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  1. Thank you! This workaround worked for me, already forgot about settings in Tab menu . Is it simply known issue, for any version, or after 1.50 update? Is there known "cause" about it (NVIDIA/AMD, etc.) Just curious
  2. I have strange graphical "glitch" after 1.50 updates in ETS2 TMP. Very often. In some cases (I can't find any "pattern") background objects became very strange - as grass on next screenshot: As one solid color. And then It can be for very long time with that. But then suddenly became normal, see next: THIS how my game looks normally. (Difference between screenshots - only few minutes, no game restart) It even can "blink" between two "states" while moving camera. Not only grass - earth fileds, gravel, etc. As I expired few times graphical glithes in TMP (why I needed to move game from HDD to SSD - every update could be broken files), I checked my game files - no errors What is important for me, that it DOESN'T happen in Single player (without TMP). What I tired: - Check game files again - no errors again - Update NVIDIA GPU drivers to more recent - Change drived truck - Disable all TMP mods (I though that Spring mod is cause, but no) - Drive on routes with only 1-2 players - Lower graphic settings (now I playing on middle-high quality, it was high-ultra - no any problems before) - Update TMP (there were few updates) ...and no success. It's still happens, from time to time. Sometimes it's "stuck" for long time, sometimes - only "blink" What also can I try? Does somebody have same "glitch"?...
  3. Sorry fot a stupid topic... I played TMP for few years, I didn't notice any huge problems with FPS (with multiple ETS2 versions). But after last, 1.50, ETS2 update I noticed some strange FPS behaviour. First, it's sudden FPS drops (something from 20 to 4 fps) on highways, when there are not so much players around me (on map). Second, it looks for me like FPS is little lower with a lot of player around, than it was before update. I understand 5-15 FPS when there are A LOT of players around, but It seemed to me that it was a little better before update. I hope I wrong. Well, my question - could I have done something wrong? My PC is with Win 10, GPU and CPU is something "middle" (or "older"?), I use "new" current TMP client.... P.s. - I noticed, that Spring Mod does not support 1.50 update, so I disabled it, still same "lower" FPS (btw, I had some strange graphic "glitches", looks like Spring Mod was cause) Update: Huh, looks like Spring Mod updated for ETS2 already (and not for ATS - "yet", for my post creation time)
  4. I also like theese places. Especially I like to drive on Innsbruck <-> Trieste road. It's challenging and beautifull for me. Like to drive with different vehicles. Btw, also it's fun to drive there on Electrobus Of course, I drive on C-D road A LOT But for the favorite route - Alps is in my heart. ...So I constantky recreate saves there after game updates for "repeat" driving
  5. Thank you for some very simple tip, found 1 g egg. Don't want to "collect" them all, but I'm new for this event, even if I played TMP for few years. Great "egg" design, good event too!
  6. I read TMP rules, and it contains "§3 - SAVE EDITING", so for me it always was: save editing = permanent ban. But I see a lot of tutorials about save editing on this forum, so I little confused about certian "editing". For example. I like from time to time drive in Alps in TMP. So I sometimes create saves in certian map positions to load from it. Of course, I save game in offroad positions. Still, after game update it's useless. As save files contains truck position, hypothetically, it can be edited. I don't want to brake TMP rules, so my question: Is ANY save editing for truck position illegal on TMP? Can save editing for truck position lead to permanent ban?
  7. I appreciate this Looks like a job for the winter physics mod and car
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