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  1. Sounds a good idea, as I'd say the max spawn distance isn't the greatest so its a +1 from me
  2. Hi , just send a messege to your pm :) 

  3. +1 This would make it perfect for us UK drivers
  4. Well thats weird, ive never heard / seen such a thing, haha. Did it do this in sp as well?
  5. Listen to Trucksim Radio as if there is a crash for example at EP they might say it on there or sometimes if its really bad the admins do put it in chat to avoid EP
  6. Bonjour, je voudrais votre annonce, il donne un message bien clair et pour les autres. Bonne chance avec cette
  7. Having a NCZ at this depot would have its benefits but you will lose the realistic feeling so im sorry but it is a -1 from me and it is more of a challenge as your under pressure
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