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  1. It would be really cool if SCS made rigid trucks into the game. There would be finnaly 2 different types of trucks. Like ASIR said they have made a blog post about it in 2014. But after that they didn't mention it at all but who knows maybe they are still working on it and getting all the linceses ready
  2. Thank you for the update, the sounds are now perfect
  3. Suggestion name: Promods Rally Championship Suggestion description: It could be a new event for Promods. There are lots of dirt roads with big turns, icy snow roads and narrow challenging asphalt roads that I think could be really fun and cool for Truck rally. There could be 3 or 4 stages with differend routes and Players with best times would qualify and continue to differend stages. For the qualyfying for all players who would want to join it could be either a drag race or a simple quick race basicly anywhere with maybe jumps like in RallyCross. After Like more or less then
  4. Suggestion Format: Event Suggestion Suggestion Name: Trailer Reversing contest. Suggestion Description: It would be a competition on diferent stages about parking trailers. It would show the skill of the driver. There are existing reversing contests in real life (for exemple Scania does it as a driver competition) and i think it would be awesome in TruckersMP. People with trailers would need to reverse in challanging spaces as fast as posible to a parking spot. People with the best time will win. Any collision will give +1 second penalty. There would be 3 Stages
  5. Who knows, maybe someone who didn't know it might now see it and learn how it should be. But yeah probably most of the people that don't do it probably will ignore it
  6. I feel like around Calais and Duisburg most of people just ignore the traffic light no metter what light it is. 1 time a guy ran a red light, crashed into me and said rec
  7. I use the Srping mod and the game looks so much nicer! Also the more darker nights are awesome.
  8. Hi, this is my truck. The most thing i like is the interior. For some reason it just looks really awesome for me
  9. Usually on MP i use my own trailer so my truck looks even nicer with custom trailer and i can do trips with just empty trailer, but on single player I use company trailers.
  10. It would be great if there were parts of the map where there would be no speed limit. Like straight highways or just sections where if people crash they won't affect other drivers.
  11. I also drive more then 80 or 90 usually. Only time i drive in that speed is in a convoy or in the WOT contrast. And when i do drive more faster i make sure to be more carefful and try not to break rules. I think it's totaly fine if people drive 110 km/h if they follow the rules.
  12. I also have the T150 with the Thrustmaster pedals with a clutch and i love it! I have it for about 3 years and never thought about upgrading to new one
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