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  1. Scania or DAF

    If those are the only options I'd rather walk. Nah fr tho, as much as I hate Scania it chose that over a DAF any day. Irritates me they made a DAF pack, where's the Volvo pack at? I get people drive DAF's but a community vote or something for the next truck mod pack would have been good.
  2. In the original post you said that Golf is a MK7 GTI but the picture is a MK6 GTI I've got a MK5 GTI aiming for a MK7 GTD by next year
  3. J-Spec Trucks: The New Cool Trend

    Similar to this? (minus the window plates... and the beacon.. I keep meaning to remove that but always forget!) Also does 750HP count if it's heavy haulage? this struggles on moderately high inclines I can't imagine what a 500hp would be like.
  4. Age

    Do you really think 12/13/14 year olds are gonna see the age limit and think "Heck, nevermind, I'll go back to minecraft". People will play if they wanna play, regardless of age, putting age limit wont stop them. They'll just enter fake details. I played 18+ games before I was 18, I watched 18+ "Videos" and movies before I was 18. For Steam you need to be 13+ and I was 12 when I made my account. Unless you request ID from everyone, which is an unrealistic goal in itself, it's not going to work. and even if you do that, the amount of trolls isn't going to decrease by much at all. If anything, I'd say there's more adult age trolls than kids. When I report someone, I check out their Steam profile out of curiosity and they don't look anything like a 12 year olds profile.
  5. What is Your Favorite Road?

    German/Swiss mountains
  6. You Must select Valid ets2 patch

    Go to where ETS2 is installed. Do you have it installed on a separate drive? You just need to locate where the game is then add that directory. Follow this Don't copy mine directly, I've installed steam on a different drive so it's gonna be whatever path yours is.
  7. Post Real Life pics of trucks

    Not in my country but... Sarantos petropoulos
  8. +1 I'd like this a lot. opt in of course not statically set
  9. When is the next sale? (scroll down) (DLC page) Click any DLC and again scroll down to see price history
  10. What song are you currently listening to?

  11. Funny Pictures Thread

  12. When is the next sale?

    Here's the price fluxuation in $$$ over time. It goes on sale very often. As you can see it does go on sale a lot including DLC so if you can just wait. You might not even have to wait until winter a random sale is quite likely. The base game: Going east DLC Scandinavia DLC
  13. What you wear while driving... in-game?

    My favorite hoodie