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  9. If banned players are still allowed to play, then there is no real motivation for them to change their behavior. The whole point of a ban is for players to learn from their mistakes and not repeat them. Only by enforcing the ban can they understand there are consequences for breaking the rules. Players receive bans because they failed to follow our rules. It doesn't make sense to continue letting banned players participate in a specific server. The ban is meant to prevent rule breakers from playing until they agree to improve. If we don't enforce the bans we put in place, we might as well get rid of bans and rules altogether. But that approach won't work either. Without any rules or consequences for bad behavior, the server will become a mess. No one will have a good time in that chaotic. For the ban system to be effective, it must come with real consequences like blocking access to the server. That is the only way to encourage rule-following and help players learn from mistakes. It keeps things fair and orderly for all.
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