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  1. Sounds a good idea, as I'd say the max spawn distance isn't the greatest so its a +1 from me
  2. Hi , just send a messege to your pm :) 

  3. [A2B] - CEO - [Ryan]

    MPH dash for the new Scout

    +1 This would make it perfect for us UK drivers
  4. [A2B] - CEO - [Ryan]

    Picture of the Month - May

  5. [A2B] - CEO - [Ryan]

    I'm planning a car convoy, but i don't know if it's a good idea.

    This sounds like a great idea... Need a speed limit of 120kmh as the car can become wobbly
  6. [A2B] - CEO - [Ryan]

    Max speed 28km

    Well thats weird, ive never heard / seen such a thing, haha. Did it do this in sp as well?
  7. [A2B] - CEO - [Ryan]

    What song are you currently listening to?

    Slip The Clutch - Marty Mone haha great tune
  8. [A2B] - CEO - [Ryan]

    Mouse Steering Officially Impossible

    I have done it and i found it easy, if you have a xbox controller you can use that if its wired. I had a xbox controller but then I got a G27 and it is worth every penny
  9. [A2B] - CEO - [Ryan]

    So nice car

    I was thinking that, haha
  10. [A2B] - CEO - [Ryan]

    Traffic Warning System

    Listen to Trucksim Radio as if there is a crash for example at EP they might say it on there or sometimes if its really bad the admins do put it in chat to avoid EP