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  1. It doesn't actually. I made this post before I got banned. It is extremely tiring to be reported for making genuine mistakes. I am not a "griefer" or a "troller". I am simply someone who enjoys playing driving games. I make mistakes because I'm not a professional driver (I literally use keyboard+mouse), and it's a game! I have more liberty to make mistakes here because I'm not going to die if I do something wrong. As you have clearly decided to look at my profile, you'll have probably seen I have 2 active bans. I don't think it's appropriate or even allowed to share the details of a current ban (that I'm going to appeal), so here's the previous one. Keep in mind I'm not complaining about the ban, as that of course is against the forum rules, I just want to prove the above statement that I'm not a troller seeking to weaken the report system. I have previously been banned for: Breaking down in front of someone And here's my POV. I was told that because I didn't F7 when taking damage, that it's my fault. It's a bit frustrating considering the guy who reported me originally was actually the reason I took the damage, but I chose not to report him. You can literally see me turn the wheel to try to get out of the way. I have no idea why I just stopped suddenly. Driving into a wall Here's my POV. This still confuses me. I have no idea why you'd report someone for colliding with the map, and without even interrupting traffic. I didn't know there was an invisible wall there, I was just trying to pull over so I could go AFK. This is exactly the type of report that someone wouldn't pay €1 to make. Maybe now you're starting to see why I have suggested this? Not checking my mirrors and causing 1% of damage to someone and interrupting their gameplay for about 5 seconds Here's my POV. I fully concede that this is my fault. So it's completely clear that there was no malicious intent in anything I did. Like everyone on the planet, I make mistakes. But the fact that in TruckersMP, there is always someone watching you and ready to report you for the most meaningless things is really toxic. It's also a bit telling that when you read my concerns over the report system, your first reaction was to check my profile because surely it's only because I'm salty over getting banned right? Of course I am frustrated with how the moderation works, because I have experience of the clusterfuck of the appeals system. When you appeal a ban, you have to convince someone that their original decision is wrong. Why is it like that? The whole point of an appeal is to have someone else review it. I should again note that I made this post before I got banned. So instead of acknowledging my concerns and providing actual valid input, you chose to point that out. It's a bit unprofessional in my opinion.
  2. As I mentioned above, this is about placing value on the need to report whoever that was. If you feel that it affected you so much that the €1 is justified, then it would obviously be a high-quality report right? But, if you managed to just keep driving, barely took any damage, then it's probably not worth it. Placing an actual price on a report creates the need to judge the value of it. On a side note, it's interesting that no one has considered the fact that in-game reports would remain free. For a real life example, Switzerland actually doesn't allow drivers to submit dashcam videos of poor driving and dashcam footage is usually ignored as evidence in court cases. This is because they want to leave the policing of the roads to the police and not random people with the ability to record. I think it's a good model to partially implement in TMP. Leave the moderating to the moderators, whilst ensuring the web reports that are received are of high quality by charging €1 to create it. I obviously do recognise the need to have the web reporting system, but I feel that it is being overused for extremely trivial incidents.
  3. I think that actually highlights 2 completely different issues rather than this idea being flawed: 1. If your in-game report isn't answered, then there should probably be more in-game moderators. A shift towards prioritising action in-game rather than relying on clips would be healthier for the game in general. The "rec" culture is seriously toxic, and it just turns the in-game chat into a pretty much useless feature. When you report someone after an incident has happened, then it's already no longer affecting you. If someone who is intentionally blocking the road gets kicked instantly, then that would be a much better outcome rather than them getting banned after. The fact that the web reporting system can only lead to bans as a punishment is a fundamental flaw and can lead to less serious incidents being punished. 2. You're also forgoing the need to take personal responsibility. If someone has rammed into you 5 times and is following you, then just do /disconnect and rejoin. You are not taking action to avoid conflict but rather keeping yourself in a poor situation. Because when you are 3rd party to an incident, i.e you're just looking on a few metres behind, you are making a decision for someone else. It could be a completely innocent mistake and the people actually involved chose not to report each other, because they didn't want each other to get banned yet someone else did. I think if you aren't recording but really want to report someone, then it's a lesson learnt to setup your recording software for next time. That is true but not something that will ever happen both in-game nor in real life. I should note that people generally always obey the rules outside of C-D, so it's worth considering not driving in congested areas if you want a better experience.
  4. I'm not complaining about the time it takes to review a report. I have actually never reported anyone. This is more about discouraging serial reporters who use the reporting system as a tool for toxicity, or those who are a 3rd party to an incident.
  5. This is not about punishing people by making them fork out €1 for a report. It's more about placing value on it. If what the player did is so bad that it warrants the €1 payment, then it's probably a high quality report. If not, then it's a report that shouldn't be made. And to be completely frank, if you don't have the €1 for it then your time will probably be better spent earning €1 rather than clipping, trimming, uploading and writing reports out.
  6. Thank you for your constructive comment that explains why you disagree with this idea.
  7. Suggestion Name: Charge €1 to make a report via the website Suggestion Description: To make a report via the website, you must pay €1 for each report made. Why it should be added: Ladies and gentlemen, I present my brilliant idea to reduce toxicity and the "report culture" in this game. Charging €1 per web report will massively reduce the amount of frivolous reports, such as where someone who drives down C-D for the sole purpose of reporting people and clipping every tiny infraction of the rules regardless if they were personally affected by it. Not only that, but it ensures the future of TruckersMP by providing a great source of income. This proposed fee will therefore create a good balance between the genuine need to create a report, whilst also discouraging misuse.
  8. Imo that's excessive and should just be a kick
  9. If you're going to disagree with my suggestion, you should probably write your own reasoning as to why rather than copying someone else's comment exactly I don't think you're understanding what I'm saying. It's quite simple: implement a filter that if someone writes "rec" in a message, the message does not get sent. Obviously a fair compromise could be allowing each individual user to filter out the messages for themselves. Why would I want to hide the chat? I want to talk to people in it but it gets flooded by useless messages. Ignoring the messages doesn't help, as you can still see it and they push away valuable conversation. I feel like a lot of the people replying are guilty of "rec" spamming themselves lmao
  10. I wrote that the word "rec" should be banned by a filter, not the people who say it. Of course, if a personal filter could be implemented where I could just choose to hide all the useless messages then that works too.
  11. What? Disturbed? I'm asking for the word to be banned so we can actually use the chat to talk to people rather than having it as a backseat moderation channel.
  12. Suggestion Name: Ban saying the word "rec" in chat Suggestion Description: The chat can be a great way to socialise, complain about the never-ending traffic on c-d and just connect with people in general. The people who spam "REC" simply take away the space that could be used for valuable conversation. Why should it be added?: I propose this change for the following reasons: It is intimidating to new members of the community, who may not be great at driving using KB&M then make a simple mistake and then have to face a hoard of people spamming "REC" in the chat This is because it is generally meant in an intimidating/hostile tone Simply stating "rec" without providing additional information or context about the rule violation can be unhelpful and confusing. It does not teach new players about what they did wrong. And it also makes our community look toxic, as if we're all trying to get each other banned. Continuously seeing "rec" in the chat creates a negative atmosphere. It makes you feel like you're under constant surveillance and it can stress new members of the community out. If you did break the rules, and deserve to get reported, then there's honestly no reason someone would need to make that clear to you You're simply trying to get a reaction, or make them feel bad by stating to them that you recorded whatever happened. I believe you should just report it and move on, no need to let them know. Especially in high-populated areas, someone may be blocking the road due to an engine failure or they cannot move due to someone else being in the way has to try get their message seen amongst the chaos of "rec" spammers. By allowing people to write, what is effectively, a useless message it saturates the chat and pushes down valuable messages. It therefore hinders teamwork, cooperation and just general socialising. Banning the word "rec" will encourage players to deal with rule-breaking incidents via the proper channels, i.e the admins instead of calling someone out in the chat EDIT: If any TruckersMP staff is reading this: I'd also like to suggest the implementation of a personal filter if this is not possible, so I can choose to hide those messages for myself.
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