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  1. Suggestion Name: tweak to in-game reports Suggestion Description: see text below Any example images: no Why should it be added?: As a player who often uses the in game report system I find that a simple tweak could change stuff. When you submit a report in game, it will eventually time out. Once it times out you will receive a notification that it timed out in the chat box. However, if you leave the server before your report timed out or got seen, you will never know if your report went through or not. Which is why I suggest that in the notification box (see attachment below) we add a notification going along the words of "Your in game report for user {user name} with the TMPID {tmpid} has <been accepted.> ; <timed out.>; <been rejected>. If you have any ideas or suggestions to this feel free to comment below.
  2. Hello, I am familiar with this type of interchange however the average TMP player would probably be confused by this. The amount off rule breakers, trollers and reckless drivers does not help. However, the post quoted below would be a good fix to the Calais intersection's traffic issues.
  3. Hello there, I have already made a suggestion about this a while ago, you should consider viewing this.
  4. I think this is a great idea. It would add further realism to the game. However your suggestion does not follow the template, you can edit your message and fill in the template.
  5. Suggestion Name: /fix for busses Suggestion Description: Allow busses to repair by using the command "/fix" in-game. Any example images: No. Why should it be added?: The "/fix" command in TruckersMP should be available for buses for several reasons. Firstly, buses often suffer damage on busy roads due to reckless drivers, which can be frustrating for players. Without the ability to use the "/fix" command without a trailer attached, players are forced to either drive with a damaged bus or f7 and restart, which can be time-consuming and impractical. Furthermore, implementing the /fix command for buses would contribute to a safer multiplayer environment. Currently, if a bus is damaged during gameplay, it may become a hazard on the road, leading to potential accidents or disruptions. By enabling bus drivers to quickly repair their vehicles, it would prevent these safety concerns, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience for all players. This not only affects the player's experience but also impacts players trying to play the game as realistically as possible, as repairing a bus at a service station can cost a lot. Allowing buses to use the "/fix" command without a trailer attached would be a fair and practical solution to this issue. If you have any questions or opinions on my idea, feel free to comment down below :))
  6. Hello I recently completed a delivery from the truckersmp event site to Szczecin, and It wont count the delivery. Can someone help?
  7. @FernandoCR [ESP]This is a very good aspect of my idea and I have not thought about that. Also, yes I am deeply aware of the capacities of the demo sent by in-game reports, which is one of my points for why it should be implemented, as it gives a more detailed and clear version of the situation
  8. I know that's why I said "on both player's sides" Hope that answers your question.
  9. Also please comment down below your suggestions and opinions of my idea
  10. sportdex


    I strongly agree, as a ets2 player who sometimes drives a bus or car, this feature would be very useful.
  11. Suggestion Name: Ghost mode countdown displayed above players nametag Suggestion Description: So you know when you see a player on ghost mode and you aren't sure weather you should go or not, therefore, my idea was to display a countdown above player's nametags showing how many seconds are left till ghost mode ends. On both player's sides Any example images: no Why should it be added?: reduce crashes due to underestimation of the duration of ghost mode running out
  12. @Somehow Lucky Why would it waste the staff's time if the reports don't time out? And why wouldn't the staff be able to see the offense I report them for, whatsoever the timing?
  13. As I had mentioned earlier, there will be a limited number of reports per user to avoid such issues. To answer your question users will be able to complain using the feedback system of the website.
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