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  1. First of all, greetings to everyone, I would like to talk about the driver's license system, which is one of the ideas on my mind, and get your opinions. This driver's license, which is a system that will make the game very realistic, can be easily obtained by taking a written exam, and systems such as tachometers can also be developed in this way. I'm curious about your opinions too.


    Merhaba Skodalar dediğin gibi neyse onlarda daha sıkıntılı olan tren dorseler, 3lü ve 4lü dorseler normalde yasak. Kodlama ile yapılıyor. Ayrıca Calais'e yakın olan tek tarafta olan benzinliğe acilen bir çözüm bulunması gerekiyor. Kaldırması veya C-D yolundaki diğer benzinlik gibi çift taraflı olması gerek. Yoksa bu yoldaki trafik sorunu kazalar dışında devam edicek.
  3. It seemed a bit unnecessary and ridiculous to me, but there are better solutions.
  4. Save edit is one of the reasons I play the game, but there are people who overdo it, especially those who cover the front of the truck and the entire trailer with flashing LEDs.
  5. I don't think there is any harm in the editing money, it just destroys the realism.
  6. Şu anlık herhangi bir kural bulunmamakta fakat stop lambalarının görüşünü kısıtladığı ve sinyalleri kullanılmaz hale getirdiği için tehlikelidir. Kullanmamamanı öneriririm.
  7. After the duisburg calais area that will change of course Alps.
  8. Right in the middle, I think this is the ideal one.
  9. You may remember the funny bus that was added on April 1 last year. A funny vehicle like this can be added to the game for a short time on April 1 this year. (Burger Car, Changing the positions of gas and brake, Random traffic lights etc.)
  10. The live clock feature would be nice, but there is a feature that shows the time, you can type /time in chat. It really helps to the reports.
  11. I unfortunately cannot see too many admins in the game during crowded hours and places while playing the game. I think the number of admins can be increased a little more to protect the security in the game. What do you think? Thanks to everyone who contributed.
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