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  1. yes i am doing the same got a feeling it might take a little time tho with all the new stuff in this one as the new area needs the NCZ and Speed limits adding and then there is all the other new stuff like the mod manager might need a rework to stop mods being loaded into MP
  2. If you are having lots of problems with english try to use google translate and post in your native language as well
  3. Just as a side note for the OP I personally find it best practice to always run with my lights on as I forget to turn on also with the winter mod the times are different (do we still hve the winter mod avalible?) so day time on there was night on normal mode
  4. that looks more like just your side lights from the vid pressing "L" once is your side lights only press "L" twice for your full lights and "K" if you want high beams (default Key binds)
  5. You have been banned due to trolling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2yL8Q29FII&pxtry=1
  6. with truck drivers the best thing to do (in game and RL) is just give them room leave them enough room and they will be out of the way in no time you see it alot in game a player will have a moment and block the road and everybody boxes them in but if you just leave some room problems can sort themselves out really quick
  7. ok out of all of that the highlighted bit stands out to me TELL ME MORE Yes things are changing for the better? well time will tell but good luck mwl4 I am sure we will all keep on truckin
  8. yes i can understand it caused a issue ER but at the end of the day it is a VERY grey area I think it was posted in your modding topic that you COULD do it (or it may have been another topic doing similar things) then you get banned for doing it So I think that grey area needs to be made Black or white and nothing in the middle as it is unfair on the people that do this then get a very long punishment for it (I think a kick or short term ban would have been enough in this case)
  9. dogidog thats a bit of a grey area rule as it had been said a number of times you can mod the base game files as long as they stay vanilla so a volvo engine in a DAF or changing cabs etc 3rd party mods on the other hand we no as a big no no
  10. Think it is time to play MP lets hope the weekend trolls play night tonight I like the weekend as it is so active but hate it at the same time

  11. Bah!..... I am native English so not quite everyone has a chance NVM Maybe next time
  12. I do find this game amusing sometimes people are always complaining about Rotterdam (and surroundings) being busy etc so why do you even go there take jobs that stay away from the troubled areas or go thee during off peak hours

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    2. Dave


      A couple of months back I was going through EP and ended up stuck in a gridlock that was on both sides from the turn leading to EP from the tunnel outside Rotterdam and from EP up to that turn, it took 40+ minutes to get through it - bloody loved it man haha, it was a sight to see.

    3. Shaddaz


      if you was happy with that *thumbs up* personally my system would cry so I have to avoid the area 90% of the time 1500 players on the server I no its going to be bad there 200 players on I just have to stay the hell away

    4. Shaddaz


      2000 players8

  13. I get it from time to time normally when my network is being a bit picky
  14. yes the quarry is a bit hit and miss I always get the yellow warning the only time i see the red normally is if another user has selected the same job just before me
  15. ok not sure why this would be an issue as there is not much for you to do off the roads unless there is an awesome ramp out the way for us to mess about on
  16. Thanx devs for being so quick with the update
  17. I think staying east will be in order for a bit in the less busy areas
  18. Shaddaz

    ghost truck

    I think this has something todo with the distance settings I see it yesterday (along with a whole list of bugs that I want to try and reproduce today if I get chance)
  19. Ok I feel like a newb now How do i get to click on the settings box ingame (when you hit tab and get the player list) atm I am having to edit setting try them then logout reload and try again
  20. I find more of my lag issues happen when a truck comes into range 1 truck i get a split second lag spike 5+ truck i can lag for upto a min I think this might be caused by the fact the game is trying to load the player/truck data and the graphics at the same time (even tho you might not be able to see the player from your location) as for rubber banding/Bouncing/trucks at a rave. Rubber banding is not so bad for me personally there is always some but it is not huge I just have to take extra care as for bouncing/rave trucks thats only ever Rotterdam/EP (that I have noticed) but I think some of these issues are down to my system specs I am running on low gfx settings as well just to try and keep things running smooth (ish)
  21. Shaddaz


    I am in the UK and get a 32ms (on average)
  22. Note sure of the exact issue here as you have not given us much to go on where are you when it freezes ? How many people are on the server? (an educated guess will work for this) personally I get a extended freeze near EP/Rotterdam as I go into the tunnel I also get small freezes as another player comes into viewing range I found it helped when I reduced some of my graphics settings as what you use in SP might not work so well in MP
  23. Kool thanx for the info Guys so if I edit my steam name it will auto change in MP as well atm is it Shaddaz (same as here) I wanted to edit it to show as Shaddaz - [EN] as I have had a few people try to chat with me in languages I do not understand
  24. Hi all What name is show in game is it?.... 1.your ets2mp.com name? or 2.your profile name in game?
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