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  1. Kye.

    TruckersMP Team

    @Dispo Z Game Moderator ➜ Game Moderator + Event Team
  2. Thank you to everyone who has commented. I appreciate you all taking the time to share some feedback. I have collated a lot of the information and will see what can be done with it. Thanks all Kye. // Archived
  3. Hi Phoenix, I am doing great thank you, hope you are well! I would just like to say, I think you have stated a really good idea. By this, it would release a lot of pressure from the Game Moderation team and other parts of our system. However, this is something neither an EM/GMM would consider implementing due to the severity of the perms being given to event organisers. It would become an issue sooner than later. Again, I want to thank you for your idea though, keep them coming.
  4. Interesting. If this was to become a project we work on it’ll be way down the line. I believe that SCS has just released a blog to update an intersection around Duisburg. So I’d wait until then and see what the team thinks. But great idea, thanks for sharing Hey Foobrother, Interesting idea. What’s your current opinions on TMP HQ at this moment. Would you like to see any improvements to it?
  5. Hello @InsanoDeath, thank you so much for this suggestion. At this moment in time, we are actually looking at bringing something to the VTC communities. You have my word on this. It is currently not as easy as planned as we have to consider some factors due to the size of our events, however, we will be producing something. But there we can work on the feedback for it.
  6. Hey all, I hope everyone's having a great day/evening! So recently one of our Community Managers @xBestBBx created a topic about what additions, improvements and features you would like to see come to the TruckersMP platform this year. A lot of truckers comments has inspired me and want to open this topic specifically for the Event side of the platform. So focusing on Events: What cool and amazing ideas would you love the Event Management Team to bring onto the platform? (Note: This is a topic to discover everyones thoughts and ideas. I would love the opportunity to hear from you, I am open to having discussions and potentially bringing your ideas and dreams alive.)
  7. Kye.

    TruckersMP Team

    @Panda` Report Moderator ➜ Report Moderator + Event Team
  8. Honestly, great comments I am reading
  9. Okay, interesting idea Kai! As a question on my mind regarding changing the frequency of Real Ops to monthly. How do you think the community would take to a special event turning into a monthly one? Do you feel the engagement would stay the same every month?
  10. Great @RedWolf [CZ] ~! Value the comment. I guess you'll have to wait and see if anything happens.
  11. So at the moment, we already organise events such as Halloween and christmas events. To be a little more specific on the events side. Is there anything we don't currently focus on that you would like to see come to the platform?
  12. Hey! I've just read over your comment and would love to hear more if you don't mind.
  13. Congratulations! 

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