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  1. If you are the person who records and reports on the website, this command will be unnecessary for you because the data from the / pinfo command are enough for you. However, if you are a regular player who uses the notification system in the game, this command will be very useful because you will not have to search for players in the list. / pinfo id - player details needed for reporting on the site / preport id - shorter and more convenient way to the report menu
  2. Suggestion Name: Add command /preport [id] - this command would display report box Suggestion Description: This command would allow for a faster response, for example a player from the opposite direction is able to disappear from the TAB faster than we find him, then we lose time to look on the history card, with such a command we are able to write it much faster than searching for it after the list. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: This is a more useful option from even searching for the appropriate ID on TAB, because TAB it's random is not filtered by anything.
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