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  1. [TPH] John

    Sync jobs with friends

    DId you use ETS2Sync Helper correctly? What if you tell the problem about why it's not working instead?
  2. [TPH] John


    Just use TrucksBook or VTLog. Much better in doing development. In my opinion, VTM doesn't have that many good features. But, just like Arctic said, just wait until they update it.
  3. I was just going to go after the go signal then this guy with a high speed didn't stop at the light and I ended up lying on the floor. Unfortunately, I didn't have my recording on. I drove a long way to finish a WoT job and just to be canceled. I'm just 10km away to the destination before this happened. I just hope in-game report works or I will be seriously pissed. :angry:

  4. [TPH] John

    Restriction of Local save editing

    It's the best for everyone. Don't bring your stuff in multiplayer. We can't hear or see it anyway so just do it in single-player. You have your freedom there. It justs add lag and crashes to everyone especially those abusers. Good move TMP.
  5. [TPH] John

    YouTube outage - Effect on reports.

    Can't just leave it pending for the moment until it's all resolved?
  6. Another community event. 50 millions tons :O

  7. [TPH] John

    Slow computer,

    I will just format and done. Clean like just bought it.
  8. [TPH] John

    Hot topic #5: Oregon released

    Didn't get it yet. I'm planning to get it in a few weeks. Based on what I see on vids out there, I like the rocky terrain so far. Looking forward to driving on that roads soon.
  9. [TPH] John

    Restricted Zone for Double Trailers

    Thanks. Now it's clear rather than implementing it manually. Auto-kick will do its job.
  10. Just move and open the lights. You'll be fine.
  11. [TPH] John

    Need Help Please!

    Hmmmm. It seems like an expired copy of Microsoft Word? Buy your license here https://products.office.com/en/compare-all-microsoft-office-products
  12. You heard it right. After 2 years of the same trucks. It is coming! Source: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?p=995137#p995137 Volvo spotted in Oregon video.
  13. [TPH] John


  14. 1 hour to Oregon :)

  15. [TPH] John

    Changes to the recruitment system

    I agree with you. My 2 bans were like 2 years ago and it seems it's a huge factor for declining my application. I admit my dumb mistakes. I know insulting and a racism-related ban is bad but I believe it's all in the past. The thing here is that I learned from my mistakes and didn't commit the same mistakes again. I will try again to apply for the second time soon and it would be my last as I don't want to have a history of declined stuff haha. If I really don't deserve it, what can I do? I'll just continue to be part of the community.