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  1. Thanx for the answers on that one guys like I said just a random thought I was having at the time
  2. Ok just a random thought Is it not possible for multiple servers in different locations to talk to each other so rather than having EU, Asia, US etc we have 1 server and you auto connect to the server with the lowest ping that has room for more players?
  3. Shaddaz

    beacon speed

    I thought that at first Scarecrow and I did post a report in game for cheating then as I was heading out the city I started to notice ALL the trucks was like it every beacon I passed that I could see had this rapid flash happening so thought I would put it in as a bug report due to the possible lag that it may create on the server
  4. Shaddaz

    beacon speed

    yes and I see it like that on every truck mine seem fine and if other peoples beacons are going that fast you can just imagen the lag it could create on a low end system saying that I do notice a FPS hit SP (modded) game funs a solid 60FPS (Vsync) MP i seem to be averaging 30FPS that might just be down to MP but worth pointing out
  5. Shaddaz

    beacon speed

    Hi guys noticed an issue with the beacons yesterday they seem to be very fast Topic Title: Beacon Speed ETS2MP ID: N/A URL: N/A Server Time/ Date: N/A How to reproduce: watch other players beacons Screenshots / Videos: see the other palyers beacons about harlf way throught the vid take note of the seed that mine change at
  6. I have been on the W10 preview for a while now and every major update I have needed to reinstall my AV and sometimes reupdate my GFX Drivers but as the OP said if you want to keep it get it backed up just in case
  7. Shaddaz

    windows 10

    I run Win 10 Preview and it runs with no problems (well none that I have found)
  8. I no what you both mean I have started to relax with that a bit now tho I have the recorder running and just dunp the buffer into a file is something happens after my last report it was set for 2 mins but needs to be longer so set it to 5 so anything happens I just put in a report job done
  9. yes i am doing the same got a feeling it might take a little time tho with all the new stuff in this one as the new area needs the NCZ and Speed limits adding and then there is all the other new stuff like the mod manager might need a rework to stop mods being loaded into MP
  10. I am driving a actros with taglift atm I am ether just under or just over 500hp (i can not remember without looking) I try to sit at the speed limit for the roads or under it if the trailer is a 70 limited one (construction trailers) I try not to rush as there is no point I fi am running solo between yards then i do get a bit of a lead foot but as a rule I enjoy the drive but I find alot of the hills (on off ramps) are very steep (steeper than I think you would find in RL) so that i why i use a mid to high HP engine
  11. Shaddaz

    Rammers :P

    ETS Trolls seem to be less atm when I first started on MP it seems to be all the time and I would be making 2+ reports most days I played but I have been on for the past 2 weeks or so and only needed to make one report for blocking and ramming guy got a heavy ban from what i could see think it was nearly 3 weeks for a first offence So the heavy bans might be making some of them think twice before doing it
  12. If you are having lots of problems with english try to use google translate and post in your native language as well
  13. Shaddaz

    Steering Wheels

    I use the paddle for turn signals easy to get to no it is not the nicest of chairs the kids busted my last one (Little S**Ts) It is on the list to replace but need the funds first and the G27 wiped me out for a bit see I have my priorities lol
  14. Shaddaz

    Steering Wheels

    yes you soon realize that you have lots of cables when you have to pull it all apart for cleaning, moving etc A quick question for you guys what setup do you use on your H Shifter I have been using the basic Range-Splitter
  15. Shaddaz

    Steering Wheels

    oohh god that looks like cable hell but still rather tidy here is a pic of my mess atm I really need to find an hour to clean up and organize this lot
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