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  1. I do not know the windows 11 yet but for now windows 10 is best version.
  2. Thanks for follow safe drive 😉

  3. If they were get you rammed or damage your truck just record and report them if they bothers you pull over open hazards wait them for leave they are most trolling they don't stay with you if you go slower.
  4. Thanks for follow @Strad

    Safe drive 🙂

  5. @berechtigter Thank you for follow safe drive 😉

    1. berechtigter


      Thank you too ❤️

  6. Today I was tried going slow and give them space for overtake but still they don't know how to proper overtake 6 people overtake three of them fail they don't know how to pass even they never check mirrors or oncoming traffic they want to just pass it doesn't matter you have there or not
  7. Firstly Ets2 is main game ATS is newer. Truck design can be reason and map is smaller than Ets2. The roads are more like highways not single way road like C-D. Maybe ping problem too.
  8. thanks for helpful topic for anyone trouble with beacons.
  9. Looks like France reskin again because last pictures has eco gas station in it and can be Scandinavia too first time dlc release.
  10. Thanks for the update this time released is very quick.
  11. My first one is krone trailer second one is Schwarzmüller Trailer and Low loader.
  12. Most of the people still think this game is race game 3 line on highways he's still keep driving outside the road or 2 people driving same speed on two line highway then some smart people try overtake them side of the road an accident occur or he's hauling heavy trailer but he wanna go max speed when close curve he pushes gas pedal and rollover accident occur and more etc.
  13. If i were developer I will set highways limits between 90-105 city limits 40-55.
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