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Found 42 results

  1. La TGO organise la sixième étapes World Truck Tour Promods ! Nous vous attendons nombreux le samedi 25 Avril à 20h30 sur PROMODS pour rouler tous ensembles. Le départ se fera à 21h00. ---------------------------------------------------- Trajet : --------------------------------------------------- Trondheim (NORVEGE)--> Copenhague (DANEMARK) Nous nous retrouverons tous à 20h30 à l'entreprise Norrsken à Trondheim puis nous partirons en direction de Copenhague (DrekkarTrans). Une pause est prévu à Orebro chez Norrsken. La distance du convoi est de 1582 kms. ---------------------------------------------------- La cargaison : ---------------------------------------------------- Nous transporterons des Vaccins (Med_vacciney ) ---------------------------------------------------- Information du convoi : ---------------------------------------------------- - Etre sur la cibi 10 - Faire le pleins de carburant avant de partir et regler votre GPS sur eviter les autoroutes - Aucune publicité autorisée sous quelque forme que ce soit, sauf autorisation du staff. - Les entreprises doivent doivent respecter leur emplacement communiqué par l’équipe au préalable. - Tout le monde doit suivre les indication de l’équipe et le trajet du convoi. - Pendant le convoi, vous devez avoir un camion et une remorque (Pas de double remorque ni de voiture) . - Les dépassements son interdit et vous devez rester dans l’ordre donner au préalable. Si vous perdez votre place vous resterez à la fin du convoi - merci de respecter aussi les règles de truckersmp ---------------------------------------------------- Retrouvez les convois de nos partenaires chaque Lundi,Mercredi,Jeudi et Vendredi. Nous esperons vous voir nombreux à ses convois également.... ---------------------------------------------------- Discord: https://discord.gg/g7K7T3q Site web: https://t-g-o.fr Trucksbook: https://trucksbook.eu/company/39174 VTC Truckersmp: https://truckersmp.com/vtc/619 L’équipe de la TGO et ses partenaires souhaite vous voir nombreux à leur convoi. bonne route à tous et à très bientôt Inscription sur https://trucksbook.eu/convoy/6543
  2. Suggestion Name: As the title. Suggestion Description: Send notification Any example images: N / A Why should it be added?: As Promods is compatible with TruckersMP, many players are enjoying Pro Mode. But often, there are many promods application errors or questions posted on the TruckersMP forum. I would like to suggest one to prevent this problem. 1. Display a message if the DLC is not recognized - If you have downloaded all Promods mode files and you do not have all the map DLCs (this includes Scandinavia DLC, Going East DLC, Vive le France! DLC, Italia DLC, Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC), Does not. So if you find that a DLC is not owned on TruckersMP, it would be nice to let them know about the DLC you don't have. 2. If Promods Files Are Insufficient, Message Pops Up for Missing Files - When you download Promods with the current paid version, you need to apply 15 mod files. However, when downloading a mod, many users do not receive a def file, so many users do not apply Promods. So I would like to add a system to report missing mod files. I think of it in this case. If you solve this case alone, many players will be able to resolve the error quickly. Thanks to all the administrators who always manage TruckersMP and multiplayer.
  3. Suggestion Name: Serveur ProMods Arcade Suggestion Description: Hello, Is it possible to have a ProMods version of a no speed limit server like Arcade? Why should it be added?: because but friends and I like to play arcade and we would also like to play on ProMods
  4. Suggestion Name: No speed limiter on racetrack on ProMods server. Suggestion Description: Removing the speed limiter in the area near Södertälje. Why should it be added?: It's a lot more fun to drive a race with more than 110 km/h.
  5. Hello i am HandCuff from EHHVTC. I take part in charity events or special events as media team member or convoy control. My roles in our VTC are examiner, lower manager and media team member. I would like to share my ETS2 and ATS screenshots here and show my work some with graphics mods some without. World of Trucks ''Editor's Pick'' photo in UTAH (26/03/2020) New photo added 02/04/2020
  6. Recently i have been interested in discovering the map more with friends and would like to know the most interesting roads to drive on
  7. Hello i just need an answer (i dont know if i am at the right place) Ahem soo i re-installed TruckersMP recently and i already played on the promods but it was before the realease of "road to the black sea" dlc (i have all previous dlcs). And i was just asking if it was possible to play on the Promod server without this specific dlc or do i need to buy it to be able to play? i hope i'll get some answers Thank you redgo5.
  8. Wolfykh


    Hello are all map extension mods allowed on the promods server or not? thank you so much.
  9. Suggestion Name: Remove speed limit on ProMods 2 Server Suggestion Description: Simply clear. Why should it be added?: With ProMods the map is very big. Nothing has changed with the Trolls since the introduction of the speed limit to 110km/h. I think we don't need speed limit on ProMods 2 Server, basically lot of people want to drive faster on ProMods, me too. (Please let me with the "its not need for speed" comments. Create a new template text what You can send to players who want to drive faster than You.)
  10. So I'm trying to play promod in MP. I did not change any file name, it works fine in single player, but it says i need more modifications to go to promod server. I tried reinstall the MP app but it won't work.
  11. Promods a step-by-step guide on how to load map assets to play on the ProMods server. If you've played ProMods on a singleplayer before, you'll need something to make sure you have the latest version. On the contrary, if you are trying to connect to a ProMods server, one is missing. You receive an error message. Step 1 You can log in to https://www.promods.net and open an account in the address line, or you can log in to your account if you have one. Step 2 Enter: https://www.promods.net/setup.php. You will be prompted to select a language and create a def file. Cannot be used as a multiplayer. Step 3 Choose how you want to choose how you want to direct ProMods. Paid, fast, full mode allows you to download to a single archive at a higher speed in a free (slow) room. You have to download all files one by one, as they choose slow selection. Please note, the Middle East Plugin Pack will be supported. This does not apply to trailers and the Company Package. Nevertheless, this may be supported in the future. Step 4 If you have all ProMods files on your system, go to the mod folder in your Euro Truck Simulator 2 directory and navigate to all the files in that directory. Unless specified otherwise in the launch options, the game is located in the Documentation where it should be played. You have to import the mode folder of the ETS2 directory. Issued by ProMods, others not by TruckersMP. If you selected the ProMods server, but you receive an error, you will need to read and correct the error. If you cannot correct the error, please feel free to contact our support team at https://truckersmp.com/support/ticket/create. **It has been taken.**
  12. Hi, I recently installed ETS2 on steam + all map DLCs except the new one. I installed TruckerMP and ProMods and everything worked fine. I could play online on ProMods server with friends. I played like 2 days and on 3rd day after i didn't do anything to the game i could not load any save in MP ProMods. When i check MODS, all are red and say that its gone from my pc or it is incompatible. I have 1.36 version of ETS2 and the latest ProMods, even the Winter MOD dosn't work. BTW: promods and wintermode works fine on singleplayer. I reinstalled ETS2 and deleted saves, even from cloud, created new profiles etc it didn't help. Does anyone has any idea how to fix it?
  13. Hi, I was wondering how to get those trailers ?
  14. Hi, is it possible to downgrade TruckersMP to 1.35? I wanted to play with ProMods but as that is only available in 1.35 and TruckersMP was updated to 1.36 I can't launch it.
  15. Hoy 11 de Diciembre sale PROMODS para la v1.36.x la version de promods es la v2.43 DLC que se requieren: GOING EAST, SCANDINAVIA, VIVA FRANCIA, ITALY, MAR BALTICO Road to the Black Sea no impide que el juego se cargue, pero no es compatible. Pagina oficial de descarga: https://www.promods.net/compat.php +info: https://blog.promods.net/
  16. LessThera[GER]


    Wird es eine Anleitung für den ProMods Server geben? oder einen extra Launcher? Weil die Version 2.42 ja schon draußen ist.
  17. chodzi o to że jak odpalam launcher to nie wyświetlają mi się wogóle promodsy mimo że mam wszystkie dlc. tak na prawde to się zaczęło od tego jak zainstalowałem aktualizacje ktora jest normalnie niedostępna ale mi launcher kazał ją zainstalować i teraz nie dosć ze nie moge odpalić promodsów to moj ets2 nie multiplayer tez sie zle wczytuje przez co nie moge grać ;( . pomocy nie mam pojęcia co z tym zrobić. jak wchodze w mody na offline to mi pokazuje że promodsy są niekompatybilne
  18. It tooks a lot of work. I would be very happy about your Feedback! Follow me for more content.
  19. Hello. I'm LPmitElias (Elias). I'm 15 and I'm a passionate Editor since 3 years. I'm cutting some cool Videos in ETS2 and TruckersMP. Here I will post all my new projects. And I would be very happy about your feedback! (I know I posted it again, but i just want to have it in this Topic. But I would be happy if you can give me here Feedback, too.)
  20. Suggestion Name: (Promods) Remove certain 'city zones' on some highway parts (ring roads) around large cities. Suggestion Description: Since promods is implemented into the game. I've made some large trips passing big cities. There are some parts of the highway (ring roads) that are within the ''city zone'' that cause you to drive 60km/h on the highway. A lot of large cities suffer from this like the highway around Warszawa (PL), Wien (A), Nice (F), Bilbao (E) and many more cities. (There are more cities, so there needs to be some investigation if this suggestion gets accepted.) So my suggestion in short is to remove certain parts of the highway around large cities out of the 'cityzone' where you're limited to 60km/h. I suggest these 'cityarea zones' to be removed so that you can keep driving your desired speed instead of being limited to 60km/h. Any example images: Click me (video) Why should it be added?: Driving 60km/h on a highway is pretty much a waste of time and not necessary in the promods server where the traffic density is overall low.
  21. So first i wanna say Hi. I am having the issue here where that i can start ProMods for TMP but once i joined the server and im in-game ready to drive so wanna get a cargo job to haul. But once i select to start a job i get the msg: your trailer is too long and could not be spawned safely with out taking damage (and so trailer does not spawn and job is automatically set to pause) I have tried this by now over 25 times selecting jobs with trailers of various lengths and types but the issue remains. Would be nice if some1 can help me figure this out. More info i do not have ATM about the issue but i will see if can find some.
  22. Suggestion Name: Revision of non-collision zones required Suggestion Description: As the title suggests Any example images: No Why should it be added?: A few weeks ago at the start of Promods at TMP, as I boarded a boat smaller than those used in the base maps in a port, confident that I was entering an NCZ, when by my astonishment it hit a truck parked inside the boat, By chance, it was a game moderator, when I hit the truck slowly and without causing damage, I was teleported by the moderator to the nearest garage with the message that I rammed ... Regardless of this, I notice that Promods, NCZs are too small. The collision areas should be defined to be broader, identical to those used in base maps, or better than it is currently. I also note that some workshops are not covered by NCZ, and also within some companies in some cities. It is hard to describe which ones, as I watch as I play. I think it is necessary to review this situation, which can sometimes lead to complications in traffic management in these places. I also notice that some players are beginning to wait for them to get out of Promods boats, the players inside them. This is if anyone remembers to leave, because some of them when they have just made the trip, remain static inside the boat for some time, making it impossible for others to enter. Thanks
  23. With the recent release of the ProMods servers on TruckersMP introducing a fresh new look to the map, I'm curious to know which of the rebuilt cities has caught your attention the most vs the base game. I understand to some this is nothing new, but to others it could be a brand new experience seeing these new places in the game. For me I'd have to go with Rotterdam. I just love what they've done with the place! It's a massive improvement from the base map with it's bustling new roads, the cycle lanes and tram tracks running through the streets, the added plantation to give it that extra touch of Earth, and the residential highrise flats that are commonly found within the city. What's yours?
  24. Hi TruckersMP I'm having these strange disconnections on Promods server 1 where I can drive for more than 1 hour and suddenly in areas with low density of players I get disconnect. It says "Too high average ping! (Current 34 ms, average 1366 ms, max 600 ms)". I've been trucking for more than 1000 hours on the normal ETS2 and ATS servers (standard maps) with up to 140 ms (ATS US) ping and have never experienced this before. Can you please help me, what is the reason for this and how do I get around this issue ? Br GhostDK (Game.log.txt file attached) Too high average ping error - game.log.txt
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