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  1. Have you forgotten the request to join staff?
  2. Good afternoon, I have a problem, in 2013 I used the demo version and I could activate the mod and play for example I downloaded the mod from a bus instead of a scania and I had it on the bus, now on the original euro truck since 2013 I did not use any more mods, today I would try to do a bus gameplay and I'm in trouble, the mod is active, but when I enter the game and go to the stand I do not have the bus, I need to help because with mods I no longer For a long time I have understood everything. https://imgur.com/a/PBOyZeW
  3. Taigas

    TruckersMP 2k19

    Good year to all, and may this year go well for everyone :) #Truckers MP Familly :)
  4. Taigas

    Winter mod is now available!

    Since many thanks for sharing the winter mod with us
  5. +1 Everything you said is the same as I was going to say
  6. Taigas

    How to install ReShade/SweetFX

    It has a simple difference but it is super good graphics, it improves the quality a lot
  7. Good Guide, is going to help a lot of people and already has gotten even better with the screenshoots.
  8. Very good guide, will help many new players trying to run for team
  9. Even so, it's an easy guide, it's going to help a lot of people, thanks for sharing it with us
  10. This is a really useful guide, thank you for sharing this with us.
  11. I hear Truckers FM and you? https://truckers.fm/
  12. Taigas

    How to Make a Special Trailer Skin?

    Thanks for the guide, it helped
  13. Your video of the train is spectacular, congratulations for the work and success of 4 years!