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  1. Probably you are away from UE server same as like me I was playing from overseas I have same issue even I connect the US server nothing change ping not stable often get broken connection sometimes steam gets offline too they offer some solutions but not works permanently just temporary.
  2. My favor events is Real Operations you will see everything on that event police chase fire truck accident road close police control high speed police chase when emergency vehicle behind you how to react them and give them road for pass .
  3. in a 5 days Complete all Iberia DLC achievements and  discover 51 Cities, Deliver cargo 4 shipyards, Deliver 11 cargo all container ports, Deliver              3 cargo from Lisbon      Sevilla ,Pamplona to A Coruna , Watch cutscene at 15 locations , Deliver 5 ADR cargo to solar power plant last one is hard one take 2 days complete.

  4. Well Scs mostly renewed the cities not only specific roads in appearance they only changed entrance or exit of city.
  5. This feature is looks good it can be came one day we will waiting for that option. Maybe scs can hear us you never know whats gonna happened next
  6. Nice Photos we will looking for more of them thanks.
  7. @[G-T-R]GrayWolf throws a at @AkiraKurosawa
  8. Last three days I'm getting this problem too and I'm tired of this problem images showing I'm driving middle of the Iberia dlc not even 1 driver around and I still get kicked from the game !!!!!!!!! Other games works perfectly like GTA V online Red dead Online and any others don't have any connection issue only truckersmp ? This is the from us server still get too high and why everybody pings steady not mine always changing what's the point ???
  9. I think it's good like that it doesn't need to be change anything less troll driver more real driver.
  10. Every things looks clear to me but nowadays mostly player's don't care anymore these suggestions.
  11. I have Asus rog series laptop I have two option one is windows +G second one ALT+f9 second one works faster for short clips first one is for long journey like thousand km drive.
  12. All the money goes to developers owner the TMP I don't know how many people but They spend the on the game update,forums and other expenses I think. Other workers willingly work as free like admin moderator support translate etc.
  13. Looks like somebody angry an they try to make you angry and made mistake to report you I think probably they have multiple accounts they're just switching each account.
  14. They don't know how to overtake and looks like they never learn how to do it
  15. I just bought the Iberia dlc with %30 off the price starting explore the all cities let see how many days can take it discover all of them 🙃

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