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  1. Hello again, starting a conversation once more. Now I'd like to know if you would like TruckersMP to support more map mods, similar to what they do with Promods, such as the South America map mod. It's known that the multiplayer aspect of SCS is quite limited in terms of players, but TruckersMP is quite extensive, and there's always appreciation for ample map support, especially since trying out new things is always a plus. If there were a possibility to add any, which one would you prefer or think would be suitable to add?
  2. Hello, thank you for creating this survey and discussion. Personally, I really enjoy being and driving routes accompanied within a VTC (Virtual Trucking Company). It truly has several advantages, such as meeting people from different cultures, forming friendships with them, and participating in internal convoys or sharing these moments with other VTCs. It's truly enjoyable and fun.
  3. Hello, I open this discussion about this, mainly because it's a really good game. Besides being well-optimized and receiving updates just like Euro Truck, the low activity is very minimal within the TruckersMP servers. In my opinion, adding to what was mentioned before, I really enjoy it a lot. Besides being somewhat similar to Euro Truck, it feels totally different. Maybe the base map isn't the best, but the DLCs are very good. Also, organizing convoys with more people is a lot of fun, and I would like to know what you think about it. Do you believe it's an underrated game? Or do you have any theories or opinions about why some people might not play it?
  4. Hello, this time I would like to know what DLC (Downloadable Content) of anything you would like them to release in the game. Personally, I would like them to release country-themed paint jobs, for example, Mexico, my home country. Or DLC for tuning trucks that don't have it yet, like MAN or IVECO. Or even going to the extreme, a map DLC for Turkey or Iceland. What would you like them to release, even if it seems impossible? Dreaming doesn't cost anything.
  5. Hello, I think I may have arrived a bit late to comment on this post, but I would like to suggest that on the VTC website, there should be an option for users to provide feedback when leaving the VTC. This would be helpful in gathering feedback on the reasons for their departure.
  6. Hello, I want to share my opinion on the use of save edits. Personally, I really like them because you can create amazing combinations between trucks and trailers. I've been playing the game for about 6 years, and I find it boring to stick to the same things; exploring new possibilities adds an extra layer of interest. On the downside, it can affect others due to lag issues. Another aspect I haven't mentioned is the use of local mods, which also adds another point of interest to the matter, though that's a different discussion. I'd like to know what you think. Do you like it or not?
  7. Hello, I am making a video about the busiest route in Promods, and I would like to know if anyone knows how it originated, was discovered, etc. primarily the beginnings of this route. Why is it that other similar routes don't have the same number of people daily? I am genuinely interested in knowing a lot. This is my first post to generate discussion.
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