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  1. It would be really cool if SCS made rigid trucks into the game. There would be finnaly 2 different types of trucks. Like ASIR said they have made a blog post about it in 2014. But after that they didn't mention it at all but who knows maybe they are still working on it and getting all the linceses ready
  2. Thank you for the update, the sounds are now perfect
  3. Suggestion name: Promods Rally Championship Suggestion description: It could be a new event for Promods. There are lots of dirt roads with big turns, icy snow roads and narrow challenging asphalt roads that I think could be really fun and cool for Truck rally. There could be 3 or 4 stages with differend routes and Players with best times would qualify and continue to differend stages. For the qualyfying for all players who would want to join it could be either a drag race or a simple quick race basicly anywhere with maybe jumps like in RallyCross. After Like more or less then 50 players they would qualify and for exemple on the first route players would have to get their time to atleast top 50 or less, depending on how many players would be on the event. then on stage 2 to maybe top 30, stage 3 top 15 and on stage 4 maybe top 7 (It's just my quick idea it doesn't need to be exectly like that ) Rules: Any Trucks with no trailers would be allowed. If anybody gets stuck either he gets disqualified (or if admins would watch they could teleport him back on the track.) For the Rally, players would have to line up behind each other for the rally starting point. After a player gets far enough or after few seconds another player can start behind him. Few routes for exemple: On this One in Iceland there could be many types of the rally routes. Then there is Kirkenes, in high speeds it could be really challenging and if you wouldn't be carefull enough you could fall of the mountain. There could also be a asphalt road for exemple like this one with these serpentines. if it would be posible it could be edited and added fence to make it even more narrower. There are lots of more posible routes with dirt roads that i probably didn't even discover yet but i don't want to spam this topic with so many screenshots. Why should it be added?: Well I think it could be a really fun new event that many players would enjoy and it could be done on Promods that never had any official events yet. Players could show their skills behind the wheel on challenging dirt roads, slippery snowy ice roads or in high speeds on narrow asphalt roads and try to get their best time and also try not to crash.
  4. Suggestion Format: Event Suggestion Suggestion Name: Trailer Reversing contest. Suggestion Description: It would be a competition on diferent stages about parking trailers. It would show the skill of the driver. There are existing reversing contests in real life (for exemple Scania does it as a driver competition) and i think it would be awesome in TruckersMP. People with trailers would need to reverse in challanging spaces as fast as posible to a parking spot. People with the best time will win. Any collision will give +1 second penalty. There would be 3 Stages Qualyfying- People would need to reverse into a more simple parking space in a company between trailers or any objects under time. It shouldn't be too easy but neither too hard. They would have a maximum time to do this (enough time to reverse into the parking space) and if they couldn't do it in the time they would get disqualified. 1 Stage- Would be way more challenging, it wouldn't be a simple reverse but it would be longer with tight spaces and traffic cones. If driver would hit any cone more then 3 times, he would get disqualified. People with the best time would qualify for Stage 2 2 Stage- Now this would be a real challange. Driver will need to reverse into 2 parking spaces, with more challaneging spaces and after hiting 2 cones they would get disqualified. Drivers with the best time would get into finals to show their skills. 3 Stage- This would be the final stage where only a few will win. It would be way harder then any stage. (The stages are only my idea. It doesn't need to be exectly like that and can be changed) Rules- Players will need to use 3 axle Curtain trailer with no steering axles. Any collision with the truck or trailer gives +1 second penalty. There could be also 1 more championship about reversing Double trailers. Why should it be added?: it should be added because i think it's pretty good idea for another event. Right now there is Racing championship which is awesome but shows only racing skills. In this event people could show their skills in their truck, parking trailers and reversing in challangeing spaces.
  5. I use the Srping mod and the game looks so much nicer! Also the more darker nights are awesome.
  6. I also have the T150 with the Thrustmaster pedals with a clutch and i love it! I have it for about 3 years and never thought about upgrading to new one
  7. I have around 100 trucks in my other profile, some are company trucks but most of them are my.
  8. Thank you for the answer, i will try it later when i want to install ats MP but right now i will play ets 2 And what installation did you meant, Install TruckersMP on the desktop or the download in the website ?
  9. Hello, im wondering if i can download ats MP from "Install TruckersMP" on the desktop, since i allready have ets 2 MP or do i need to delete it and istall it all again ?
  10. Hi, Today I was playing Euro Tuck simulator 2 and I was AFK for 2 minutes beside the road with warning lights. When I started my engine Admin banned me for Wrong way. I wasnt in wrong way. you can see in the screensots where I was with the admin that banned me. Please if you could unban me because I really want to play again in the weekends because I dont have time in other days, and I didnt want to be banned for no reason First picture is the admin that banned me and reason, second is where i was. Puma303
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