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  1. ^ No, only if it's already expired. For code 95 you never do re-exams. For ADR there is an exam to extend it with another 5 years, if you do it within the 5 years since you got it.
  2. There's 2 types of ADR: Base and Tank (liquid). Base ADR does *not* pay extra, this is a misconception under many people. Only tank pays extra. Questions are mainly about etiquettes, classes, package desciptions, and safety. Reason people get their adr base is because every 5 years you must have 45 hours of re-education for your code 95. 38 hours theory and 7 practice. This can be education for tachograph, fork lift, efficiënt driving, skid course, and more.
  3. Sometimes the company does. It's a 2 day course. Adr tank is one day extra.
  4. Yes, the driver was in the truck but survived. I'm from Holland but we drive every week to north Norway. Even the older guys who have more than 30 years of experience driving there get themselves in trouble sometimes. I know: when driving on such roads, one hand on the wheel, other on the door handle. If it starts slipping jump tf out
  5. It happens very fast
  6. ^ There are drivers around 50 years old who drive 6 months, the European Union made big differences between countries. And Norway is fine in the summer. But in the winter.. you are required to have 7 snowchains. One on the steering axle, on each of the drive axle, and one on both sides of the trailer. It's -30. Your clothes are wet from the snow but it's so cold that it becomes stone hard. Same for your gloves. If your trailer is not loaded correctly; you will crash. Only 3 axle tractors are allowed. You must load as much in the front of the trailer for pressure on the drive axle. When you want to drive away you must raise the axle for more pressure and traction on the drive axle. When starting to drive you must lower it again for more grip. How more wheels are making contact with the surface, the better. You must make sure the diesel in your tank contains Anti-Flok which prevents crystalization of the diesel due to extreme low temperatures. Shell adds this as standard to their diesel. (Or should i say B7 now? ) There are so many things i can tell you.. but it wouldn't be just "a challenge". You'll need some good experience not only in driving, but also problem solving. And remember: You are risking your life. Many drivers died; and not necessarily because of their own impatience; but also someone elses.
  7. Hey Fernando, great to see you! Thanks for the good explanation. I see there are quite a lot of changes. Can't believe how much fuzz there is about this "C-D route". But hey, just like in real life: kids need a kinder garten to play So, the "economy" mwl was working on, has he dropped this? Or is he still holding on to that "I'll implement it when scs stops supporting the game" theory? I remember our Virtual Company with the economy system. You were earning the most money in the company ETS2MP would be 10000 times better with economy.
  8. ^ Depends where you are from! If you are from Spain and want to drive for a company in Holland you can't expect to be home every week. My Romanian collegues drive 6 weeks, then 1 or 2 weeks home.
  9. Everything is possible! Code 95 is for driving in Europe. It excists out of 3 exams: Traffic & Technics, Administration and Administration cases. (RV1, V2C, V3C) This last one is basicaly the same content as in V2C, but put in stories. (Peter drove 4 hours and 15 minutes, he already took a break of 15 minutes. How long may Peter drive and for how long will he have to take a break before driving again?) Then you get multiple choice answers. Correct answer is 15 minutes driving and 30 minutes break. (Max. Driving non-stop: 4:30 hours. Break:45 minutes. May be split in to once 15 and then 30. Not the other way around!) And total hours allowed on a day is 9 hours of driving with maximum of 10 hours 2x a week. So 2x you may drive 1 hour extra. About payment: It depends very, very much where you live. In Holland, international driver will be somewhere between 2800 and 4000 euros. In Poland it's between 1900 and 2500. In Serbia drivers earn around 700 euro. So it really depends. I drive alot from Holland to Norway, i'm at 3500 euros per month. I've heard Norwegian drivers earn a lot more than that. Around 5000. But Norway isn't in the EU and it's one of the most dangerous countries to drive, especially up North in the winter.
  10. Thanks for the replies guys! This is something that was indeed observable in the Scandinavia area. This is where i drove most of the time. Players were always driving very gently and realistic, and docking the trailer seemed to take players there less time than in example Rotterdam. I have another question; I've seen posts about a speedlimit of 150 km/h, but i see there's so a Simulation server. Is the speedlimit in the simulation server 150 km/h?
  11. Hey there Truckers, Some of you may know me, some may not; but i used to be a very active player here! Haven't played the game in a very long time, been very busy working (driving)... and since i mostly drive between Holland and North-Norway, i hardly have any time to check on the game. I can see there are lots and lots of new maps and features! Double trailers, real trailers like Kone, etc. But i was wondering: How's today's realism in Truckers MP? Last time i played it was called ETS2MP (Around 2 years ago? Little bit more) and there were hardly any realistic driving players. For example; when i was driving 85, for certainly 90% of the time i was overtook by players driving 100km/h+. Almost never like in real life, where someone would overtake me with 90, and i'd flash my high beam as in you can safely merge back in front of me, and they'd thank me with their turn signals. Are more people enjoying the 'Simulation' aspect of the game nowadays? Just want to check if it's worth it to download the game again when i get home. It's nice anyway to be back here on the forums and see lots of familiar names! https://image.ibb.co/j1Huye/20180619_141102.jpg
  12. Same as @Smalley said. I don't understand why you turn the engine off. Are you sure you aren't stalling it? Do you know how a manual transmission works in real life?
  13. You need to install the FFB plugin to get them working for ETS2. All information and download can be found here.
  14. @Inthernet Hey man Yeah doing some jobs whenever i can. Although sometimes i can get stressed and irritated driving in real life, ETS2 never has me worried! How are you doing? Still J-specing? Old picture from RTS times!
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