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  1. does anybody know any mod that allows HCT double locomotives 

  2. Why do i keep getting kicked for "unreliable connection" when my ping never reaches over 100ms ??



    1. ScaniaFan89


      Not the only one & now the forum is doing it....plus i constantly get random disconnects in game! Its not my net as i watch films on sites that won't be named for legal reasons & on netflix so its not my end

    2. Rev.


      Perhaps the devs lowered the max ping limit. Pretty sure it used to be like 300ms.


      Or it is a bug. :wesmart:

    3. #BlueLivesMatter88
  3. I think i slightly overdone it with the editing xD



    1. MR_XY2


      nah m8...


      looks great :love:

    2. _Pingu_
  4. Why do people put unrelated quotes when sharing pictures in forums, its so cringe and ruins the atmosphere <_< 


    (im not trying to call anyone out, just a thought i had)

  5. Trying to Skoda with winter mod be like 


    1. BL4CK$K1LL
    2. Kehox


      i did crash with my scania in a dip with a small lake of ice and could get out :/ was really akward and funny XD but the video is accurate... lul

  6. My first stream, show some love c:


  7. Will we be able to use HCT doubles in the Christmas convoy tomorrow 

  8. Does anyone know of any way to get the log trailer shown below into a HCT format ?


  9. i remember i suggested for an app for truckers.mp and it got declined and i guess someone else took the suggestion and made it something
  10. spent all day trying to find this electrical gremlin thank god we managed to fix it :D 


  11. JDM :love:


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. _Pingu_


      @stilldre1976, yea because my gamertag is "It was VTEC"

    3. Zlá Cica -Lucia
    4. stilldre1976


      @_Pingu_ aww gotcha ya brother vtec just kicked in yoooooooooooo !!! B)

  12. Right a message to those who sit up in the sky and do nothing but record to get people banned, stop doing it, honestly what is your motive, just to jump onto MP and do nothing but report people, your not helping anybody your just creating a back log of reports for the mods to deal with.<_<


    I am not sure how others report people, but I only report when someone has genuinely ruined my game.


    Don't be logging in just to go into dev cam and record for hours on end just to get the satisfaction of getting somebody banned.


    Honestly it grinds my damn gears. :angry:



    Sorry had a lil rant there just needed to put that out there ;)


    1. Haulvoc


      It's against the rules and the moderators will notice it. Doing this repeatedly can lead to a ban from the report system.



    2. Kehox


      let me guess ... ? they have REC as player tag .. and sit in c-d road ( on the side of the road ) ... :troll:


      i report only what i think it should deserve a ban... ( not in 0 cam / dev cam since it prohibited in the rules .. )


      '' honestly what is your motive '' ... for that part... it a mix between there is a rules chart .. and sometime with the in-game report being overload ( during peek time mostly ) ... using the web report is a way to make the rules be respected ( if you make a good web report and following yourself the rules on how to make them ).. no matter who you are and at all time.. yes it can be abused like anything ( that why we have the number of report limit and point system ) .... i personally use it as tool .. you can use it badly and get minus report point.. or get more point with a good report... there is no real motivation ( 2 min of video editing will not ruin my day compare to see someone rules break .... and cause crash / accident and make other players be mad/aggresive because someone is playing not correctly (not following rules and racing/reckless driving/ramming those are the most common )... i do my own justice if someone get ban and if someone got permaban( :RIP: )... it wouldnt be my problem.. this players will no more cause harm in the game. 


      (P.S i dont sit and waiting to report someone... i am just driving normally( or atleast i try.. ) and the reported players come to me by themself to rules break .. ) ( i am a troll magnet everyday i do play on tmp, i end up with a possibility to report between 5-10 players.. and get them out of the road for few days/week/months... the time they realize that is not GTA here...or Forza. )

    3. antrax737


      Hey don't even mention them, they are wasting their time, just like you ranting about them. I stoped reporting people, it's waste of my time, I'll most likely never see the guy again anyway. Just try to have fun ;)

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