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  1. Hey @dragonslayingmaster1000 Duisburg is non collision zone no need to change location repair or hotel place anymore.
  2. I saw it yesterday too it's probably bug.
  3. When the event time came if tmp support 1.40 I'll be there otherwise I don't wanna downgrade the game.
  4. Hello there, @CayroMx4 First you can reset windows then clean the fans clean the graphic card and processor apply new thermal paste check your graphic card update's every weeks and when playing mp don't run any app on the background just open the game. Last one thing if you're not playing the game close to Europe continent you have too much ping and that's gonna effect the fps. Best Regards [G-T-R]GrayWolf
  5. Thanks for quick info. You know some user's still opening new thread about releasing 1.40 update they never want to use search button on the forum I never see them. I'm sure they keep still opening new thread Best Regards, [G-T-R]GrayWolf
  6. Hello @bobo33160 You can play on single player only for now with this 2.52 or you will download again 2.50 or 2.51 version play on tmp. Best Regards, [G-T-R]GrayWolf
  7. Hello @Oleandro You can use these two code's under the console section. g_trailer_stability g_truck_stability
  8. I'll wait until russia dlc release this time.
  9. Hi If you try search button on the forum you can find many answer for your question I'll add some but I'm sure you can find more.
  10. Merhaba @xenzy Promods oynamaniz icin tum harita dlclerine sahip olmalisiniz aksi takdirde calismayacaktir. Saygilarimla, [G-T-R]GrayWolf
  11. Merhaba, @SODACI TV Öncelikle bilgisayarınızda eski bir sisteme sahipsiniz sanırım uzun süredir kullanıyorsunuz işlemci ve ekran kartınızdan anlaşıldıgı üzere acaba cihazın fanları ne durumda ne kadar sıklıkla temizlersiniz işlemci ve grafik kartı üzerindeki macunları hiç yeniledinizmi. Saygılarımla, [G-T-R]GrayWolf
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