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  1. They think mirrors and signals toys when they driving they think only how to make more speed. When i saw in the mirror someone driving like maniac i just slow down let them go otherwise they make problems. When they overtake mostly made accident with someone or overturn
  2. If you want to drive over speed use the arcade server or singleplayer. If you don't wanna speed use sim1 that all i can say.
  3. Instead of hate can be not like the truck style ?
  4. Hello, My longest drive is around 3500 km its takes almost 3.5 hours the complete wtih the zero damage.
  5. It's takes time last two uptade 1.37 and 1.38 take's almost a month release the update this one maybe get longer we dont know just close ets2 steam update option play at 1.38 version.
  6. First troll players. Second players don't have any patience. And last one when player made accident crash or inappropriate overtaking they don't accept their fault.
  7. Thats good news we dont need to anymore take job use it and cancel it.
  8. Lets says got 770 hp and nothing will change on TMP about speed limit you can't drive over the 110 km/h. Whats the differance between 730 hp / 770 hp ?
  9. Iveco/man and others already in the game just need add ford thats all.
  10. Use the arcade server you can drive more faster up to 150km/h.
  11. Sometime truck stuck in the traffic not moving even if you press f7 go to garage still not works and Radio not working properly.
  12. I did only once on tmp then others completed on singleplayer.
  13. 110 Km sabit hiz siniri vardir ustune cikmazsiniz sinirin altinda gitmekte size kalmis. Bazen harici sozlesme veya harici piyasa islerinden birini alirsani hiz siniri 90 km olur ustune cikamazsiniz.
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