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      Once again a new version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator have been released. If you wish to carry on playing TruckersMP, for the time being you will need to downgrade your game versions to   ETS2: "temporary_1_27 - 1.27.x for incompatible mods" ATS: "temporary_1_6 - 1.6.x for incompatible mods"   Use the following to learn how to downgrade:      Thanks!

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  1. [SCS Blog] Bella Italia

    Maybe potholes aren't common where you live (Veneto?) but in Piedmont are quite common, specially on roads controlled by the State... With that being said I'd stop this offtopic discussion.
  2. [SCS Blog] Bella Italia

    @marco6158 It's not a stereotype. Unfortunately it's the truth...
  3. Does the Corsair RM750x fit in the Aerocool Aero 800?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Alex [ITA]

      Alex [ITA]

      Yes krav. But i don't know what info is true. There are two different max psu lengths in the same case page.

    3. Kravatie
    4. Alex [ITA]

      Alex [ITA]

      I think in Aerocool were drunk when they wrote that page...

  4. Currently watching this. Idk why, but I'm watching this.

  5. I need help. Which is the best mobo between those ones:

    - Asrock Z270 Fatal1ty K4

    - Asus Rog Z270F Strix

    - Asus Rog Z270H Strix

    The Asrock was my first choice but it's too expensive for what it offers (it was cheaper some days ago, but it seems that someone doesn't like me buying a new pc <_<), the z270f has R G B   L I G H T S and it's my 2nd choice. The Z270h hasn't got rgb lights but it's the cheapest. Which one should I choose? 

  6. .:: HAULAGE 64 2017 ::. .:: Make-A-Wish ::.

    And as I promised, here there are the photos: With @El1teZombiezHD... @Killua // Ireland ^_^'s Scania... Our "Whoop whoop" @Sgt_Tailor, @Bonnm and @JeffSFC... Dat pink @MrHarv98 o_O With @Smalley - Truckers.FM With @Tuxy Fluffyclaws, @Bonnm and @McGamer . Very nice convoy! See you next year!
  7. [SCS Blog] Bella Italia

    ^ @Albert_ That's true, but I think that German/Poland road polishing is a long-term project which it may be already started, but it's a very long job to be done... I think devs should polish the default roads too btw...
  8. [SCS Blog] Bella Italia

    Uhm... Sicily and Sardinia will be added in the DLC? This means new ferries to take. And I hope the devs will add the potholes and some usage ruined roads, because in Italy are very common! D:
  9. [SCS Blog] Bella Italia

    Mamma mia! Bella Italia! Pizza and pasta! XD Can't wait.... :DD Hype train coming straight to your computer!
  10. Happy birthday I should say.

    *MEMES.exe Started Working*



    *MEMES.exe Stopped Working ... Call Immediately Assistance At: 555-happy-bday !!!*


    Happy birthday mate!

    A bit late, but happy birthday!

    Even later than @Kravatie...

    1. Kravatie


      dont diss my quotes 

    2. EnLight


      Thank you :) 

  11. Haulage 64 2017 - Wish Granted!

    Thanks for bringing us this awesome event! Maybe tomorrow evening I should post the photos I took in the convoy... Every bit of my free time during the weekend was used to drive in the H64 convoy :P See you next year!
  12. Today I went to the baths with my dad and on the way home we stopped in a service station to eat something and in the parking there were those trucks:


    Nice way to end a beautiful day!

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    2. saltsgaming
    3. Alex [ITA]

      Alex [ITA]

      Ah just a question to someone from Switzerland like @NoTime4name: what is that orange led square on the dashboard of Swiss trucks, like the White Daf, on the right of the "S" letter (which is turned off in the the photo)?

      Every time I go to Switzerland I see those mysterious orange leds (some are all turned on, some are half turned on...) on trucks and I'd like to know what are they...

    4. Kat_pw


      I wish trucks looked that good in the states.. 

  13. Winners of: "3x Giveaway"

  14. .:: HAULAGE 64 2017 ::. .:: Make-A-Wish ::.

    Awesome convoy! Fortunately this year I had some more free time than the last year. I waited 4 hours on Friday for the start of the convoy; on Saturday I drove for 2/3 hours and on Sunday for 4 more hours. I hope next year it will be as good as this one. Thanks @McGamer and @.::Cheetah::. #Wish64 for the event! I have some photos, but they aren't on the laptop I'm using now. I should post them by the end of this week
  15. [SCS Blog] Unknown video footage

    Yay! *Thomas the tank engine earape intensifies*