your computer and the server. A ping ran between a same PC and a same server will give the same result if you connect with 1 Gbps fiber or if you connect with 10 Mbps ADSL, provided that none of the connections are saturated (used over their available bandwidth). Results from speedtest and similar sites are not significant, because they test, by default, against their server that is nearest to your location. That's why speedtest says 6 ms and your ping against a server far away can be 40, 60 or 300 ms. For this same reason, depending on where you are located, a ping against a server in France can be lower or higher than another against a server in Germany.
  2. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in Synchronized Traffic Lights at Road Construction Sites at Last? was marked as the answer   
    From what I see, these lights have been synchronised for a while now, see this:
    Smoky answered in October 2019 stating that it's already done.
  3. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in What does the word TROLL mean? was marked as the answer   
    You aren't doing anything wrong by driving at the speed limits, so ignore those who say that you are trolling, blocking or whatever other stupidities and that they will report you. Trolls in the game are those people who only seek to disturb others, by blocking their way, ramming their trucks, harassing players via the chat or the CB radio, etc. Like seth_haveron said, they only want attention, reactions from the other players. Best thing to do if you find one is to ignore them completely.
  4. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in Barbed wire fence across motorway was marked as the answer   
    It seems to be a bug in some parts of the map. I found myself another one, also in Germany, luckily for me and other drivers on that road, there were 2 guys in pilot cars warning everyone about the issue and we could go through using a gap on the emergency lane. But definitely, something that has to be investigated and fixed.
  5. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in TruckersMP profile lost was marked as the answer   
    I've seen something similar, not sure if it will be of help, but try checking if your new profile, when you create it, is marked as "Use Steam cloud." If it is, you need to make sure that in Steam settings, the cloud saving is allowed. Another user was having his profile reseted everytime he launched the game and it was because he had his profile as "Cloud saving" but the option was not enabled in Steam.
    Steam cloud:
    Profile settings:
  6. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in I do not know which subject to put it but was marked as the answer   
    Some DLCs are too recent and TMP needs to be modified before they can be used (the Space Paintjobs one). Others, like the Special Transports are not allowed in MP because they would cause chaos, trailers are too big and in SP they have a very limited speed, escort and police vehicles to stop traffic, etc. This features can not be added in TMP and that's why those trailers are not allowed. Sleeping can be an issue in MP because the fatigue simulation doesn't work as in SP, so it's a lot more difficult to get tired, but you can always use F7 to "teleport" to a repair station, drive for a while and teleport back to your home garage, those actions should synchronize time and make jobs appear again. The speed limit on highways that go near cities is applied because of how cities are modelled in the game. They are like a big area, the speed limit has to be applied to the whole area, so if there are highways going through that area, they will be affected as if they were city streets.
  7. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in No Drivers able to hire was marked as the answer   
    @RockingRPG It's not a good idea to have so many drivers. In MP, it means that whenever there's an "advancing time" event, like teleporting by F7, travelling by ferry, sleeping, it will take more time (up to several minutes) to calculate the hired drivers income. Some people reported this as a bug, believing that the game had crashed because it stayed frozen for so long. And once those calculations have finished, you'll see that the amount of money on your accoung has grown up by a lot. I used to have too a lot of hired drivers and in a couple weeks (real time) the bank account could go to the hundreds of millions. This is because of how time works in MP, slower than in SP, but never stopping. Also, there's no need to have lots of drivers to be able to teleport between garages, I have (or used to have, until Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC came out) all garages in the map so  I could fast-travel to every major cities, but no hired drivers at all, I fired them a long time ago and sold their trucks because it seemed to me that it was worthless playing to make a profit (simulation style) when all I had to do is wait a couple of days, start MP, sleep and voilá... Several extra millions in the bank... Once I was all by myself, save-edited my profile to remove like 700 millions and start almost from scratch. Now I have something like 30 millions and I know that this was earned only with my own jobs.
    Like I said, there's a limit, based on the amount of hiring agencies you have discovered. Not 100% sure, but I recall that it was something like the 268 you mention, maybe with the Baltics DLC this amount is a bit higher once you discover the new agencies in the DLC, however I can't confirm this point.
  8. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in Two questions about reports: what is enough evidence for blocking (and does it deserve a ban), and does the player name need to be visible the second a crash happens? was marked as the answer   
    @tomvanwijnen Keep in mind that you can only send one feedback ticket at a time and you have to wait until that ticket is closed before sending another, so sending 3 tickets can take a long time (and it's probably not worth it). I'd send one single feedback regarding the reports (both) about blocking, because I don't think that what you described is "Only a kickable offense". The other one, I'd let it go, players like that, there are thousands in EU#2 and sooner rather than later, someone else will get that one banned for ramming. TBH, I wouldn't report that player if my truck wasn't involved in the crash, I believe that "No harm, no foul" and that if I can report those who ram my truck, others can as well and it's their responsibility/choice to do it or not.
  9. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in Reporting was marked as the answer   
    Excuse me? I've used spawning logs a lot of times for reporting when I could not get the offender's TMP id in real time within the game and I've had no problems for those reports to be accepted.
    As long as the player's ID (name and temp server ID) is clearly seen on the video and those are a match with the spawning log, a copy/paste is enough. Here's an example of what I can find in a log_spawning file:
    [14:23:33] Spawning GameTruck (PLAYERNAME(64) - TMPID: 1*****0 - Tag: *******) Additional data:
    Values have been changed for privacy reasons, but it's seen that the line showed the player's name, server id at that moment (64), the TMPID (which is all you need to uniquely identify a player), even the TAG, if any.
  10. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in How do I sync with World of Trucks? was marked as the answer   
    If your jobs are not being logged into your WoT profile, it must be because you are not doing WoT jobs. When you go to the Jobs Market, you have 4 options right now:
    1 - Quick Job.
    2 - Freight Market.
    3 - Cargo Market.
    4 - External Contracts.
    The only ones that "count" for World of Trucks are the external contracts.
    EDIT: Be aware that External Contracts have a limitation that other's don't: They are limited at 90 Km/h maximum in ETS2, 68 mph maximum in ATS.
    EDIT2: Also, while doing External contracts jobs you can't use the "load autosave" trick to recover from trailer's damage.
  11. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in reports was marked as the answer   
    @dibam The report system includes a "scoring" system. This means that each report receives a positive or negative score, depending on its "quality". Most declined reports will receive a negative score, but some accepted reports can receive also a negative score. This was implemented to avoid the "report-hunters", those people who seem to think that it's OK to connect to EU#2 server, stay all of the time around the Calais - Duisburg area, recording everything and sending lots of reports about every little misconduct they see. With this scoring system, the initial limit of 10 reports at a time will go up if they are given positive scores, or down if they receive negative scores. Eventually, players with good and quality reports can see their limit raise to 100 or more, but players reporting every little issue can see their limit go down and they can even be banned from using the report system, if their limit drops to zero. My advice: Don't worry so much about reporting others and just try and enjoy the game. I used to send reports only about those players who rammed my truck, were driving on the wrong side of a highway or were clearly using speedhacks. And I usually kept away from the well-known "Idiots on the road" areas. Reporting everyone who violates any of the rules should be OK, but since people were abusing the system by sending dozens of reports each and every day, the scoring system had to be put in place. I hope this answers your question.
  12. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in Three problems was marked as the answer   
    The best way to solve your problems #1 and #2 is to play SP for 2-3 quick jobs. At some moment, you'll receive a notice from the bank, so you can get a loan. With that loan, you can buy your own truck and then, go to MP. Launch the game, go through the login, etc. Once in the main menu, hit always Drive as first thing. This is when your client really connects with the server and synchronizes the time in your profile with the time in the server.
    When you are connected, you'll most probably find that the job market is still empty, but now you have your own truck and a Home office. You can simply drive for a while and then use the menu to teleport to your home office, or hit F7+Enter to teleport to the repair station. Any of those actions are usually enough to "force" a time advance and make the jobs list to be full again. Something that always works is sleeping, but it can happen that you try that and receive a message "You're not tired", so try teleporting and if it doesn't work at the first attempt, just drive for a while and try again.
    EDIT: Forgot your point #3. If you follow my suggestions above, when you have your truck and are connected to the server, check the MP settings: press TAB, then the cog icon and go to the video tab. There's something like "Secondary lights", make sure they are enabled. You can do this also from the Login screen even without having your own truck, the gog can be seen on the top left corner.
    Welcome to the MP and the forums!
  13. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in Cars on v.1.31 was marked as the answer   
    You can still buy a car, only you need to be in "car-enabled" servers (EU#1 and EU#3 don't allow the use of cars) and remember that Scania dealers have no cars available anymore. Try EU#2 and a Volvo, DAF, MAN, Mercedes, Renault or Iveco dealer and the first vehicle in the list will be the Scout car. Just a tip: Don't put Police accesories in the car: Police paintjob, beacons and blue leds on the grill are only allowed to be used by Game Moderators, if you install any of those, you will be kicked from the server.
  14. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in Reporting players ingame: When does session record start? was marked as the answer   
    I maybe wrong, but I believe that the "recorded session" when you send an in-game report is from the previous 2 minutes, just like some gameplay recording softwares have (I use nVidia Share with 5 minutes instant replay). Most in-game reports are "discarded", rather than "rejected", meaning that they have a lifespan of 10 minutes and there are hundreds being sent every minute, so game moderators have no time to check them all. That's why it's a lot better to get video if you can and send web reports, they are always seen and dealt with. Check the messages you receive, if they are something like "No action was taken against..." it usually means that the 10 minutes ran out and no game moderators claimed the report in that period. And you can also check the time, those messages usually appear 10 minutes after you sent the report, for this same reason, nobody was able to attend it in time (too many reports and not so many GMs).
  15. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in Some questions about bans(HELP PLEASE) was marked as the answer   
    Your previous bans would have become "inactive", they don't count anymore, so in this case, even being the 5th ban in your history, it would be treated as the 1st one, because the previous 4 don't count. The punishment would be "Admin's discretion".
  16. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in Late Penalty Bug was marked as the answer   
    Level 0... Are you trying "Quick Jobs"? If so, you'll always be late, because there's a huge difference between the time in your profile and the server's time. You should drive in SP for a couple of quick jobs until you can get the bank's loan and buy your own truck. Then, you go into MP and don't forget this: Always hit the "Drive" button before choosing any jobs. With that, you actually connect to the server and times are synchronized.
  17. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in Can't load a save was marked as the answer   
    I guess that you were driving a World Of Trucks external contract. These jobs don't allow to load quicksaves in order to remove your trailer's damage. It happens exactly as you say. If this is the case, there's no way around it, when doing WoT jobs, if your trailer gets any damage, it stays damaged, you can only keep driving and get whatever reward you can get or cancel the job, no "Recovery" chances.
  18. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in Causing Accident was marked as the answer   
    Difficult to say, as it would depend on the admin who bans you. But, for starters, you should never be writing in the chat while driving, it makes you loose focus on the important stuff which is the road, the traffic, etc. So... If you caused an accident, someone reports you and you get banned, I find it unlikely that the ban would be removed because "you didn't mean to cause an accident". Many people don't mean to cause accidents, but they are banned all the same, because of reckless driving. And what you were doing is precisely that, reckless driving. So, you're only choice is to wait, maybe the other player/s didn't report you and you will not be banned. If the worse thing happens, you can always appeal.
  19. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in Can't Find #EU3 server was marked as the answer   
    EU#3 was renamed to "Europe [Trial Test Rules]". It was changed too, so now cars are not allowed there.
  20. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in Why can't I drive the Scout in a server? was marked as the answer   
    It's not only the police skin, you'll also be kicked if your car has police beacons, blue leds, etc. Those are "admins-only" accesories. Try removing all or even selling your car and buying another one, no customization and see if that works.
  21. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in 750 HP Engine problem was marked as the answer   
    If you're doing WOT jobs, you won't be able to go faster than 90 Km/h other than when going downhill. It doesn't matter how powerful your engine is.
  22. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in Lost my Progress for ets2 and ats was marked as the answer   
    There are downloadable profiles from different modding sites, two examples::
    Besides, you can start a new profile and edit the savegame to change money, XP, etc.
  23. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in Using a profile for both SP and MP was marked as the answer   
    Most people recommend to use separate profiles if you're planning to run the game in both SP and MP modes. First, the SP profile can have any mods you want and they won't interfere with the MP profile, whereas if you have just one profile, everytime you start MP those mods send a warning and are deactivated, it can be a little annoying. Second, time runs differently in MP and SP, so if you develop a profile in SP, all legit as you describe, when you enter MP with that profile, its time will synchronize with the server's one (which doesn't stop and will be a lot of weeks ahead), if you already have hired drivers in that profile, when the time synchronizes, the game calculates the income that those drivers would have made during the time difference, so you can find yourself waiting for several minutes, looking at a black screen (the game will look as it froze, but it's just catching up) and right after that, several extra millions/billions in your account, all hired drivers with top levels and skills, etc.
    About saving your progress, you have 3 ways: autosave (it can't be disabled) will save every X minutes (not sure how many), quicksave, you can assign a key or button to this function to make an immediate save while you're driving (be careful when using this in MP, it causes the game to freeze for a moment and can cause an accident if someone is driving right behind your truck) and the manual saving, via the game's Menu - Save.
    I play most of the time MP, but still, I have a different profile to use when I decide to go into SP, with several mods and enhancements not allowed in MP.
  24. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in Editing Player Tag was marked as the answer   
    I know it can be a silly question but, have you tried writing anywhere else and copy/paste into the TAG field?
  25. FernandoCR [ESP]'s post in Install problem was marked as the answer   
    When that message pops-up, it means that you are trying to run a 64 bit application on a 32 bit System, which obviously, can't be done. The only solution is to install a 64 bit version of windows (7, 8, 8.1 or 10).
    Quando você receber essa mensagem, isso significa que você está tentando executar um aplicativo de 64 bits em um sistema de 32 bits. A única solução é instalar uma versão do Windows (7, 8, 8.1 ou 10) de 64 bits.
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