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Community Answers

  1. 33 days being locked at home. Bought new DLC yesterday and I'm already done. 

    Can I go to work please? ?



    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Curve


      Bruh.. I haven't even BEEN to the new DLC and I've owned it since it came out...

    3. [RT] Aro34

      [RT] Aro34

      No i to mi się podoba :D

    4. H&V I Patrycja.

      H&V I Patrycja.

      @[RT] Aro34 korzystam z kwarantanny jak mogę haha ? ślub odwołany to mozna xD

  2. Happy Birthday Patrycja!

  3. Happy birthday! <3:D

  4. After second SemiFinal of Eurovision I'm totally shocked...


    Why so many bad songs will take part in Grand Final? :huh:

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    2. H&V I Patrycja.

      H&V I Patrycja.

      Well Poland in 2016 after jury had like about 5-10points and was almost last. But then people voting - 220points and we were 8th. 

      so ye...

  5. Today is First semifinal of Eurovision Song Contest! :wub:


    Sooo excited! 

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    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      ya ballads are a bit boring for Eurovision, looking forward to seeing what sort of songs are in the 2nd semi finals :D Hope not too many boring ones

  6. won't change him for anyone :wub:


    @H&V I RafTom 



  7. Cześć! Za nami kolejny miesiąc owocnej pracy. Zatem prezentujemy najnowsze podsumowanie miesiąca! Gratulujemy Jakubowi za zostanie kierowcą miesiąca!
  8. such an amazing calm route with bestie! x 

    @LordBenji thank youuu! :wub:



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    2. H&V I Patrycja.
    3. [RT] Aro34

      [RT] Aro34

      Pati wybaczysz mi to :D hehehe  oczywiście twój wóz jest najlepszy


    4. H&V I Patrycja.

      H&V I Patrycja.

      no wybacze :D czemu miałabym nie wybaczyć? :P

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