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  1. @Inthernet Hey man Yeah doing some jobs whenever i can. Although sometimes i can get stressed and irritated driving in real life, ETS2 never has me worried! How are you doing? Still J-specing? Old picture from RTS times!
  2. Is there a folder in your documents called "ETS2MP" ? Does it contain launcher.dat, config.dat, etc.? Also, could you give us some more information about your system? Operating System (Windows 7, 8, etc.) Operating language
  3. Like Firestarter said, it could be due to the fact that your PC is in Russian. This might be a way to fix it: When installing MP, it first asks you to choose a language. Have you put Russian or English? In case you put Russian but problem still happens: Create new folders, in same path, in Latin letters. So in your library create a folder named "Documents" and put the ETS2MP map in there. Hope this helped
  4. In your client log it says it can't open config.dat. Make sure there's a folder in your documents called "ETS2MP". It should automatically create one for you when installing MP. If it hasn't, try downloading and installing MP again.
  5. Been driving a few jobs with this lovely truck. Would definitely recommend it to you guys who play singleplayer, the MAN TGX Euro 6 (Tandem):
  6. Got vacation now, and been doing some singleplayer trucking trying different types of mods. Here's the Scania G440 E6 Topline Tandem: Nice truck, drives like a charm. Ideal for mid-range distances due to a lower cabin compared to the R-series.
  7. Been a while, but did a job with my DAF Tandem:
  8. Hello everyone


    1. FirestarteR93


      ohai, welcome back

    2. xhavefunx


      Thanks, just swinging by to see how thing are going. I like the new forum! :)


    3. stilldre1976


      Yo buddy hope your doing well and jobs going good great to see you popping back :D

  9. Merry christmas and already a happy new year, ETS2MP!

  10. Indeed, but it also depends on the horsepower since the tractor has a max pull weight. It depends per country, but on average a drive axle is allowed to carry 13t. Each axle on the trailer is allowed to carry 9t. 3x9=27t + 13t = 40t. Getting back to the max pull weight, which is around 37t for a truck with 400hp. The driver is responsible for loading the cargo in a correct way. Load too much on the front and the tractor will be overloaded, load too much on the back and the trailer's axles will be overloaded. Each non driven axle on a tractor is allowed for max 10t, so a 6x2/4 would be allowed to carry 50t. I can see from your profile you're from Scandinavia, where indeed 75 tons is allowed. So a 6x4 chassis certainly isn't an uncommon sight there, so i completely understand your vision of J-Spec.
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