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  1. Crash @ Calais

    Someone might be using illegal mods. I've driven from Lille to Dortmund via C-D road but I didn't get the crash. Seems like the problem is in the city.
  2. Crash @ Calais

    Got the same story. I tried quick traveling to Calais earlier and I always get Fatal Error crash.
  3. [SCS Blog] Countryside and Nature

    Really excited about this. Loving the scenery and vegetation. Countryside roads are the best
  4. Currently at @illbecreative's stream with the cool guys @Matt #CarLadMatt @Speedy_TMP @[GlobEx] Numb3r2 and Mattajaz
    Watch his stream https://www.twitch.tv/getcreativenation



    1. [VIVA] Arctic Wolf
    2. Francheska PEQUENA2

      Francheska PEQUENA2

      It's beautiful, your friend truck.


  5. Thanks for the follow ^_^

    1. [TPH] John

      [TPH] John

      Same with you :lol:

  6. License plate Color Change

    Hi. This is possible with save editing. You can read this topic about it.
  7. Urgent Question About Being Banned #2

    I will add that having another account when you are banned is prohibited. It is ban evading. About the accounts, 1 Steam account = 1 TruckersMP account. Family Sharing won't work.
  8. What do you drive?

    No car.
  9. trailer ownership

    We will see. I believe it will. It's basically a truck but a trailer. It will be fine.
  10. More news about ATS and ETS2 future!

    Hmmm. What International truck it is? DX11 is coming for those who always nags about it.
  11. New Design Pack for ETS2 and ATS

    I already claimed this for free when they had an event on this. They should release other event-related prizes too so we can have them for a price.
  12. G29 or G920

    I already decided to get G29 when I can. It has more buttons, LED indicator, and since I like PS4 than XBOX The G920 is much cheaper than G29. Beside that, it's pretty much exactly the same.
  13. Bad manner???

    It doesn't matter to me. The problem is everyone driving 150km/h in a populated area like it's a race. I don't know how they enjoy going back and forth to Calais and Duisburg with speed. Finish going back and forth in a few minutes is not very fun to me. I suggest driving somewhere rather than being overtaken plenty with racers and useless traffic or avoid active hours where everyone is on C-D road. It's better to avoid than discipline everyone. If you're okay with it, be careful and good luck on your future trips in C-D road.