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  7. Hi @Interstate Nomad, Apologies with the delayed response and thank you for your question. Delving into the projects and events we can ideally execute within American Truck Simulator makes an American National Truck Driving Competition exceedingly possible. On the top of my head, I believe we have never had any competitions on the platform of ATS so we would love to delve into the possibilities to bring this forward, especially in light of building the player base of ATS. So to answer your question, a driving competition is definitely of interests to TruckersMP, however at this moment in time, we do not have a current timeframe in which we look to execute such an event. Hope this answers your question and hope you have a nice day! Kind regards, TMP Event Management
  8. Hello @OtherGuy, Many thanks for your questions. It's very nice to see so much interest in the first and ever Featured Zone! At this moment in time, there is no stated frequency for these types of events, this is due to the unpredictability of team availability and other factors. I look to focus on this to be more than twice a year at a minimum. Ideally, with Featured Zone being such a smaller operation compared to Real Operation, the ultimate goal would be every 4 months, leaving Featured Zone to be at least three times a year at maximum. I can say that the team is actively exploring the possibilities and the potential for a return of FZ, once further progress is made with this, the community will be informed of any proposed plans that could occur. Whilst on this topic, I would like to also paint a picture about the future of Featured Zones in case of a return of the popular event and to explain it a little better as it wasn't originally done. What is Featured Zone? Featured Zone can consist of both idle and active events where players can have a varied and altered in-game experience from the base map. The main focus of Featured Zones can be traffic management solutions such as simple road/lane closures with props and vehicles or enhanced gameplay changes through construction projects all whilst in a live setting on Simulation servers. The amazing thing is that FZ can be utilised in so many interesting and unexpected ways that I hope you stick around to potentially see the next zone! If you have any further feedback, questions and enquiries about it, please submit a feedback ticket. I would very much like to hear your opinions if it's about Featured Zone. Kind regards, Event Management
  9. Hello @MartinV90, Thank you for your Event question! At this moment in time, there is no planned recruitment for the Event Team applications to open as we currently have a strong team of 35 members in the ET. Our turnover for the role is very low as a lot of members stay in the role long term. Recruitment is usually only recommended when the current team's structure isn't able to fulfil the work basically. I can appreciate that we should be able to give new people a chance in the role however if the requirement from Event Management is not needed then we don't want to consider it just yet as it'll mean less work for the current team we have. I'd like to thank you again for your questions, if you have any more, please give us a shout Regards, Event Management
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    Regarding the frequency, at least once a month is achievable and will be more efficient in its creation. @InsanoDeath - What was your opinions on the Feature Zone that happened I believe last year or the year before?
  12. Kye.

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    Hello @Chema9, This is a great suggestion. Do you have any map areas in mind that you would like to see this happen around?
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