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  1. Hey! Are you able to re upload this file of your UI for TMP?    It looks amazing and i want to use it xD


  2. MashedPotaton8r

    J-Spec Trucks: The New Cool Trend

    Just bought myself a new trailer and gave my truck a new company livery!
  3. Who here remembers Gran Turismo 4? It's been 9 or 10 years since I've last played this game. Still looks stunning considering how it's nearly 14 years old! Feeling so nostalgic playing this game in 1080p with PCSX2.


    Here's some pics I took with Photo Travel. https://imgur.com/a/RObYdpx


  4. MashedPotaton8r

    J-Spec Trucks: The New Cool Trend

    Ex. Eddie Stobart 2011 Scania R440 Highline PJ11 UBL
  5. MashedPotaton8r

    How many miles do you have on your truck?

    83,845 Km on my Scania R450
  6. MashedPotaton8r

    What song are you currently listening to?

  7. MashedPotaton8r

    Your First and or Second Truck?

    My first truck back in December 2012 was a Majestic Across. My next truck was a DAV XF This image was taken by me back in March, 2013! (Excuse the terrible quality and camera angle )
  8. MashedPotaton8r

    [SCS Blog] Revisiting Germany

    I'm so stoked for this! I've never liked driving in Germany and the other old parts of the map because it never really seemed nice looking compared to the recent DLCs. Can't wait either for them to eventually revamp the Going East parts too.
  9. That new Krone trailer is looking sweet! Can't wait for it to be released.
  10. MashedPotaton8r

    [GIVEAWAY] 4x £25 Steam Giftcards

    Here's a message. PS: GLHF!
  11. MashedPotaton8r

    Typing Speed

  12. MashedPotaton8r

    Share Your Desktop

  13. MashedPotaton8r

    Post Your Setup

  14. MashedPotaton8r

    J-Spec Trucks: The New Cool Trend

    I've been driving this for the past 5 months. It's been great so far and I don't plan to change any time soon.