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  1. Help!, I caught the Scania fever 😍



  2. Even if you are able to find another 8GB DIMM, you would be way better off even with only 16GBs RAM. Simply because you would be running dual channel mode. The recommended is obviously to try and get same/similar DIMM to the one you have now. But you can mix and match if you have a BIOS that allows you to adjust RAM timings and have a little patience to find the optimal settings. Finding a speed and timings that work on both modules will give you pretty good stability but won't be perfect. The biggest issue right now is your RAM (bandwidth) bottleneck as modern tech and software are better optimized in utilizing multichannel RAM. If you do get another memory module your next big bottleneck that is directly linked will be that the game is on a hard drive and not solid state. The stuttering is caused by it having to load stuff from the slower storage. Increasing buffer sizes in configs/launch options will help a bit (especially after you get more RAM) in super crowded areas but as the game engine wasn't originally designed to handle 100+ players with most running every accessory slot filled with add ons. That all has be loaded on demand. Hence stutter. I don't know you nor your financial situation but I did see you point out it is expensive. Best bet is just trying to optimize what you have now and make compromise on graphics, amount of add-ons in/on truck, etc. Until you are able to get the upgrades for your PC. Maybe you'll find some sale online or buying 2nd hand, if you are ok with that. I know it isn't the answer you were probably looking for, but I hope this helps somewhat as the rest of your specs are actually very good and should result in smooth game play.
  3. Thanks for the first follow!

    1. [/ L.o \]* Winter

      [/ L.o \]* Winter

      You're welcome. Happy New Year to you

  4. My favorite right now is the Renault T Evo. I like the gauge cluster. Everything I want to see is there on the analog gauges(Fuel level, brake press, tach, etc) Digital speedometer is centered and big/easy to see, with cruise control being next to it if used. Digital HUD portion providing even further details. eg fuel consumption, Litres remaining, etc. The other big thing for me is if you use the "standard evolution" (*1) you can either have nothing, phone, or tablet in that spot. I LOVE the tablet. Size can be subjective for some. However, for me, I hate using route advisor. So the tablet provides a decent screen size. The scaling of the map on it itself is actually good, especially compared to some other models where the map looks weird. The other major thing is when you cycle zoom modes on the map I find this one to have one of the best position curser placements. It is always centered so you can actually tell what is around regardless of which direction you are going. Like in the Man,New Scania, and I think even new DAF suffers from this, if you use the 3rd map setting, usually one click after the default view if that makes sense, unless you are going north I find the GPS to not show enough of the map. ESPECIALLY if going south. You barely see anything because the cursor remains by the bottom. So you get to see everything above you on the map but not what is actually coming up infront as you drive. I pretty much exclusively play TMP. And that is a deal breaker because I usually do the more challenging loads and coming up on a 'surprise' around a corner with 45+T is not what I call great. Yes the T maxes out at 520HP, but did you see the trans? For a while I did 18-26t cargo, pretty much any of the heavier stuff that fits on flatbeds. Used the 12 gear direct drive box as preferred box. I tried 12 O/D but didn't like it. Now I use the 12+2 box with the heavy stuff and haven't looked back. I can't remember the specs off my head but I think like 32.04-0.79? With 3.42 rears or something like that. 80km/h is like 1100-1150. If you are one of 'those' people and drive pegged at the server limit, 110 is 1450-1500. This is the longest truck I ever kept across all profiles I ever started on ets2. I was stuck on Man before this for a while. But I have this really weird personal issue,where the truck sound combined with my headset makes me drowsy and literally fall asleep. The low tone of the V8 man has cruising on the highway apparently gets me bad. Have actually fallen asleep playing lol. Before then I was into Scania. Even recently tried it again. But I just can't. I want to like it. I really do. Exterior styling is nice. The premium dash is nice, though the basic one isn't bad either. But that is about it. I do not like the sound of jake brake on the V8. Especially compared to the Ren T (or at least with my sound slider settings). The other main issue for me are the trans options. I don't know if it is just me and getting used to how my Ren T runs but I tried the 730hp Scania with the regular 12 DD, it seemed ok for the mediumish loads that I do on flatbeds. The 12+2 tops out incredibly early though not as bad as the Mercs. Sure might be good for heavy stuff as you won't be speeding anyways...or shouldn't be. But Like that trans spec for the 12+2 starts at like 13 something. Paired with the rears, I was not impressed at all. Like if you look at Volvo( which the Renault essentially gets the trans from) they also can give you 700-750hp AND a 12+2 box with 32.04 or what ever C1. With a good final drive too so you aren't redling it on highway as you bobtail to your next destination when you don't need to be doing 50-60 km/h. TL:DR I tried them all, and still try the Scania and Volvo from time to time. My favorite one I keep coming back to while selling rest or giving to bot drivers is the Renault T (Evo). (*1) Image source - https://truck-simulator.fandom.com/wiki/Renault_T
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