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  1. Alex [ITA]

    Road to Simulation

    I've rarely posted in this forum since last year or so, but I think I have to say something on this... I like the new idea for the servers and let me explain why; I like to play ETS2 (and ATS) as they were intended to be played: simulation games, not race games, for that, there is Assetto Corsa. I appreciate the fact that you've divided the servers, because it's probably 2 and a half years that I no longer play on the now old EU2 because of the total madness there was around the entire map (not only C-D) with trucks flying past you or directly crashing in your trailer and so on; mainly for that reason, I was only playing on EU1 and for some time (1 month to now) on EU3, since there were far better players thatn on EU2, but still wasn't as empty as EU1. Now for the first time I can play the game seeing someone more often (many times on EU1 played for 1/2 hours without seeing a player, which was a bit boring) that isn't a troller and that won't surely crash into you. I appreciate the fact that you can drive the Skoda car in Sim servers (with a speed limiter ) as I've never actually driven it since 2016. Finally, I just want to say to all the players that like to go to Calais-Duisburg road just to fly at 170Km/h that you have not one, but two arcade servers to use without the problem of being banned for reckless driving (since there are no collisions) and without annoying other players that have to use that road to make a delivery. Last thing: "Duplicate parts are now permitted, however abusing this by adding an excessive amount is not allowed (see below)" (taken from first post) What does it mean? I think I've written everything I had to say with this post.
  2. Happy Birthday!

    1. Alex [ITA]

      Alex [ITA]

      Thank you! :D

  3. Alex [ITA]

    Best Gaming Wheel?

    The G27 is the best imo. You can no longer buy it new, but you can find some good deals in the used market (I have bought one used and it works fine). I even prefer it to the newer choices that Logitech offers (G29/G920) since it has more buttons (and I think that in games such as ETS2 or ATS you need a lot of buttons to bind actions if you don't want to use the keyboard or a button box). If you're willing to spend something more, the T300 series from Thrustmaster is the best at its price (much better than all the Logitech whels) but it lacks buttons and some accessories (gearbox shifter and the 3 pedal set (T3PA or T3PA Pro)) are sold separately. Summing up, if you have enough money go for the Thrustmaster, if you need buttons and you don't want to spend a lot buy a used G27.
  4. Alex [ITA]

    Best colour combination for a truck?

    Flat white (or the truck maker paintjob such as the Mighty Griffin for Scanias or the 50th anniversary DAF paintjob) with little to none bullbars. Same for the trailer. You can obtain those combinations with the use of many DLCs (In this case: Mighty Griffin + Michelin + Cabin Accessories + Wheel tuning pack) and I think they create a truck that you may actually find on the roads of Europe
  5. Alex [ITA]

    TruckersMP 5th Anniversary

    Proud member of this community since 2015 I was reading through the first post and this caught my attention: What is it? I don't remeber that… Was it the quarry thing in California?
  6. It's actually quite sad to see this:


    Especially since my last ban was in 2016. I hate the younger me.

    1. ASIR [CZE]

      ASIR [CZE]

      Don't worry mate, I have same situation. Also more than 3 bans and last in 2016 (13y.o. yolo kid)


      Don't be so pessimistic, we need to do our best and prove our real potential.

      Good luck.


    2. _Pingu_


      yea im in the same boat, my younger self really screwed my future with truckers.mp team, what more can i say than ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    3. ASIR [CZE]

      ASIR [CZE]

      @_Pingu_ We should make some petition or something like that.

  7. Alex [ITA]

    Share Your Desktop

    On my desktop. My laptop is quite filled with icons. Name censored for privacy
  8. Unfortunately I had to disconnect before the end of the Egg Hunt… I found only 3 eggs on 6; in the order:

    Red (found casually going around the map)


    Green (it was the first area I was going to, but I flipped over half way :o, so I decided to move to another area; after a while I looked at the hint)


    Orange (I didn't look at the hint, which was announced on my way there, but there were some players as I got on location)


    I didn't find the Yellow one, but I'm pretty sure it was at El Centro's Sunny Crops...


    Thank you event staff for the wonderful afternoon! As far as I can remember there were:

    @Speedy_TMP, @verbeekrj2903(NL/ENG), @Mike Dragon, @Digital, @iHobbit, @[AHL] Aek177, @K0rnholio

    I'm sorry if I've missed someone (probably the "eggs" I didn't find, sorry! D: ), and again thank you for the event!

    1. [RLC] Dark_Owl_

      [RLC] Dark_Owl_


  9. During the Easter Eggstravaganza I got kicked for "Unreliable Connection"... I moved away from WiFi because it wasn't reliable (I had ping spikes from 35 to 500 ms) and I finally got a (quite long I have to say) cable, but still I'm experiencing network problems. I think Adsl is not great for online gaming :(

  10. Alex [ITA]

    New Italy City

    https://www.google.it/maps/place/Sardegna/@40.0562194,7.8577928,8z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x12ddc48d448d3591:0x339674b6e4ab6631!8m2!3d40.1208752!4d9.0128926?hl=it It is an Island and it has quite good landscapes. Unfortunately we can't get out of our trucks and take a bath in the wondeful sea around
  11. I was just wondering: will there be the H64 Convoy this year too or it has been cancelled? I can't find any information in the community events section...

  12. Alex [ITA]

    Are people not as interested in the one truck family jobs than before?

    I didn't even start it because I'm not interested in the rewards and because I don't have enough free time to spend on games right now… I guess I'll wait the next one.
  13. czyNlWe.jpg

    Thank you for the fun of this super convoy! I hope you've reached your donation goal! See you at the next event (I hope H64 will be organised this year too)

  14. Thank you for the awesome convoy Clara's Dream staff! It was awesome to be part of it even if I joined only for two routes.





    I'm looking forward for the next event!

  15. Alex [ITA]

    I can still play but without scandinavia also problems

    Just report them on the website if you have some valid proof, not here on the forums. Also, you know it's against game rules to overtake on high traffic roads such as C-D? And for photo, upload them to a photo website such as Imgur, then copy and paste the image link.