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  1. AFAIK, emergency braking and adaptive cruise control only works with bot traffic and/or static obstacles. Even in the game's Convoy mode these features don't work with other players' vehicles. So until SCS can make them work, I find it unlikely that TMP can/will even try.
  2. You can have as many accounts as you want and you can use any of them. As long as NONE of those accounts is banned. If you get banned in one account, you won't be able to join the server with any other accounts, because it will (supposedly) detect that you are trying to ban evade and an auto-kick will be triggered.
  3. It's not your computer that needs upgrading, it's your home internet connection. Not just for roaming the web, but for any online games you may play with your PC, 1 Mbps is simply ridiculous in 2023...
  4. It used to be the posted limit of the road (or slower, depending on the conditions). Now, it's zero, I only use single player
  5. A computer with a 1 Mbps connection to the internet sounds like... From more than 20 years ago, when ADSL tech started to become popular... I used to have a 33.6 Kbps connection. In 1998...
  6. For each report sent in-game, a "demo" is saved containing data that allows the GM to "recreate" the incident. When (if) the report is claimed, the GM will use these data to watch what happened, like a video, but they can change the POV in order to watch the incident from different angles, distances, etc. This is precisely why these reports time out and are automatically deleted. The server can only store up to a certain amount of data, like any computer. When that maximum is reached, either you remove the oldest data so new data can be stored or you simply can't store anything else. Could this be solved? Sure, by adding more storage to the server. But how much? Would it be worth it, since storage isn't precisely free? And if they did this, who's to say that in-game reports wouldn't take days/weeks to be solved? The current overload problem in the web reporting system would be happening in the in-game system too.
  7. The difference is that those mods charge for an specific item that is added to the game, TruckersMP would be charging their users for playing ETS2/ATS differently. I have no idea about how these things work, but I've read lots of times from TMP staff that the only way they can "make money" is through donations (Patreon, currently) and that they can never become a paid service because of legal reasons.
  8. If TMP decided to charge a fee to their users for playing with the mod, they'd surely be facing legal actions from SCS, which owns the games and their copyrights. Not the best idea...
  9. It would seem that this is the case, it was even mentioned in the previous survey. A majority of players enjoy the chaos and most of the recent changes are clear proof that there's no will to take any actions that could solve it, quite the contrary, in fact.
  10. In my controls.sii file yes, indeed, they appear in that same order. Removed the lines numbers because they will be different than in your file, that's why I said that those numbers can be ignored.
  11. Ignore the lines numbers. Just search for the specific configuration, which by default is: "mix dbgfwd `keyboard.num8?0`" "mix dbgback `keyboard.num5?0`" "mix dbgleft `keyboard.num4?0`" "mix dbgright `keyboard.num6?0`" And you change num8, num5, num4 and num6 to any unused keys you desire. I used WASD, so it looks like this: "mix dbgfwd `keyboard.w?0`" "mix dbgback `keyboard.s?0`" "mix dbgleft `keyboard.a?0`" "mix dbgright `keyboard.d?0`"
  12. Here: Or here: https://truckersmp.com/blog/288 I can't tell about other media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. because I don't use those. But whomever wants to keep up to date with what happens in TruckersMP would surely check the site and forums regularly, I'd expect. Secretly implemented? Only if you don't bother/care about being informed. And if that's the case, every changes in TMP will be "secretly implemented" for you. Maybe that's why I don't see the logic, I never had any problems when it comes to reading, so it's likely that I fail to understand those who find it so difficult... But I also fail to understand how more than 5000 players whined for years to have their beloved EU#2 server back, only to completely ignore it when they got it.
  13. People who wanted speed never stopped asking for a speed server. They got it. Why should people who want real simulation now stop asking for a real simulation server? Those who don't want to drive realisticaly would still have their non-realistic servers, so where's the problem?
  14. I don't get it, honestly. I never asked for a server with 150 Km/h limit. But more than 5000 players did, in the previous survey. They got that server and they don't use it. Now someone asks for a server with 90 Km/h limit and no cars. Changing Simulation 1 would probably make those "speeders" finally switch to Simulation 2 and enjoy the server they wanted. And now, it turns out that they wouldn't do that either, but stay in the server with even lower speed limit and complain... Logic died long ago in this community, it would seem.
  15. And why not change Simulation 1? Anyone who doesn't like these suggested rules would still have Simulation 2 or any other servers. Simulation 2 is the same as Simulation 1, only with a higher speed limit, which is what most people seemed to be asking for, according to the results of the previous survey. Maybe these changes would make those people finally realize that they got the server they wanted and finally start using it.
  16. Sim2 was the same as Sim1, it was changed to have a 150 Km/h speed limit because that's what supposedly a majority of the players wanted but... It seems that the majority didn't notice the change or that they didn't actually want a higher speed limit. ON-TOPIC: This suggestion should have never been necessary if "Back to basics" had been done properly. Back before Road to Simulation, there was EU#1 with 90 Km/h limit, no cars allowed and EU#2 with 150 Km/h limit and cars allowed. Back to basics changed Simulation 2 server to be like the old EU#2 but it didn't change Simulation 1 to be like the old EU#1. Other than that, non-collisions is needed anywhere a vehicle is supposed to spawn, like companies, service stations, ferry crossings, etc. otherwise a spawning vehicle could appear inside another one already in the same spot and... Two solid objects can't exist in the same space and time... Catastrophic results. And for those who remember the times before Road to Simulation, EU#1 used to have barely 100-200 players while EU#2 used to be full most of the time (peak hours, of course) with more than 4000 players. Changing Simulation 1 to be like the old EU#1 would be right for "Back to basics" to finally become true, but... 1 - Most players would switch to Simulation 2, leaving Simulation 1 mostly empty most of the time. Empty roads 99% of the time, not the best environment for those who want to simulate. 2 - If a majority of the players switched to the 150 Km/h limited server, the current situation with the reckless driving, the overload in the report system, etc. would become a lot worse. I honestly doubt that anything will be done in this regard.
  17. It's not about doing 10 jobs, it's about doing jobs starting or finishing in EVERY city in Oklahoma. Best way if you want to finish quickly, start in one city, pick a job to the nearest one (but with more than 100 miles distance), then teleport to a different city and repeat the process, making sure to choose always different ones as start/finish. Five jobs and the event would be completed. Not sure about the distances, but it could be something like: Guymon - Woodward Enid - Tulsa Clinton - Oklahoma city Lawton - Ardmore McAlester - Idabel
  18. What the majority wants, they already have. What the majority doesn't want, won't happen. This is what TMP has taught us. Feel free to keep hoping that TMP will make changes against the majority. I lost hope months ago.
  19. Sorry, but this is bound to be rejected. A majority of the players would be against it. They use that road precisely because of the accidents, the jams, the chaos and the reports. Remove all of this, the road becomes dead and surely soon enough some "youtubers" would find another stretch of road to turn into a new "Idiots on the road" gathering point and that majority of players would massively move there.
  20. The auto kick message is about your vehicle having an accessory that it shouldn't, like truck wheels in a bus, trailer rims on the truck, etc. Try switching to a different (not modified) truck and see if the problem is solved. Of course, all kinds of peripherals are 100% allowed, wheels, gamepads, joysticks, etc.
  21. And yet, "undertaking" is forbidden in certain countries, but allowed in others (in Europe, too), it may be not recommended sure, but not forbidden either. What is forbidden everywhere is to switch lanes without looking at every possible angle to avoid endangering other vehicles on the road. In any case, being that real road traffic rules and regulations are mostly ignored and/or not enforced at all in TruckersMP, this debate is pretty useless. Nice to see the different opinions from different persons, but in the end, who was at fault in this situation is 100% the decision of a game moderator who may or may not have a driver license (and know or ignore most real traffic rules), who may or may not be from a country where road rules are more or less strict, who may or may not be more lenient, and so on. One could decide to ban the player on the left lane for "reckless driving and collisions", another one could decide to ban the player on the right lane for "reckless overtaking", another one could decide to do nothing at all. Or ban both players.
  22. I don's see it that way. This is not actually overtaking, it's one truck going faster than another, on a highway, each truck going on their own lane. Both drivers have to be aware that they are coming from a one lane entry point to a highway and NEVER change lanes without making sure that there's no traffic on the one they intend to merge. I could see the need to slow down if the truck on the left lane had indicated their intentions to switch lanes, but it wasn't the case. Imagine an entry ramp to a highway, a truck is entering at 90 Km/h, there's a Yield sign ahead, there's a truck approaching on the highway, right lane, at 80 Km/h. The truck entering the highway can join it without slowing down and letting the other pass (as long as it won't disrupt their path), even when it's coming from their right. Because it is not "overtaking on the right". Not the same situation, I know, because in this case, there wasn't even a Yield sign. But it isn't overtaking either. Besides, in TMP there are no blind spots if you know how to use the different cams, or more simply, the navigation map. IRL you can't send a drone to see what's around, you don't have a proximity radar in your dashboard's screen, but in the game you have those options. Switching lanes into a vehicle that was already there is just careless/reckless driving. Just my opinion, of course.
  23. IMO, 100% fault goes into 2380 here. You were just driving on your lane, keeping your speed, the other driver should have made sure that he could switch lanes and clearly they didn't.
  24. Solo tienes que ir a tu perfil y ver tu actividad, el enlace directo: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/profile/311032-xionelgato98/content/ Allí verás todos tus mensajes en el foro y podrás mirar directamente si te respondieron o no.
  25. Honestly, I stopped reading after the first quote. I want to keep my neurons safe and such amount of nonsense seemed too risky to go on.
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