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  1. Happy Birthday 

  2. Happy birthday, I wish you a happy day, because that is your birthday  :lol:  

  3. Happy Birthday 

  4. Happy Birthday. ^^

  5. Happy Birthday sir. Best wish for your future.

  6. Happy birthday mate, hope ya have a good day :wub:

  7. Happy birthday ^_^

  8. Chúc mừng sinh nhật:P

  9. Wishing you a happy, fun and crazy birthday filled with wonderful surprises! :tmp:`

    1. Cyrusj


      Thank you!


  10. Happy Birthday! And by the way, I am the first! :troll:


  11. Ich habe eine frage warum bin ich gebannt für ramming obwohl ich kein Auslands DLC habe und das ramming im Ausland war ich und Shooting waren in Duisburg hier das Video wodurch ich gebannt worden bin :


    1. [M-D][GF] Dustin

      [M-D][GF] Dustin

      here again in English and here is the video


      I have a question why I am banned for ramming although I have no foreign DLC and the ramming abroad I was shooting and were in Duisburg here the video whereby I have been banned:



    2. DrEGZo


      Ich habe keine Ahnung, inwieweit ein DLC etwas damit zu tun hat. Das Video zeigt offensichtlich dich, und wenn man unvorsichtig fährt, dann kommt es vor, dass man dafür gebannt wird.


      Ferner möchte ich dich darauf hinweisen, dass das Forum nicht der richtige Ort ist, um Dinge dieser Art zu diskutieren. Wenn du Kontakt mit dem Admin aufnehmen willst, der dich gebannt hat, dann tu das über das Appeal System. Kannst du in diesem Fall sogar auf Deutsch machen.

      ... aufgeführt in diesem Thread.


    3. Aestrial


      Die korrekten Anweisungen wurden oben gegeben.


      Locked from further replies.

  12. Love your gaming setup :) *According to your profile picture*

    Wish I had a PC :( Only have laptop but its amazing tho :)


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    2. .Rhys.


      Indeed, but still looks nice

    3. Cyrusj


      He says that because I'm on a different monitor now xD


      I need to update my picture. But thanks for the complement anyway :P 

    4. .Rhys.


      No problemo :DDDD

  13. Hi Cyrusj 

    I'm banned by you .. please i need to make a stream on youtube with ets2 . Please i don't make so that anytime. I need this for my channel. PLEASE

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    2. ionutfreakz


      please unban me i won't make anytime

    3. Aestrial


      You've already made an appeal, which was declined.


      If you disagree with the response of your appeal, you should email [email protected]


      Dont come on the forums complaining and asking for an unban. Use the systems in place. 


       No need for more comments, locked. 

  14. Cyrusj

    report system

    Just because the new system hasn't been immediately beneficial to you doesn't mean it it's not valuable to the community as a whole. Before this system only about 1 out of 10 in game reports i claimed resulted in a ban. This is because by the time the report was claimed offense was long over. This system changes that completely. We now have the ability to observe and assess the situation with a real time demo. (With pause, rewind, multiple views, etc.) Nevertheless, we still get 10,000 in game reports a day. (Numbers taken from a CM's post) So it would still be best to record what happens in game just in case no admin is available.