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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday! 

  3. Any UK truckers here? How much did it cost for HGV1 and HGV2 Licence respectively? Any advice for going for them? HGV driver isn't a primary career choice, but it''s something I'd like to have as an option. Thanks! 

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    2. _Party_


      @Roadrunner UK ahh well thats' handy, cheers!! are you able to name a few for me, i will go check them out when i have time :lol: 

    3. Roadrunner  UK

      Roadrunner UK

      Eddie Stobart used to do it, but I don't believe they do anymore - its called 'private sector training', you can contact a company if you're interested in driving for them and don't have the required licenses, and they might train you, however I don't believe many do anymore despite a high increase in the need for HGV drivers. Another option of course like you said is the army (DST), which is based on Yorkshire. Its an option I may consider

    4. Shaddaz


      I have paid out about £3500 all in to go to class 1 (cpc medical test fee everything)


      I did my class 2 on Dec 14 first time pass with 1 minor got my class 1 booked for the last week in feb 

  4. Similar to this? (minus the window plates... and the beacon.. I keep meaning to remove that but always forget!) Also does 750HP count if it's heavy haulage? this struggles on moderately high inclines I can't imagine what a 500hp would be like.
  5. German/Swiss mountains
  6. Go to where ETS2 is installed. Do you have it installed on a separate drive? You just need to locate where the game is then add that directory. Follow this Don't copy mine directly, I've installed steam on a different drive so it's gonna be whatever path yours is.
  7. And they say car with trailer is unrealistic :D 


    1. elot360PL


      Poland, best country :wub:

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^


      that reminds me of this for some reason :P


  8. ^ I might be wrong so correct me if I am but I think in certain parts of Norway during the summer the sun never actually sets there. It's so far north it's visible to the sun at all times. Yeah here's a video that explains it, where I learnt it from. I wanna emphasise this video is filmed around midnight lol.
  9. Loved it! definitely do more of these. The view is amazing!
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