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  1. Ahh! didn't know about this setting. Will check next time I'm on TMP. Thx
  2. Racing means going from A to B at the fastest time. In our case it's from C to D (). While racing, the more obstacle, the more challenging it becomes, and the more "skilled" you have to be to drive through traffic and avoid vehicles. That's what all these reckless drivers like. If they were able to do that without causing chaos I wouldn't mind. But they collide with people regularly and are super aggressive on the road as you've unfortunately experienced in the past. Pleasing them by driving the way they want (i.e. driving faster, moving on the side of the road for them to overtake, braking to make space when they overtake so that they don't touch you, etc...) isn't part of the solutions I recommend for these players!
  3. It's like that because we are simply dealing with spoiled kids who always want more! They want higher speed limits, but then they realise it's better to have more players than higher speed limits and they would rather have both!! One major mistake that TMP did when they changed the server settings was to keep SIM1 (with many players) at 110km/h and change SIM2 to 150km/h. They should have done the other way round. You would have had many players on a server with 150km/h speed limits. And we would have been able to watch with some what TMP with 150km/h would result to!! I don't think TMP deliberately chose to keep the main server at 110km/h (instead of switching it to 150km/h) because they were worried of the result. They probably rightfully assumed people would rather stay on SIM1 instead of moving to SIM2 (even if they asked for higher speed limits). But I might be wrong.
  4. I agree! Shocking to see communications like that made of social media and not on their main website. I also agree TMP decision to slow down on CD attention. The map is big, there are plenty of other roads to use if you're not happy with the layout of this road. It sometimes feels like people won't be happy until they get a proper racetrack!
  5. It would be amazing if, while fixing this bug, TMP could make it a setting so that you can mute/unmute others horns! Because some are really abusing it.
  6. There might be a solution to solve the problem of Non-Collision AI vs Collision AI. You could have collisions enabled but restrict server access to people who have been members for more than 3 months (or even 6 months) or have less than 3 active bans (or even 2). With this combination you only keep responsible good drivers and don't risk to have not enough traffic on the road since for 1 human kicked out, 1 AI vehicle will replace him/her. And you leave another server without AI where all the reckless drivers would be able to continue racing. But the problem with this solution is that you might lose the reckless drivers and trolls who will get bored quickly. And TMP might not want it to happen as I mentioned earlier. And you still have the problem of computing power to keep it running as mentioned by @Mischievous_Vixen. That's a different beast!
  7. I actually agree with both point of views! While on paper it would indeed not change anything to the CD fans if we don't introduce AI Traffic in this area, I'm still worried that TMP management will be worried to see less people on CD (due to the rest of the map becoming more attractive for many players). And, as a result, some CD racing fans will find the road less attractive because of less obstacles/crash, traffic jams etc... Which could lead to attrition in terms of total number of users.
  8. Ideally to limit the mess and problems, you would have a dynamic system regulating the amount of AI vehicles depending on the number of humans in the area. i.e. max number of total vehicle in a square km = 30. if 1 human in the square km, then have 29 AI vehicles. if 10 humans, then have 20 AI vehicles. if 30 or more humans, then have 0 AI vehicles. Edit: @blabberbeak I just realised that's pretty much what you said to @Sunstrider. I didn't mean to steal your idea
  9. Yeah I thought about this solution. But you would end up with idiots driving though AI vehicles at 110km/h and crashing into a human who was cruising nicely in the middle of the AI traffic! And you will have people abusing it during traffic jams to move up the queues etc...
  10. Hello, Thanks for starting a new poll & discussion on this very interesting topic! This is definitely something I would love to see on TMP, but as well as many pros you have a few cons which will need to be taken into consideration before introducing it here. Pros: Fantastic way to have traffic everywhere on the map. Which will encourage people to travel in other areas than the CD surroundings Will make the game even more realistic than the original single player game. Since you will have the same experience as the single player game + human players Should force reckless drivers to drive more carefully since they will have MUCH more vehicle on the road which drive at the road speed limit which increases the chances of collisions Will attract even more players. Especially the simulation players who will finally find a good reason to come back or play more on TMP Cons: If we have the interactions with AI vehicles exactly as in the single player game you might end up with trolls deliberately blocking the AI traffic or crashing with AI vehicles to generate traffic jams or other chaos You will always have reckless drivers trying to drive at 110km/h on small roads with heavy traffic (i.e. AI + humans). And this will generate a lot of collisions (even if they are not willing to crash). Some already busy areas might become a total nightmare with deadlocks everywhere because of AI vehicles blocking each others on a roundabout/junction etc... That's what comes to my mind for now as the biggest pros/cons. But there are probably more which will be raised below
  11. Well, in most roundabouts, due to the lack of space and short turning angle, trucks (with trailers) do have to remain on the outer side of the roundabout (and often use 2 lanes). But your question remains for the big roundabout with more than 2 lanes or with wide lanes.
  12. @Rossoo770s. If your only pleasure in TMP is to race at 110km/h with 700bhp+ trucks with zero/light cargo on CD, I think you're not playing the right game and I suggest you to play Forza, Assetto Corsa or other games. Or go on the Arcade server As mentioned by others above, these players are respecting the game/road rules. And since they are on the Simulation server, I would say that they are playing better than those who don't respect the speed limits and road signage! People are free to have the configuration they want as long as they respect the speed limits and don't drive <50-60km/h for long distances. BTW it's completely normal to have a truck with a heavy cargo which climbs a hill at 20-30km/h, like it or not. Again, if you want to drive at 150km/h you can play on the Arcade server or other games. If you see someone who deliberately drives mega slow for a long period, report him/her! But nothing prevents you to overtake these players too. If you want to convert CD into a racetrack where people would have to drive at 100km/h minimum, there is a Suggestion section on the Forum for that EDIT: surprising to see this thread when we see your signature: "REMEMBER that you are playing a SIMULATOR GAME and this game is NOT a RACING GAME. If you like races, maybe you're on the wrong game. SL: 80-90 Km/h" EDIT 2: one thing I agree with you, because it's not realistic, are triple or mega long trailers. You could argue very long trailers are allowed in certain countries. But they are not in Belgium & France. And even triple might not be allowed anywhere. Which means, people shouldn't be allowed to drive these trailers on CD. That said, it makes the game more challenging and forces these players to be even more careful when they drive as they could create collisions or block junctions etc... Which could lead to reports/kicks/bans. I don't think there are many issues like that with these players. As opposed to reckless drivers who race and generate collisions all the time.
  13. Very good Keybind Modifiers is definitely a game changer for me as it was almost impossible to bind all the controls to a unique key.
  14. Not to mention people chatting in every languages but English! The only English words you can read are "rec", "rep" or friendly words EDIT: oh! Actually I forgot something in English that comes regularly in the chat: "Your report has timed out. Please consider opening a report on our website."
  15. Yeah maybe. I wasn't strictly speaking thinking about the exact laws in EU when I replied but more about what is the norm in EU. From experience driving in EU that's what the majority of people do. Simply because it's the safest approach. But yeah if Wariortank07 wants to check the laws, we need to check the Polish laws to be 100% correct for the video.
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