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  1. Hayırlı bir doğum günü geçirmen dileğiyle, keşke doğmasaydın canım. :mlg_doge:

    1. GrandLionTR


      Samimi bir kutlama olmuş teşekkürler, ancak tanışmıyoruz sanırım. Yine de teşekkürler.

  2. Doğum günün Mubarek Olsun 🎂

    1. GrandLionTR


      Teşekkürler Ali kardeşim, Ses'e selamlar. 

  3. Doğum günün kutlu olsun! 🎉🎂

    1. GrandLionTR


      Teşekkürler, eksik olmayın...

  4. They used to go to Rotterdam port. Now they are going to Duisburg-Calais. PROMODS; Kirkenes is crowded.
  5. It looks crowded. The photo is not clear, though.
  6. More paint packages, more money... This may upset us: P
  7. It looks very good. How did you do this?
  8. There is no innovation that excites me. So I keep playing 1.37.
  9. I've been thinking about this lately. As the map grows, players are decreasing. I'm tired of playing alone ...
  10. I did not have such a problem. Maybe I haven't had an accident for a long time.
  11. 16 gears are very complicated. I recommend using 12 gears. RPMs to 2,000 are sufficient.
  12. It would be foolish not to buy. The price is affordable. When you complete the tasks, you can sell the paint package it provided. It sounds almost free!
  13. Those who use blue and white to make the pilot paint package look like a cop are too many.
  14. DAF is very noisy... As always, the best is Mercedes.
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