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  1. But I disagree because you are then forcing people to drive in rain when the majority of people probably won’t want to.
  2. Is the Map area Collision Zone? (Obviously apart from the standard companies etc) I’m also thinking I might use the car for this as I’ve never really driven it so it would be a nice change!
  3. Personally, can’t see them making any adjustments until SCS software have completed the rebuild of the CD area. You’ve also got to remember the majority of people that drive that road actually enjoy sitting in a little bit of traffic so making too many changes to improve traffic for a lot of people takes away the enjoyment of that road where you don’t have to stop for anybody
  4. I found it funny when they mentioned about missing important announcements but I personally can’t even read those announcements anyway because of the colour of the text (dark red)
  5. I mean, of course they could update this page, but most people are literally on that page for about five seconds while they click download now so I wouldn’t imagine it would be a top priority for them. (They would also typically only visit this page once unless they uninstalled TMP)
  6. The purpose of /fix is not to get your truck repaired for free, it is simply a convenient and quick way to fix your truck enough to get out of the way and potentially allow you to drive to the nearest F7 garage. (If you don’t wish to spawn there) I feel like it is any reasonable drivers responsibility to make sure that they are monitoring the wear elements and replace them when required (I personally replace when they reach 5%) As we damage is a gradual thing it gives you plenty of opportunity whenever you drive into a city and pass a garage to replace what is needed. So as for your suggestion, I don’t see it being useful or approved.
  7. I would like to ask what the reasons for removing the ban length visibility was? Currently if someone is banned, it just says **This user is currently Banned**. I appreciate nobody else needs to know the specific date and time that the ban gets lifted, BUT I feel like showing the ban length has its advantages. Example **This user is currently banned for 21 days**. I feel like it is important to be able to see that game moderators are sticking to the Ban length based on active bans as mentioned in §2.8 - How bans are issued, and I feel it also acts as a deterrent that if you see someone already had 4 active bans (that is public info) that they do actually get banned for longer!
  8. Looking at the suggestions section there is still 17 pages of suggestions totalling 401 outstanding suggestions going back to 2020. What steps are being taken to get through his backlog because it does not appear that this number of suggestions is actually decreasing.
  9. This was asked in the Q&A 2024 and answered
  10. Any idea when event team applications are likely to open again?? Looking back at past applications it was 2022 when event team applications were last open. This makes it very difficult to give new people who are generally interested a chance when Applications might only open once every couple of years.
  11. Personally can't see it working. most people want to drive together and certain people might not want winter weather then you have a problem. Also a winter server when the winter mod is only supported for a couple of months too?
  12. I would personally like to be able to hide the names above the trucks, but keep the tab menu open, so if I used the mouse to click on a truck, I would still see who that player is.
  13. But why would you need to put any of that in your tag? Players should be following those rules anyway? I personally don’t even pay attention to this tag system. Or if you are a member of the event team for that convoy etc
  14. Unfortunately, I can’t see this being accepted for the main reason. We already know SCS are working on a map DLC for this area which will then also affect promods and their content for quite some time whilst they merge their content with the new DLC.
  15. Either way, my suggestion still stands. a quick and easy way to select cities with special characters in would be to add the function to be able to type the actual city like Dusseldorf (like trucky) this is way quicker than scrolling down the list OR entering an alt codes etc.
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