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  1. Last idea is nice, but it would require lots of effort, which TMP can't do after Duisburg...
  2. You just essentially proved my point above. I have one final counterpoint, which is to add a second interchange (I can elaborate on this). That should sit well with the community, as it doesn't infringe at all on the C-D road...
  3. So we should make no suggestions at all because we know that it will be hated and TMP will do absolutely nothing about it...
  4. Realistically, what about the people who are trying to get into Calais from any other route but can't because of the traffic at the intersection? That was the approach I was going for.
  5. 1. Northern France is not part of BeNeLux 2. How exactly? The two lanes which should be most popular are marked in red/pink. Players will use those lanes (obviously) just as they do in Duisburg, because the route advisor will guide them there. What's so different about Calais that SCS has to do the rework instead of TMP, despite the general Ruhr area also not having been reworked by SCS since pretty much the release. In fact, I am going to go on a limb here, and say the general south portion of Calais should be reworked to the same standard of Duisburg. The reason they are in different colors are because I made them that way originally (I drew the intersection which is a dumb move since I could just copy from ProMods). I don't think we can rely on SCS to rework anything for TruckersMP. They didn't rework the Ruhr, where Duisburg is, which tells me that an urgent change is needed here.
  6. I know, I even responded to it. However, the Red Light isn't required to be followed by anybody, since anyone can turn off fines and the fact is that the hard turns will inevitably lead to lane-cutting, angry individuals and horn spam as a result of players that should be playing on Arcade instead of Sim 1. Personally I do not agree with your statement that the revamp has to be done by SCS. As Mischievious Vixen and I pointed out, TruckersMP has already done revamps, let alone adding a whole city. They are very much capable of transforming the intersection into an interchange I have shown above. On your clustertruck point, Duisburg has a highway interchange too, and it is 10x better than the alternative that SCS had pre-September 2022.
  7. Pressure as in the amount of players in one area?
  8. Škodas are only a symptom of the problem, and banning them doesn't stop a troll from hopping onto a 750hp Volvo with 6-gear transmission.
  9. The only potential gripe I see for this is people who have green lights now having 10x more brightness in lights than before, but otherwise I'm all for it!
  10. If TruckersMP did it for Duisburg, why can't they do it for Calais? Not to mention the reworked gas stations on C-D road and of course, adding events like the recent Halloween or Real-Ops roads.
  11. Suggestion name: Calais South Intersection Redesign Suggestion description: Since TruckersMP was released, Calais has borne the brunt of the traffic going along the Calais-Duisburg road along with Duisburg. Calais has (currently) two partial cloverleafs which are frequently subject to traffic jams. Why it should be added: The intersection(s) are woefully inadequate, since traffic lights and hard turns are present in the said intersections. As such, I have mostly copied an interchange based off of the real life Calais South Interchange that requires no traffic lights nor any hard turns (which are the cause of accidents that occur when people cut lanes), similar to the one in the reworked Duisburg introduced in September 2022. The three images below have what they would look like in the map, with one being differently colored to make it easier to read. Below is also how it looks like in Google Maps. If this is downvoted, I would like it if a new interchange leading from the Eurotunnel or somewhere around there to Calais was added, as the current one is too congested. Example images:
  12. Why not just use the interchange that's used in real life for Calais? There's plenty of space around it and for anyone getting in, and no traffic lights are needed. Highway interchanges are also used in Duisburg, which from my experience improved the experience drastically back when I was playing in 2019. Probably no one will take this response seriously, but oh well...
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