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  1. Roadrunner  UK

    Changing linked Steam account

    Its a shame, but I fully understand why it's not possible. Thank you for your answer
  2. Roadrunner  UK

    Where do you drive the most? Or your favourite road?

    Calais - Duisburg, it might be chaos almost constantly but some of the scenery there is incredible.
  3. Roadrunner  UK

    Changing linked Steam account

    Thanks for the reply I'm not sure you fully understood what I said though, I have made a new TMP account because I cannot sign in using my old one on my new Steam account, which is a real pain because I was proud of my 10516 TMP ID xd. I don't want to delete anything, simply just change linked Steam accounts.
  4. Roadrunner  UK

    Changing linked Steam account

    Hey! So I was wondering if it was possible to change the linked Steam account of this account? The Steam account linked to this TMP account (https://www.steamcommunity.com/id/IRoamTheRoads https://truckersmp.com/user/10516) is extremely old and hasn't been used for nearly 2 years, and I would like it if this account was linked to my new Steam account - https://www.steamcommunity.com/id/RenegadeNine https://truckersmp.com/user/1797709 , so I can login on my new Steam account using my old TMP account (if this makes sense) I understand if this isn't possible, but I thought I might just have a go at trying. I know this is probably the wrong place to post this, but hey.
  5. Roadrunner  UK

    Count until a TMP staff member comments (V.2)

    I guess we're back to 1 again 1
  6. What is going on? I can't connect to EU2 because it says 'Authenticating' in top right corner forever, and EU3 has a queue of 265 and it won't let me join it

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    2. (>^-^)>


      yeah, most likely because so many people are trying to login at the same time D:

    3. [VIVA] Kehox

      [VIVA] Kehox

      server update .. hotfix incomming

    4. (>^-^)>


      im going to play ATSMP as i wait

  7. You were right about buying the DLC, I bought i't for €17,99 and i't worked, I now have the new part of France. Thanks for helping ;)

  8. Wszystkiego najlepszego! Najlepsze życzenia od Roadrunner :)

    1. Wenon_PL


      Dzięki wielkie! :)

  9. Roadrunner  UK

    Winter mod not working

    The Multiplayer Mod team are the ones that will activate it when it is ready. I believe there has been an issue that has recently cropped up regarding the Vive La France DLC. I don't know this for a fact but I think the textures are conflicting and the game is not 100% stable with the Winter Mod.
  10. Roadrunner  UK

    Test Drive Unlimited

    Nowe gry TLD wychodzi .. Nie ma mowy? Myślałem seria TDU został ukończony. Człowieku, mam tak wiele wspaniałych wspomnień gry Test Drive Unlimited 2. Nie mogę się doczekać następnego. :P
  11. Frienddddd,where is your crazy profile picturee :(:)

    1. Shovali
    2. Roadrunner  UK

      Roadrunner UK

      Changed it :P Looked a bit ridiculous :lol:

  12. Roadrunner  UK

    Picture Of The Month December Christmas Edition

    @CaptainKostaZ Scania holograms on window of a Volvo?
  13. Roadrunner  UK

    Auto patcher Released!

    Been much needed for a while The amount of ETS2MP Setups I've got is unprecedented