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  1. I play a lot of ETS2 and sometimes ATS. But outside of the simulation game Rocket League and Battlefield 4. Also Farming Simulator 19
  2. Good Morning Ruben, thanks for follow ❤️

    1. RUBENXUUu [ESP]


      the same to you

  3. All my weeks are just as sad as the rest
  4. Hello, good morning everyone!

    Happy Father's Day to every father who plays this beautiful game ❤

    1. [BTR] It'sRatul
    2. Lena'


      Good morning ❤️ 

    3. .Pedro.


      Good morning

  5. Eu só sei uma verdade: é hora de o Jedi acabar 🛸🔫

    kkk cumprimentos. 😋

  6. I started a challenge that I found here in the forum and I added to go at the speed that the gps indicates to me. At the moment minimum of 50km/h and maximum of 80km/h, I respect the signs and traffic lights, whether or not there are people.
  7. I am excited about this dlc. I have been waiting for it for a long time.
  8. Hi! Normally I use 6 speeds with retarder in real automatic because it never exceeded 100km/h and I don't carry much weight so that transmission is more than enough. But since I am now driving the DAF 2021 I am using the 12 speed with retarder. Always automatic I like to simulate the real transmission of each truck.
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