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  1. I agree with the previous commentators. The revamp is a great improvement to CD road. I really hope they will do the same with the other gas station closer to Calais (or at least make it impossible to cross the median anymore). And I also hope there will be something done about the railway crossing ... maybe it could be always open (no trains at all) or maybe the frequency of the trains could be reduced. That would be a huge improvement in my opinion, because it would remove two reasons for the way too long daily traffic jams.
  2. I don't like the SCS AI traffic. I also don't like being the only driver in an area. I prefer crowded areas with real players. There has to be a way in order to bring these two seemingly opposite things together! Maybe weekly events by TMP/SCS in a certain area of the map (like Real Ops, just much smaller without changing the map)? Maybe certain cargoes that have to be delivered to certain cities for one week in order to get an achievement? Just anything that brings together enough players in a certain area for one week or so (but please not only for a few hours on a special server where everybody is in a rush and lagging), and after a week the event changes to another area of the map. And once a year (maybe on Xmas?) players with lots of achievements should be able to swap them with a new paint job or something similar. This maybe would also (as a side effect) take a little bit of pressure from the CD area and bring a little bit more diversity to TMP.
  3. The most reckless drivers mostly can be found in cars. So I guess it would be reasonable to make it a kind of an achievement to be able to use a car (minimum amount of hours played, being a Patron, ...) in order to protect the reputable players. However, not too long ago, TMP raised the speed limit to 150 kph on Sim2 and ProMods ... totally unreasonable for this game and for any serious truck driver. So if TMP enforces speeding up to 150 kph (and also removed most of the perma bans), why should they do anything against these annoying kids in cars ramming everyone off the road? So I'm in favor of this suggestion, but it probably will be rejected by TMP anyway, because they want to attract as many new players as possible, even if they cause trouble. My forecast is that TMP will allow even more car brands in the near future to make it a truck, bus, and car driving simulation.
  4. Dein Kommentar ist ja schon ein paar Wochen alt. Aber als jemand, der mehrmals pro Woche die CD-Strecke fährt, ist mir aufgefallen, dass noch nie so viel gekickt und gebannt wurde wie in den vergangenen Wochen. Es scheint sich also ein wenig zu verbessern (aber das ist natürlich nur mein persönlicher Eindruck und von mir nicht statistisch belegbar). Das mit dem CB-Abuse ist natürlich ärgerlich. Hatte ich auch gestern mal wieder. Ich stumme dann immer sofort diese Leute (kann man ja für jeden Spieler individuell festlegen). Dann ist Ruhe und man hört nie wieder was von diesen Leuten.
  5. Sure, that is of course a reasonable point. For this matter I would suggest a quite simple solution without rebuilding the whole intersection: (however, any rework that causes less traffic jams at the intersection would probably cause a lot more traffic jams on the DC road and in Calais itself - especially at the traffic light near the workshop).
  6. If one day SCS/TMP decide to rework the Calais area, I think it should be as realistic as possible. There are enough fantasy routes on the map that don't match the original in the least. That's why I find your idea of following the original very obvious. (Of course I'm aware that the whole CD road does not exist at all in reality, but because of its popularity it should be an exeption to the rule and not being changed too much, at least not into a four lane road ... there are enough highways on the map).
  7. Most players (at least the ones I travel with) prefer to drive in crowded areas. Unfortunately, this currently only applies to CD. However, no one wants to spend hours in traffic jams or having to deal with constantly slow-moving traffic. But that's exactly what has been the case since the Duisburg rework: the route is often so crowded that it is no longer fun to drive from Duisburg towards Calais. From Calais it's just about acceptable (after an Calais intersection rework this would probably no longer be the case). In my opinion, the rework of the second gas station (seen from Calais) has led to an improvement at this point. But there are still at least two problem areas: the other gas station and the railroad crossing. Therefore these two bottlenecks should first be defused, for example by converting them to make it impossible to turn left into the gas station from Calais. The level crossing should be constantly open or the frequency of trains should be significantly reduced. If these two problems on the CD road have been alleviated, one could also think about rebuilding the Calais intersection. If the intersection is converted first, the route will probably become impassable because even more vehicles would be able to drive towards Duisburg per unit of time.
  8. Yes, you are absolutely right. Of course, I also don't think that being a TMP Patron increases the number of report slots. My comment was ment to be sarcastic. The reason was probably - as you suggested - the rejection of several of my reports. I got the following message from a GM for three reports I filed on the same day: "I am choosing to not take any action against the reported user due to the following reason(s): The report was submitted when the evidence was more than 14 days old, and for that reason the report is declined." However, when I filed the reports the report system on the website told me that it was not too late. There was no indication at all that filing a report more than 14 days after the incindent might not be ok. I filed a complaint about this GM decision on the TMP website, but never got a reply. That was one of the main reasons why I stopped being a TMP Patreon. The other main reason was that one of my online friends with whom I drive regulary on TMP was banned two times on DC road without justification (he always drives carefully and just tried to avoid a collision). For this reason in our VTC we tease him a little bit by saying: "Never again try to avoid a collision, just drive straight into the other truck if it's his fault". Since he follows that rule, he was not banned again. Of course he filed appeals to both bans, but in both cases the GM did only respond with a standard text module without really addressing the issue. I don't think that the TMP banning rules will be enforced any better in the future, since game moderators are anonymous now. Making them anonymous and reducing the slots just shows that TMP is not capable of dealing with this issue appropriately, and is not interested in enforcing the rules. Also my personal experience with ingame reports is that less than one percent are being looked at. That's just a joke for all the serious drivers.
  9. My limit for web reports was downgraded to seven a year ago or so, even though I was a TMP Patron at that time for a long time. A friend of mine (never been a Patron), with whom I drive regulary, had a limit of 11 during that time. I never got any explanation for this from TMP. Maybe this is one of the "advantages" of being a TMP Patron? Anyway, because of that (among other things) I'm not a Patron anymore currently. But maybe I will change my mind again in the future.
  10. Thank you for the follow! ❤️

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      Marco aus Berlin

      Ja, gerne! Vielen Dank auch für dein Follow! ?

  11. Danke für dein follow :mlg_doge:

    1. Marco aus Berlin

      Marco aus Berlin

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      Danke auch für dein Follow. ?

  12. Hi! You can't play Truckers MP without having at least the basic game installed (either ETS2 or ATS).
  13. Really great idea. I would support this.
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