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  1. Thanks for the follow Samiz ^_^

  2. AFK kick while driving

    You need move more than few meters to reset the afk kick timer. Or just write something to chat, eg. /players /time
  3. How many reports you guys have on the website?

    I have 1370 reports and 55 pages I report usually only players who hit me/other players.
  4. ATS WOT jobs in MP limited to 90kmh, in SP 104kmh :o

    1. [VIVA] Kravatie
    2. MikeOG


      Has been a known bug, for some time now.

  5. Released

    ^ Thats Frosty winter mod bug, mod creator will fix it someday
  6. Happy Birthday bro :) 

  7. Happy Birthday! :)

  8. Released

    Trailers are working, but if someone other player has christmas trailer, u see white curtain trailer (which is glitching sometimes), not the Christmas one.
  9. Normal stuff :troll:


  10. Big stuff & escorts coming :P 


  11. Mod Version: Controllers Used: Logitech G29 Description of Issue: Trailer legs are down even user is connected trailer to their truck. How to reproduce: look other players and their trailer legs, they are all down and hitting ground even they are moving and trailer is connected to their truck. Screenshots / Videos: fixed
  12. [10x ETS2/ATS DLC Giveaway] Members Giveaway