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  1. Can't wait for TMP to update. Want that new Renault
  2. Good Morning Everyone. Have an Fantastic Friday!!

  3. Goodday TMP Peeps. Almost FRIDAY!!!

  4. Good Morning All. Big day today for Pries Logistics. 2 Year Anniversary. Happy Birthday Pries Logistics. Glad to be part of such an amazing community

    1. povgamer


      Good morning!

    2. .RedWolf.


      Good Luck And I Wish you as all company ONLY the best




    3. Mary Jackson

      Mary Jackson

      good morning, congratulations

  5. Have An Awesome Week Everyone!!!

    1. .RedWolf.


      You too Slakkie ❤️ Good Luck with your work 


      Best Regards,







  6. B&C public convoy starting soon!!! Can't wait

  7. Was at the Trucky ATS Convoy. What a nice convoy. Will attend it anytime again

  8. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

    1. XFMaster9666


      Thanks, I wish you a great weekend too.

    2. super37s


      same to you ❤️


  9. Let the day begin!!. Have a great day everyone 

  10. Glad this day is over. I need a strong drink after a day like today

  11. Like the new easter badge. Looks awesome!!

  12. Thanks TMP for the great hunt today. Was awesome

    1. Scanva Diesel A/S

      Scanva Diesel A/S

      Yes, I Agree With You ☺️

    2. owen611624


      I did see you a few times 👀

    3. Slakkie4x2


      Yeah was racing around and flipping my truck quite a few times😆

  13. Good Morning Everyone. Have a great week. 

    1. PMGonzaga


      Good morning thanks to you too

    2. Justice Man

      Justice Man

      Good Morning! you too

    3. Red'Sire


      Morning Slakkie.

  14. Time To Drive

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