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  1. Static in speakers & headphones

    Hello, There may be a problem from the Beta. I recommend that you update the sound drivers and check the audio inputs and outputs. Best Regards. SuperLegend.
  2. Speed Regulator doesn"t work with my G29 and H shifter

    Hello, This video will solve the problem. Best Regards. SuperLegend.
  3. mp launcher error

    Hello, You can look at this video. I hope this resolves. Best Regards. SuperLegend.
  4. 30034502158_3159c44a4d_k.jpg

    Who would not like that?

    Have a nice day. :tmp:

  5. Picture of the Month: July [Winners]

    Again those who deserving did not win. Congratulations media team. Congrats! @The_FalcoN
  6. Portuguese Paint Jobs Pack

    Hello, This paint job may not have been adapted to the truckersmp yet. Please use another paint job. Best Regards. SuperLegend.
  7. Cost of creating a new server?

    Hello, If you share this topic in the Suggestions section, they will help you. Best Regards. SuperLegend.
  8. I would like to see LÖHR Trailers.
  9. 43862119371_8a9f4f378f_k.jpg

    Flower Shuttle. :wub:

  10. US Server

    It was supposed to be a server. I'm happy for American friends.
  11. Fast Cargo VTC | ''Active . Friendly . Fun''

    Very good company, good luck. I love the colors of your company. @[ FC CEO ] Cooper-NL
  12. my multiplayer wont work

    Hello, If you can take a screenshot of the error you have received, I can be of further assistance.