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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday 

  3. When every time you brake the person behind you rams into you...




    1. Pillow


      Oh yes, happens all the time.. <_< xD

  4. If i have the DLC for paintjobs but they don't can they see it?
  5. @Sentinel_ Oh my god, Haha I just noticed your location is set to Neptune and I set mine to Earth
  6. Before I bought 6 DLCs I did not see anyone with them but now that I have them I can see almost everyone I meet with them especially the cabin accessories and the wheel tuning... Is this a coincidence or is it true?
  7. @Joao Rodrigues Sick! I might try those controls they seem reasonable. @[ST-B] T.Rucker Jeez, I cannot imagine myself using a touchpad at ALL. Haha.
  8. @Joao Rodrigues Wait, than how do you turn the camera inside if you're using LMB and RMB? because you need to hold RMB to move around the camera with mouse steering...
  9. To be honest, If you're a good driver mouse steering would be so much better than keyboard and probably one of the most practical controlling ways. I use it and it has helped me avoid so many accidents and it's so smooth in turning if you decrease the steering sensitivity to like 15%
  10. Haha! and btw @PrototypeGR That's so GENIUS! Did you make that? And for everyone saying it was bad for them I think it was that you just couldn't control it but I mean i'm doing fine with it...So it might also be me being not normal.
  11. I was wondering if anyone here has ever considered to use mouse steering because I started using it yesterday and it's so awesome! It feels exactly like a wheel and you can turn corners so much better... Am I weird or do people actually use it?
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