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  1. Congratulations <3 <3

    1. Keezome


      Thank you! <3

  2. I have no idea why I banned you in the game when you have many ncz and speed hacking you banned me and what a photo you are putting a video

    1. weezy


      Dear 1erhappy,


      We can't really help you here on the Forum as we don't deal with ban related stuff here. Please Appeal your ban if you haven't already. Messaging the respective Game Moderator privately on the Forum won't make the process any faster. We have an Appeal & Feedback System for that. While I understand that you may feel frustrated about your ban, it is not really advisable to complain about it on the Forum as it won't really help you. The only thing we can do is guide you to the right path so you can get in touch with the respective Game Moderator. Please use the appropriate ways.

      Appeal your ban here: https://truckersmp.com/appeal
      And if you're not happy with the decision or action made by a specific Staff Member then please submit a Feedback Ticket here: https://truckersmp.com/feedback


      Let me remind you the following rule:
      §5.4 - Appealing and filing a complaint

      If you have been banned, you have the right to appeal the ban at https://truckersmp.com/appeals. If you feel that your ban appeal is not handled correctly or that you want to file a complaint against a staff member, use our feedback system. This feedback system is your last option. Any decision made by high ranked staff members will be final and cannot be appealed in another way. Evidence for bans is required to be available for the duration of the ban plus 1 month. It is not possible to contact any member of the TruckersMP staff about bans that expired over a month ago.

      We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding in this matter.
      If you have any further questions or inquiries, don't hesitate to send me a Private Message! My inbox is always open should you have any questions or anything else!

      Kind Regards.

  3. Herzlichen Glückwunsch Neue Position in TruckersMP :love:

    1. Vanellus


      He has been GM before tho :P

  4. Congrats on your GM role

  5. Congratulations! (:

  6. Nice to see you in the GM team again buddy ;) Congratulations! I'm looking forward for some laggy tours together :D 

    1. SuliHD


      Well ;) thank you

  7. Happy Birthday :love:

    1. SuliHD


      Thanks :)

  8. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. SuliHD


      Thanks mate :)

  9. I’d like to thank everybody who has wished me Happy Birthday :wub:


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    2. KGT l Andy l TM

      KGT l Andy l TM

      Didn't know it was your birthday xD Happy Birthday1

    3. Air Force One One Eight
    4. Matt #CarLadMatt

      Matt #CarLadMatt

      No worries bud. 

      Hope you had a good day :) 

  10. Happy birthday

    1. SuliHD


      Thanks mate :)

  11. Happy Birthday:tmp:B)

    1. SuliHD


      Thanks mate :)

  12. Happy birthday ! :)

    1. SuliHD


      Thanks mate :)