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  1. ^ @smackywacky_ agreed! The bigger the map, the more there is to explore... more fun!
  2. Suggestion name: Expanding amount of handled website reports Suggestion description: I've noticed that it's taking unacceptably long for reports to be claimed and handled. I therefore suggest that either: The current responsible people get a daily quotum of website reports to handle, or if such quotum already excists, to raise it. And/or; Recruit more people to handle the great amount of website reports. And/or; A combination of the above Any example images: X Why it should be added: It's taking several days for reports to be claimed and handled. Potential perpetrators such as cheaters may roam within the community for days, ruining other member's their gaming experience. Considering that the community has grown exponentially since it's excistance, it is of great significance to grow the staff team along with it. Not doing so results in what is pretty much rather a complaint than a suggestion such as the above. I sincerely hope this suggestion will be taken in to consideration. Thank you.
  3. Started my new logistics company. Finally got to afford an own trailer!
  4. Volvo FH4 needs a rework. The ciphers on the side are not stickers like in the game but are actually sticking out.
  5. I always drive defensive. I just started a new company, trying to grow it exclusively playing multiplayer. I had debts in the beginning because of people crashing in to me, it costed me thousands. I usually drive 85 km/h or less.
  6. I've been to Kirkenes once, in real life it's not as busy as they say it is in the sim. It was the most beautiful tour i got from my dispatch. The small bridges have traffic lights, and there was alot of fish hanging outside. It was't really challenging to be honest. I didn't know Promods had this city in it, i'm downloading it for sure now!
  7. I came back after a while to play a little, and i saw something like "At TruckersMP we take simulation serious", and i was like Ah cool, they finally improved the simulation part. I saw a 90km/h logo and had high hopes. So i went online, and saw that there are alot more players now, which is great. I went on a job, put my CC on 85 km/h. And before i knew it, people were flying past me. So i hit the throttle to see what the actual limit was...: 110. "We take simulation seriously" To "simulate" something is to represent laws and physics of reality as much as possible. In the EU, trucks are limited at 90 km/h, always.
  8. @Inthernet Hey man Yeah doing some jobs whenever i can. Although sometimes i can get stressed and irritated driving in real life, ETS2 never has me worried! How are you doing? Still J-specing? Old picture from RTS times!
  9. I had a good laugh driving in this convoy. Too bad i couldn't complete it, i have to wake up at 4AM tomorrow!
  10. Is there a folder in your documents called "ETS2MP" ? Does it contain launcher.dat, config.dat, etc.? Also, could you give us some more information about your system? Operating System (Windows 7, 8, etc.) Operating language
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